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Saturday, March 16, 2019

AHHH!!!!!!! I Am Finally Done!!!

I am FINALLY done with my documentary DVDs! And they are now available on the UMG Productions site. What took forever was the Kangaroo documentary. I wanted to do a full-length documentary of kangaroos. I have a full-length documentary already about Madagascar Lemurs. So, I thought why not do a full-length documentary about my second most favorite group? I had to wait for Katrina to get off work to come over and record with me. I wanted 2 narrators. I wanted it to be funny. Knowing how Katrina was so influenced by Beavis and Butthead, I knew adding her on as a narrator would make the movie funny, as well as educational. That's the trademark of my documentaries. They are funny as well as educational.

The kangaroo documentary is the last one in the series. I also have them available as well as a DVD. The same thing with the dogs series. Those were based on the posts I made on this blog. Now I have them all in one collection that is available on the site now. For anyone who would like to check them out, here are the links...

TimmyHutchFan Documentaries: All About Animals

TimmyHutchFan Discussions: Dogs

Now all I have to do is create little sample videos. Those will be pretty easy. Once I can get a good idea. I think I have one for the All About Animals series.

************************SUBJECT CHANGE*****************************

My heart does go out to the victims in Christchurch, NZ. Apparently some eco-terrorist attacked a muslim mosque. Now, I know I don't care for muslims very much. I've never forgiven them for 9/11. The liberals might forgive them, but I won't. But this attack is a shocker. Some people said the shooter was a far-rightwing radical. But then he said he was not a supporter of Trump. But the thing that gets me is people are blaming Trump for the attack. Well, you know what I think, I think it sucks how people are pointing their fingers at Trump and Trump's supporters. The person who did this admitted he's not a Trump supporter. But they blame Trump because the person who did this was a far-rightwing radical who admires people like Candace Owens. I like Candace Owens. That doesn't mean I am going to go shoot up a group of people. That's terrible!

This is what makes me sick about leftist liberals. They all believe in "guilt by association". They are so DUMB!!! I remember before Trump became president, this woman I was friends with went catshit loony and started aggressively deleting people from her friends list. The reason? She didn't want anyone who would be voting for Trump among her friends. She even deleted me. I never was going to vote for Trump. Anyways, this woman had a friend who goaded her to do that, saying "People who like Trump are racists, homophobic, xenophobic, rapists and they need to be eliminated", and this friend's philosophy was "that is a fair assessment", which I also believed was stupid! What a dumb friend this woman had!!! I'm glad I don't have dumb people like that as friends. I mean that would be like me saying "if you like panthers, then you must love to murder, eat and mutilate other animals for fun".

I've met a lot of Trump supporters, none of them were racist, homophobic, xenophobic rapists. In fact, the worst people I've ever met were liberals. They are the ones who react to conservatives with violence, anger and harshness. And the poor conservatives are always like 'WTF????' I even saw a documentary about college students who talked about how liberals say "it's OK to make conservatives not feel welcome on our campus". You never see conservatives saying that. Or I never have. And liberals say conservatives are violent. I want to know where these "violent" conservatives are. I've never seen them. It's always the damn liberals who act out in violence. If anything, it's the conservatives who are the gentle, accepting party. They are also the smarter ones too. The liberals are the stupid ones.

You know what's funny about that? One time on Quora, someone asked the question "Are liberals smarter or are conservatives smarter?" One person's answer was "I worked at the polls one year, and the liberals knew right where to go. The conservatives would always ask where is the republican poll?" I read that and I figured there had to be more to that story than what he was telling!! I have the feeling the Democrat polls were clearly marked while the Republican polls were not. I don't know that for sure, but after meeting the conservatives I've met, I cannot imagine them being that stupid! I would have had to be there in order to know that for sure, but I have a distinctive feeling that's how it was! Almost all the liberals I've ever met were the dumbest of the dumb. That's why I make a mockery of them on this blog, and I have such fun doing it! I mean really. An intelligent person would not be harassing someone they don't even know, calling them names or physically harming them.

I may actually be the exception where conservatives go, I hate people so much. I've been called "scum", "evil", "vindictive", "dumb fat bitch", "stupid" "a horrible person". You name it, I've been called it. LOL! Well, the "stupid" and "dumb fat bitch" is nothing. They were usually said by people who could not admit I was much smarter than they are. That seems to be the way it always is. You notice the people who throw around the word "dumb" and "stupid" are always people who themselves show they have the lowest IQ? Especially when they call someone smarter than they are "stupid" or "dumb fat bitch". If they had a higher IQ, they wouldn't need to call someone else names. LOL! But I do admit to being a horrible, evil, scummy, vindictive person. Simply because I hate people. And I hate cats too. But that's a different story. LOL! My first impression of any person is I hate them. Unless they are family. I love my family. Those who are still family anyway. Only when they prove otherwise do I think they're OK and then I stop hating them.

Well, that's what happens when you've been let down too many times by people. Especially people you thought were friends. That's why I thank GOD for my family. And wonderful lifelong friends I have like Katrina. She's young enough to be my daughter, but she's a damn good buddy. I have another friend who is younger than me who has a child older than Katrina! LOL! My friends may be few in numbers, but they are the best of the best! Quality over quantity, I always say.

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