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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another Very Handsome Dog-Lover

Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!! I just knew it!!!! Perhaps the most handsome man around today in the movies also confessed to Buzzfeed that he is a dog-lover. Normally, I wouldn't take anything Buzzfeed says seriously, but I had a feeling about this. It's Kit Harington. I always said he reminds me so much of Michael, he would have been perfect to play Michael in the next INXS movie!!! Other people choose Aiden Turner, but not me! When I first saw Kit Harington, I said he must be Michael's long lost twin! He even has Michael's pouting lips!!

The long list of good-looking people who prefer dogs keeps growing!!! Buzzfeed asked Kit Harington if he preferred puppies or kittens. To which he replied "puppies". YESSSS!!!! I knew it!! As handsome as Kit Harington is, I knew he had to be a dog-person!!! Though the director of Game of Thrones wanted to make Jon Snow gay, I know that's not the real Kit Harington! He has a wife. And he loves it when his fans have a crush on him. So he said. LOL! I almost feel like a perv saying I am in love with this guy myself, I was approaching my teens when he was born (1986). But who cares?! My respect for him now has increased 1000-fold!!! He proves my point! You want a handsome man, you look for a guy who prefers dogs. You want an ugly man, you look for a guy who prefers cats. Even Aiden Turner is a dog person too, and other INXS fans think he's handsome. Which is cool! I have no problem with that. But I'll stick with my Kit Harington.

If he lets his hair grow longer, I'd swear he looks like my Michael! If he were to portray Michael in the movies, he wouldn't even need much make-up!

There was an article that was posted on one of the INXS groups I am on, and it's about Michael's grandnephew looking like him. I don't want to post his pic, not without his grandmom's permission, as he is not a public figure, but still a minor. But I can post the link to the article.

Personally, I don't think he looks that much like Michael, as he is once removed. He is however a nice looking kid. He's only 16 though. Michael was not even that handsome in his early days. I saw Michael on Simple Simon, he was 17 then. He didn't look all that handsome to me. It wasn't until the Kick era when he really blossomed into the handsome man he was when I first saw him. In the article, the grandnephew is holding a cat though. He needs to get rid of that thing fast!! Otherwise he'll grow into a sissy boy. I think Michael's mom must have been a dog person too. I saw several pics of her with a dog that Christina posted. One of them looked like a scottish terrier. That's one of my favorite breeds too. LOL! Their mom was a gorgeous woman too. Of course I don't really know if the dog belonged to Michael's mom or his sister. Oh well. They're both gorgeous women.

I remember one time on one of the groups, it was brought up again who should play Michael in the next movie. Most people said Aiden Turner. I said he looks too rough. He looks more like Richard Ramirez than Michael. Michael was rough-looking, but he also had a certain innocence to his eyes. Aiden Turner lacks that completely. But I do have respect for Aiden Turner as a dog-lover. He can't be bad with that on his plate. I agreed to Kit Harington. Then I remember saying to myself "It'd be kinda funny to find out Kit Harington is a cat-person, while Aiden Turner is a dog-person! And here I said he's better looking than Aiden Turner!" LMAO!! Well, I no longer have to worry about that! And Kit has the rugged look with a sweet innocence in his eyes. Just like my Michael! That's why I say Kit Harington is a better choice to play Michael.

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