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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Copyright Claimer

Onision has been at it now for some time. He apparently is getting desperate. Onision is so scared now that people are going to reveal the truth about him and his wife, that he is now going around and claiming other peoples' videos as his own. One would think he would only be going after the big channels. But no. You'd be wrong. He is even going after the small channels, like mine. I mean, I don't ever expect to get that big on YouTube, and in fact I've stated many times I am not there for the views or the number of subscribers. I'm on YouTube because I enjoy making videos. And I must admit, it has taught me to make much better videos over the years I've been on YouTube. But for Onision to claim my videos about him, and me having less than 600 subscribers, it proves he is desperate.

Well, I make nothing on my videos. My big money is actually made here, on my blogs. The videos I can keep from being monetized simply by turning on age-restriction. But Onision cannot claim monetization from my blogs. He can probably have this blog taken down (good luck with that!), but I can always ALWAYS create another blog. I can even save this one and put it back up. Onision is just doing this because he is getting desperate for money. And I can even tell you why he is getting desperate for money. Because he's in deep shit with Washington State's Department of Forests and Wildlife.

Currently, Onision owes Washington State over $150,000. Because the dumb fucker rented a bulldozer to destroy a small lake that was out back of his new house. He cut down trees he wasn't supposed to. He bulldozed bushes and shrubs that he wasn't supposed to. He pushed all these things into a small, natural lake that was there. He thinks just because his house is closest to the little lake, that he can do whatever he wants to it. But the lake is not on his property. It's outside his property line. He lives in a gated community. He doesn't really own the land. That part of the land is owned by the state, and now Onision has destroyed it. The state is onto his ass now. And you know what Onision is doing to get out of it? He's blaming the whole thing on his neighbors. He's saying they are the ones who told him to do it.

Seriously! Onision is living proof of how stupid the world has become. I wonder if he stays up at night, thinking of these things to say in his videos to make himself look innocent! That's time he really should be using to sleep, and relax his brain. His brain needs it. Because staying up at night, trying to think of lies to tell that would make him seem innocent, is literally killing his brain! It's not good for him. Someguy was right. Onision is a man-baby. He needs to learn to take responsibility for his own actions. But he won't. He'll always find someone else to blame for his faults and failures. Always someone other than himself. And even if I did believe his "my neighbors made me do this" story, does he really have to do everything people tell him to?? Hey Onision, if you're reading, go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge! Do it! NOW!!! I bet that goon would actually do it!

Onision frauds everyone. He's frauded his former girlfriends. He's frauded the IRS. He's frauded patrons. He's frauded viewers out of money he said was going to charity. And now, he's frauded Washington state!!! My home state! Onision pisses me off! I have to wonder how long is it going to take before he is finally thrown in jail? He could be put away for a long time. He still has to go to court for the environmental destruction act he put on. Maybe this will be the final thing that lands him in prison. But knowing Onision, he'll figure a way out of it. He'll throw his neighbors under the bus. I just hope the prosecutor does not fall for that story! Onision needs to learn. His mom didn't teach him well. He needs someone to do that for him! Sadly though, I have the feeling Onision is the type that never learns.

I did not want to turn my channel into an Onision-bashing channel. I don't make videos to do that. But Onision is tempting me to do it. Onision is just an awful person. He makes fun of a girl who has a serious eating disorder and cannot help how she is. He punishes his girlfriends for smoking medical marijuana. He abuses his animals. He killed a pet turtle he had by roasting it alive. He calls himself an environmentalist and then destroys a natural environment that's not even on his property. He calls himself a feminist, and then makes his wife turn gay. Now, he's going all over YouTube copyright claiming other YouTubers, big and small. This idiot just cannot stop with the stupidity. His problem is he's just scared of the truth. Just like all libtard SJWs!

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