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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Katrina Hates You

Ahh!! She's here! I finally relented and added Katrina's videos to UMG Productions, with her permission of course. YouTube won't let me or her monetize our videos, so I'm putting the videos up on a paid platform. That way, anyone who wants to view them would have to pay to see them. There are mostly videos that she has up on YouTube and/or Facebook. However, there are some she never put up as well. Like all our collections, we have a few new videos unique only to the UMG Productions website and DVD. If more people could see Katrina's videos, they'd love them. She's funny! I taught her everything I know. I've even been working on a little sample video as well. I am also working on exclusive Katrina Hates You merchandise. I think she should at least have her own stuff.

The reason I am doing this is, I am thinking of quitting YouTube. YouTube cut off my monetization capabilities, and I would rather not silence anyone. Even trolls. Although I really need to practice again dealing with trolls. It's been a bit harder since my father died. I am still just a wee bit weak from that. But I do get better every day. But I already took down my Dogs videos, and now they are available at UMG Productions. I also took off the documentaries I did about animals. They are also available only on UMG Productions. But I stopped accepting troll comments because YouTube doesn't pay me any longer to put up with them. So, I had to shut off automatic acceptance of any comments. Now, on YouTube, I only accept comments that are non-hostile. I accept critiques. But I do not accept comments that are hateful or just flat-out rude and obnoxious.

Katrina's latest video "Katrina Hates Cats (But Loves Dogs)" may get a lot of catfag attention. LMAO!! But she doesn't care. Knowing Katrina the way I do, she doesn't ever give half a shit what people on the internet think of her. I do admit to helping her a bit with that one. I even added Michael and Timmy's pics on that video, because they too are dog lovers. Timmy even has a dog. I did it to illustrate that dog people are more attractive than cat people. And you should see the doozies of cat people I've seen!! UGH!!! So ugly!! Almost all of them were ugly. I probably have more cat people pictured in that video than dog people. It was not hard to find the ugliest cat people I could find. Google is full of them. That's because cat people in general are ugly. Dog people are usually always the more attractive ones. I spent too much time as a cat person. That's why I am an ugly dog person. But I am not the norm. It's only been in the past 16 years I've been strictly a dog person. No cats.

I remember back right after I moved to Bozeman, some teenage chick on YouTube didn't like it that I said lions are ugly. She said to me "Hey you're pretty ugly yourself, just like all dog people." LOL!! I really couldn't say anything then because first of all, I'm not saying she was wrong that I am ugly. LOL! But back then, I had not really done any comparisons that would prove whether she was right or wrong about all dog people being ugly. But I will say this; she did inspire me to dig deeper into that theory. See, sometimes even teenagers can be useful! LOL! But my research proved exactly the opposite of what she was saying. I found more dog people to be attractive, and less cat people to be attractive. In fact, NO cat person is anywhere near as attractive as any dog people I know, or have seen. Like I said, having cats turns men into women and women into men. And it's actually kinda funny! Catfags always see cats as these "sexy, sensual" beasts. LMAO!!! Perhaps that is what makes cat people so ugly. They get cats because they are too unattractive to get the opposite sex to fall in love with them. That's probably why catfags are so hateful towards people who don't like cats. Because maybe they believe their cats are the equivalent of the spouse they cannot get.

Now, I am not talking about people who only have cats because they have too many health problems to handle a dog. Those people don't count. It's not really fair to put them under the same cloud of judgment. I'm talking about people who only get cats because they cannot stand dogs. Those are the people who are usually not attractive. I don't know what it is about cats that makes people so unattractive. But just about everyone I've ever seen that is a certified cat person has been ugly asf! Almost 100% of them were. Including that teenager who said I was an "ugly dog person". Yep, she was ugly too! She looked just like a chimpanzee. I saw one of her videos. They were only a set of still pics posted as a slideshow, but I saw her. If you want to know what she looked like, picture a chimpanzee in a long, black toupee. That's what she looked like. I remember her name was Kristi, and she had a video about saving the amur leopard. But I don't remember what her screen name was.

Well, I hope to have Katrina's merchandise up by tomorrow in our UMG Productions store. I just finished creating the design. So, watch for them! And if you want to check out Katrina's page on UMG Productions, go to this link:

Katrina Hates You

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