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Saturday, March 2, 2019

One Girl's Belief Is Another Girl's Myth

As many know, I am a member of a purebred dogs group. I love purebred dogs. I've always loved purebred dogs. I find them so fascinating! When I am in the market for a dog, you can bet it's going to be a purebred of some kind. Other people may like mutts, but I am not one of those people. Sure there are some very interesting mixes out there. But these days, most mixed breed dogs are ugly. Because they are either half poodle, or half labrador, or half pit bull type, and none of those breeds makes a good-looking mixed breed. At least not in my experience. I like the more unusual mixes myself, like dogs that have absolutely NO pit bull types, no poodle, and no labrador or golden retriever. In short, no mixes that are too common and often too ugly. But I would still never own a mix. My mom likes mixes. She has a friend who last year, raised a litter of poodle/labrador crosses. My response was "As if we don't already have too many of those mutts!" I tend to like mongrels better that are mixed with more unusual, and less common breeds. Like the other day, I saw in a group, someone posted a picture of a Koolie mixed dog. Koolie is an Australian breed of herding dog. They're not usually found in this country and only recognized by their parent club in Australia. Even the ANKC does not recognize them.

Anyways, I also am friends with a lot of purebred dog enthusiasts. I love looking at their puppy pics!! Well, one of my friends just got a couple of Toy American Shepherds. Basically toy-sized Australian Shepherds. They were so damn CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for a playmate for Mya. She needs one. I might turn to getting her a toy shepherd puppy. One like this...

Though I want a blue merle, I like that color in Aussies. Well, being a part of a purebred dogs group, one thing I've found is that Miniature American Shepherd fans totally deny the existence and authenticity of the toy American shepherds. I wonder why. How can they deny something so adorable? I truly want one myself. But it could be like the same reason I totally deny the existence of the American Bullies. American Bullies is a new breed, created by someone who mixed pit bulls with bulldogs. Many people now consider it a breed. Everyone except me. Even with UKC recognition, I still deny their existence as a breed. They are the Bigfoot of the canine world. But in my opinion, something like this should never have been bred...

I mean really! Look at that thing! It can barely get it's belly off the ground!!!! This is one case where a breed should never have even been created. I wonder what fartknocker dreamed this breed up. He must have been on dope or something! This is why I totally deny the existence of American Bully dogs. They should not even exist. Besides, we already have too many damn bully breed dogs! We don't need anymore! It's not like we still do bull-baiting these days!

Well, I have absolutely NO interest in bully breeds. I don't get pit-bull types (which is why I don't adopt from shelters) I don't really like pit bulls that much. I'd be scared to death if I saw one, and worried for Mya's sake! That's why I believe it'd be safer just to stick with getting her a toy American Shepherd. Besides, they would have the same energy level as Mya has. And I just love looking at them! They are sooooooo fricken adorable!!!!!!!!!!

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