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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You Made Your Bed!

Now lie in it! Donald Trump is giving the liberals a taste of their own medicine. The liberals wanted to let illegal immigrants in this country. They would not give Trump the go-ahead to build the wall. They wanted to declare "sanctuary states" and cities all over this nation. Well, Trump has been more than patient with the liberals. Now, he's saying "OK fuck you all! You wanted illegal immigrants in this country so bad? You got them! You wanted sanctuary cities? You got them! So, now every illegal immigrant that comes into this country will be sent to your 'sanctuary cities'." HAHAHAHA!!! Libtards are always doing this kind of virtue-signaling to rational-thinking people. But now that Trump is giving them their way, the libtards are having a FIT!!!!!

It's been a bad month for libtards. This is so funny! I'm having a blast watching liberals get what they deserve. First the Mueller Report tries to find any sign of a collusion of Trump with Russia and the voting polls. They didn't find anything. But the liberals are still waiting. They think something against Trump is going to magically pop up, even though it's been proven Trump had NO collusion with Russia. But guess who they found out DID have collusion with Russia? That's right O-Fucking-Bama!!!! LMAO!!!!! They found evidence that Obama DID collude with Russia!!!! This is so funny!!! The libtards were so positive Trump did it! But no. Their "hero" Obama did it. LMAO!!!

Then Ilhan Omar downplays 9/11. She doesn't even know what the fuck she's talking about! She said Care was "founded after 9/11 because some people did something". What a fucking tard!!! Care was founded in 1994. She showed NO sympathy for the 3000 or so Americans who died in 9/11. But she demands we all feel sympathy for the muslims that were killed in the New Zealand shooting. Fuck her!! I told you dumb dems you would regret the day you voted that muslim rat into congress!!! She's not only unsympathetic about Americans who were killed en mass, but she's fucking dumb as a fruitcake!!!

And then they find out Joe Biden is not the nice guy they thought he was. Some chick came out and said that Biden sexually harassed her some years ago when he worked with Obama. Some have accepted that. But a lot of libtards have yet to accept it. So, what happened to the "me too" movement? Why aren't those liberals saying Biden is a scumbag? They sure were quick to say it about Kavanaugh when he was accused of raping a girl in college, many, many years ago! Which never happened, and it's been proven. Just like the dumbass SJW INXS libtard fans who mashed me after my father died, the "me too" supporters don't want to know the truth when its a conservative being accused. They just believe the accuser, even after the accused has been proven innocent. Biden even admitted he molested women!!

Now, Trump is sending all illegal immigrants to these so-called "sanctuary cities". They can commit their crimes there. Have at it! I hope they whip those dumb liberals. It may be the only thing that opens their eyes to how those illegals are not just illegal for no reason!

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