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Monday, May 27, 2019

Playing Games With Sellers

OMG! Some people are just too dumb to live!! I don't even know this guy, but I already don't like him. This guy's name is Robert Marsh on Facebook. Apparently he lives in Cloverdale. It's quite a ways from here. It's halfway between here and Lincoln City. Well, back on Saturday, I put some items up for sale that I have that I can part with. Though I am not that anxious to part with them. I'm only selling these items because I want some money to get my car fixed. I'm sure it's going to come to a lot. But I sold only one item so far, that was a portable DVD player. The only reason I sold it is because it doesn't play my DVD-DLs and I want a portable that does, as I have a lot of DVD-DLs. Also known as DVD-9.

Well, I think I am asking fair prices. I've even decided to part with my fish tank. It comes with a stand, lights, plants, gravel, filter, powerheads, I'll even throw in the fish. To sell that one breaks my heart the most! A couple came by interested in the fish tank, but discovered it was bigger than they anticipated, so they turned it down. But the filter is brand new, the heater is brand new, and the stand and lights are all brand new too. The only thing that is used is the fish tank it's self. The whole set up wound up costing me over $500, but I am sacrificing it for $300. I don't want to go too much lower, as most everything is new, and it's a 65-gallon tank. Which I did mention in the ad I posted.

Another person came by to look at the projector I have. I'm asking $10 for it. I actually bought it back in 1996, but I never used it. I bought it thinking I could do wall murals for people. But that venture never got off the ground. So, I never got to use the machine. It requires a bulb, which I also never got. The bulb cannot be anything but a 75-watt bulb. No more, no less. And those are not very common. Well, she discovered it wasn't exactly what she was looking for, so she passed it up too. The projector has never been used. It's never even been out of the box. So I cannot tell anyone if it works or not. I assume it would, since it's never been used before. Most people though, when they think of a projector, usually think of the ones you see now in stores, or one that uses slides. This one isn't like that. It has a window on the bottom where you slip a picture, or a small 3-D item, and it projects that image onto a screen, or the wall.

Another item I am selling is my Bose Wave radio/CD player. I'm selling it for $100, which is a very fair price for a Bose!! Even if it is a few years old. That was what this Robert Marsh was inquiring about. The Bose works beautifully! I'm not selling it because I want to. I'm selling it because I need to get my car fixed. The Bose is only slightly used. I really only use it around Christmas, when I play my Christmas CDs. That's why I feel I can part with it. But again, I am not overly-anxious to part with it. But I feel if a person really wants it, they will pay $100 for it. I cannot let it go for less than that.

Well, Saturday night, I got a message on the post (not in PM) from this guy. The conversation went like this...

He thought my Bose was a DVD player. I WISH Bose made DVD players!!!!!!! Like a portable DVD player from Bose would be very nice!!! But it's not, and they don't make them. I had 2 DVD players available. One was the portable, and the other is a multi-region DVD player. The only reason I am selling the multi-region DVD player is because I don't like the way it plays my homemade DVDs. They keep going out of synch after a while of playing them. But if a person is only using it to play store-bought DVDs, it works beautifully!

Anyways, then he asks me (twice) if he can come look at it tomorrow (yesterday). I told him I would have to let him know Monday, because one other person asked to view the Bose on Sunday. I waited and waited for that person to show up, and they never did. So, around 6 PM after not seeing or hearing from the other guy, I wrote back to Robert to let him know the Bose is still here.

Just as promised, I let him know. I like to let everyone know who shows some interest. I don't like being left hanging, so I don't like to leave others wondering. Well, later last night I heard back from this guy...

Well, the first thing I am thinking here is "What a dumbass!!!" I said only one person showed interest. And he automatically assumes the reason it was "passed by" is because it "has issues". If he's just not interested, then fine. But don't go telling everyone a radio, which he's never even seen or tried, is "passed up by a few" because it "has issues". Frankly though, with a mentality like that, I'm glad he doesn't want to come view it. I wouldn't trust someone like him in my house! He might steal my radio! But this just shows how stupid a lot of people are. And really, I don't believe he was ever serious about getting the Bose. I normally don't react this way when someone just isn't interested, but the way this guy did it, out in the open, it made me mad. Who knows how many people are just going to read his response, and believe what he says is the gospel? You know how people are! Especially liberals! And this state is full of them. But I was still polite in my response...

Honestly! And you wonder why I don't like people. Is there really any doubt why now?

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