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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke

It seems all the media is "getting woke" these days. We see it now in a lot of Gillette's new commercials. There was one where a father teaches his transsexual "son" to shave for the first time. A lot of people are up in the air about that commercial. Women's sports are also making it illegal not to accept transsexual "women" to compete in their competitions. I say fuck all that!! We need to stop this foolishness of "getting woke". It's not helping anyone or anything! This is why I fear reincarnation. What if I come back as a girl, who is straight, and I fall in love with a guy, or a rockstar or a movie star, only to later find out it was gay or not a real guy?! That would totally SUCK!!! I'd be confused about who I can fall in love with! I don't want to fall in love with a fake "man" who was born with a vagina! My spirit won't allow it!! I'd want to be able to marry and have kids of my own in my next life. Maybe in my next life, I won't be so damaged against having kids. When I was a teenager, that was all I talked about. Then that job with Patti and Chris messed that idea up. I saw how diabolical kids can really be, and it turned me off to the idea of having kids and even getting married.

But this "getting woke" thing is really taking it too far. I heard about the new Disney version of Aladdin. I heard Jasmine has become a feminazi. I was watching some reviews others did of this new version. I'll take their word for it. I was not a big fan of the animated Disney version of this movie. I don't think I'm going to like this live-action animated version much better. In fact, I think it'd probably be worse. You ever notice how today's movies are all about colored people being the good guys, while the white people are always portrayed as the bad guys? Well, there were always movies like that, but nowadays they want to make every hero in every movie either colored, gay or trans, and every bad guy in every movie now is white. It's like they want to show the world that white people are the bad people. The oppressors. And colored people are always going to be the heros.

Now, I have nothing against non-white people. Though I am not fond of muslims at all because they believe cats are good, and dogs are bad. And they bomb people and buildings. But if they want to make the heros all colored, then that is fine. But don't make every bad person in every movie a white person. White people are not that bad. While there are some bad white people, they're not ALL bad. And making trannies out to be good guys, not true! Trannies have proven to the world that they are just as dangerous as radical islams. That's why I won't accommodate them. The worst thing they do is preaching their idiotic ideas to children. If I had kids in today's world, I would NEVER allow a tranny or a drag to tell them they can be the opposite sex if they want to. No way! I would not let them go to any "drag story hour". I would not let the schools tell them just because I might have a tomboy, that she may actually be a boy in the wrong body. Hell NO!! I wouldn't let them destroy my kids' minds!! Preach that bullshit to the stupid peoples' kids! Not mine!!

I heard some jerkoff named Don Lemon is responsible for all this shit. He's the one who is telling Americans that all white people are bad, and the dumb goons are all falling for it. Of course they're going to believe him. He's a black, gay dude who believes all white people are bad. In 2018, he said in an interview and I quote...

"So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right. And we have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban on — they had the Muslim ban. There is no white guy ban. So, what do we do about that?"

The whole paragraph is one big contradiction! First, he says "we have to stop demonizing people",  and then he says "the biggest terror threat in this country is white men". I think it's a good thing we have the muslim ban. Muslims are no good! Like I said, they think dogs are bad. Thus they also believe christians are bad. It's the muslims who still actively kill people. Not the christians. And does Don Lemon live in an all-black neighborhood? No, he doesn't. He lives in a predominantly white neighborhood. That's because predominantly black neighborhoods eventually turn into ghettos that are unsafe for a rich dude like him. Black people (especially modern black libtards) cannot keep from fighting one another. They love kicking other peoples' asses. They also love to destroy other peoples' property. But Don Lemon basically admits to being a racist. He obviously wants to bring back segregation. Yeah, bring that back. See how far black libtards get in that. But don't complain when you cannot get jobs. Most big businesses are owned by white people. Especially white men.

I saw one video where a guy says he's afraid now to see the live-action version of "the Lion 'King'". He's afraid Simba is going to be turned into a gay lion or something like that. LOL! Its some new agenda. They want to "normalize" gay and trans. So, I guess this is the reason they wanted to "redo" these movies. Just so they can rehash all the characters into some gay, tranny, queer, black, hispanic, robots to go along with the radical left ideas. Oy-vey!! That is so stupid!!!

Now, I understand the CDC (I think it was) has now taken "transsexual" off the list of mental disorders. Another move to satisfy the radical leftists. Well, they will never convince me that transsexual is anything other than a mental disorder. Because it is! It is NOT normal! Even a former tranny, named Walt Heyer, admits that transitioning was the worst mistake he's ever made. He was born a boy, became a girl, transitioned into a woman, and now he's back to being a man again. He totally regrets transitioning. He also tells us the LGBT community is lying to us all. Again, it's part of an agenda. But I will never believe transgenders are normal. They only make up less than 1% of the world's population. And that's not homophobic or transphobic to say. It's the truth! The numbers you see today are because of bad parenting and bad schooling. Libtard parents and schools encourage kids now to become the opposite sex. Or they want kids to "choose their own gender", which is VERY wrong!! All that does is confuse kids. It's child abuse of the worst caliber! It just gives them life-long suffering!

In other news. Well, so Rhett is banned from the Statue for Michael group. I wonder why? I wonder if Tina is banned too? Is it because Rhett asked why Melbourne was chosen instead of Sydney? Oh well, who gives a fuck! I told Rhett I'm not in that group myself. I have no desire to be in that group either. The last time I was in there, the mods ran it like it was a first-grade classroom. And I can't stand Kelly Poulter! She could die tomorrow and I wouldn't give a shit. Kelly came into this group I am in and said bullshit. I dunno. I didn't see what she posted, I only got what the mod captured on her camera. Kelly got in there and started telling lies, and Nancy told Kelly to stop lying. I said "Kelly has always been a liar! That's nothing new!" I shouldn't talk about people I have blocked, but I just could not help commenting how Kelly has not changed in the slightest. She's the biggest liar I know in the INXS community! I don't believe she had cancer at all. Like I said, she just said that to get attention and sympathy from her friends. Well, fuck her and all her friends and her lies. She can have them! I sure as Hell don't want them!

My question is why is it every time the band, or the statue is brought up, all the fans get into a tizzy??? Can't they just let the band be?! If they don't want to contribute then that is their right. What is the fucking problem??? Geez! People have a tendency to always piss me off no matter what they do! I want to stay on this group, but every time the band is brought up, it gets to be like World War 3. See, this is why I want nothing at all to do with the fans anymore. Besides the fact that they are all libtards.

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