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Friday, March 8, 2019

Good News for Beavis and Butthead Fans!!!

I've finished it!! I finished uploading all my Beavis and Butthead episodes online!! YES!!!! I even got some new ones. This is a good thing for B&B fans. You try to upload any of those episodes to YouTube or some place like that, and it will immediately be censored. Or even taken down. But I now have found a platform that will always allow me to save them online. LOL! I'd also like to make all these videos available to other fans.

I have almost every episode of Beavis and Butthead available. Well, except where Beavis pretends to be that Cornpolio dude. I don't like those episodes so I never saved them. But I have 99% of all the Beavis and Butthead episodes, with videos included in place. There are 2 sites out now that offers the episodes of Beavis and Butthead, but NONE of them include the videos. Even the Mike Judge collection doesn't have videos in each episode. Sad as that is. Some of those were the funniest scenes in the episodes. These episodes are UNCUT!!! I am happy to offer these episodes to anyone. They are in 2 folders on 2 websites. One is accessible with a link, the other, I have to add your email address to allow you access.

However, there is a catch. I am not going to give the web address to just anyone. First, you have to make a donation to this website. And no, I am not charging for the episodes! Once a person has access, they can go in and download (or watch) as many episodes as they want to. What you are paying for is the link. Nothing more. And I consider it more of a donation. So, for as little as a $10 donation, I will allow you access to the first episodes of Beavis and Butthead. So, if you're interested, click the link below and donate today!

Also included will be directions you can use to access the rest of the episodes. But you have to find it. It is on that site though. Kinda fun really. Like a scavenger hunt.

In other news, I had to change my DVD carrier at UMG Productions. I had no idea Kunaki deletes everything after 180 days of no sales. I don't ever expect to sell anything, so I don't expect to go through 180 days with any sales. So, I had to switch to a better provider. I switched to Trepstar.com They are more permanent. I think. I didn't see anything on their site about deleting after not selling anything for any amount of time. I only really offer DVDs on the UMG Productions site for those who want physical copies, instead of simply streaming on the site. Though that is also available.

Ya know, I've been thinking of something. I want to try something with my YouTube videos. I might put them on disks and offer them available as DVDs on the UMG Productions website. I might even go so far as to add some videos that I never put up on YouTube. For a while back in 2014, I made some mini documentaries. I added comedy to knowledge. But there's some I never got around to putting up on YouTube. I might complete them and put them up on UMG Productions, and even make them available on DVD disks. Might be worth a try. I'll give it a shot!!

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