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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Attacking Deceased Musicians

So this morning I looked around my Facebook and I found someone mentioning how Michael Jackson's music was going to stop being played by radio stations because of the allegations about him being a pedophile. Well there is no denying he did rape little boys, 3 boys admitted to it while Jackson was still alive, but were silenced by his publicist after he died. But to say that his music is no longer going to be played now because of those claims??? Oh man! The SJWs are going too far with this one!!! See why I absolutely HATE SJWs??? This is also why The Cosby Show stopped being played on TV. Now, the only way you can see it is to get the DVD set. And even that is no longer available. You'd probably be lucky to find a used set. But that show was FUNNY!!! I don't care what rape charges were brought on to Bill Cosby! Those shows were funny!! Just like Michael Jackson's music was good!

I'm not a fan of Michael Jackson, never was, never will be. But let's face it, the man was slopping over with talent. He has some great songs out there. Just because I don't like MJ as a person, does not mean I can't like his songs, or admire his talent. Talent and personality are 2 different things. So what is accomplished by not playing his music on radio stations?? What does it fix?? Absolutely NOTHING!!! His music is still out there, and people who like it are going to listen to it no matter what the radio stations do, or what the SJWs say! A lot of upcoming generations are going to hear his music and enjoy it. As well they should! You're never going to find talent like that in any of today's artists or musicians!

Geez! And here I thought the SJWs were going to start pushing for pedophile rights. Seriously though, I hate pedophiles as much as the next guy. But it's too late to do anything about MJ. He's gone. Dead and buried. Let all this rest! We keep denying peoples' talent because of something that happened ages ago, then we're going to have nothing left of the classics. I have to put up with enough shit now that TV stations took off the antique cartoons. Is the music from the 1980s going to go out the same way? Keep this up and everyone will want the 80s back. But we won't be able to bring them back completely, because everything we saw in the 80s is going to become unavailable. And it's all thanks to SJWs!! I can't even believe they are now attacking MJ. TEN YEARS after his death!! Saying things like because he raped children, they are going to stop playing his songs and videos.

UGH!! People!!

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