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Monday, May 13, 2019

The Face Of True Evil

Look at this guy above. Almost a psychotic look in those blank, glaring eyes. He looks almost robotic! Like he's not human or something. And he's FAT!! An ugly, fat fuck. He also looks old. Probably too old to be doing what he's doing. This motherfucker is a member of Antifa. He lives in Seattle. Man! He makes me feel ashamed of being from WA state!! He is also a member of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, which is basically a meeting place for murderers. There is a possibility this dude is also a pedophile. He's been caught loitering outside of a private residence with a concealed weapon, he peeked in the house at someone's little girl. Why was he there? No, he's not a security guard for the guy. He's there for nothing more than intimidation.

The guy he targeted is a member of Identity Evropa, which is also an activist group for white supremacy. The John Brown Gun Club considers Identity Evropa "violent" and "fascist" and "bigoted". The problem is those people may be "white supremacist neo-nazis", but they are not a violent group. I admit that when I heard they are "neo-nazis" and march for white supremacy, even I felt a little uneasy. But these people have never held violent protests. If you're a peaceful person, I say go ahead and be proud to be white. I don't care. As long as you are not violent. But it wasn't the conservatives that were violent neo-nazis. Once again, it was the liberals. Liberals today just don't see that. Unfortunately. But you do see it in their new organizations, like Antifa. But that's no different. The only ones who don't think Antifa is violent is Antifa. Probably the neo-nazis of the 1990s and before thought the same thing. And they too were liberals. Like I said in my last blog post, liberals do not see the evil in other liberals. They only see it in conservatives. And having dealt with liberals before, I know what they are like.

Remember the SJW INXS libtards? The same ones who attacked me right after my father died, with false claims of their friend having cancer as well? When I tried to tell my side of the story, they would not listen. In this case, Tess O'brien was the "mainstream media" telling the other libtards not to ask me anything. To just delete me without saying anything. And like true libtard fascists, they obeyed Tess. That's why I call them the blind sheep. Rosanda was actually the only one who PMd me. She said she no longer wished to be associated with me. I said "fine!" I don't care. It's not like I didn't see that day coming months before, when she took up being friends with that Vincent Lamaro. But I wasn't going to let her turn away without her knowing the TRUTH. She got Tess's side of the story, and I let her have my side. Tess wasn't even a part of that story! Tess is just a dumbfuck who poked her big nose in where it doesn't belong. Whether she believed it or not is entirely up to her. But being a libtard, I'm sure she didn't believe it. That's OK too. Me, my family, my real friends, and GOD knows the truth. They are the only ones I really have to answer to.

Oh that's another thing. Libtards don't believe in GOD. LOL! Well, that's on them. That's between themselves and whatever they believe is their maker. But I would rather live my life like I believe in GOD rather than live life like an atheist, only to find out too late there actually was a GOD. You never know, maybe HE really is up there. I'd rather believe now than find out after it's too late. I don't live my life the way the WBC wants us to, thinking about and obeying GOD every second of our lives. But I do believe HE is up there, and I do what HE says.

Anyways, back to the subject. I think Antifa has gone WAY too far! It's one thing when they stalked Tucker Carlson at his home, and threatened his family. He has money for private security guards. But not everybody does. But now they are going to the homes of private people, stalking their family. This fat clown in the picture above, was even looking in the window of his victim's daughter, looking in at her. That would be my worst nightmare come true! If I were a teenage girl, I wouldn't want some fat soy-knocking pedophile with a gun looking in my bedroom window!! Even as an old fart, I wouldn't want some crazed libtard looking in my bedroom window! I often ask myself how would the libtards like it if conservatives did the same things to them that they do to us? I guarantee they wouldn't like it. They would be going to the press crying about it, and next thing you know, the mainstream media would have a field day blowing it all out of proportion!

But since this is a member of Antifa stalking a conservative's home, it's not covered in the media. I only heard about it through a YouTube video. I looked on Google, and there is indeed NOTHING about it there! So, why is that? Maybe that's why libtards don't see the evil in other libtards; because it's not as well publicized as it would be if it were a conservative attacking a libtard. I swear! A conservative slaps a fresh libtard in the face, it's all over every mainstream news outlet all over the world saying "Violent conservatives blow libtard's face off with a [non-existent] rifle". But a crazy libtard with a gun stalking an innocent conservative at his own home, threatening his family and looking in a window at his child, does not even get a mere mention on Google. How is that fair? How is that possible?

I swear people piss me off! Oh! By the way, here's that caricature I did of Tess O'brien as promised...

When my sis was here, we saw a Mel Brooks film called Spaceballs. It's a parody of Star Wars. There was one character on there they called Pizza the Hut. LOL! They said he was half man, half pizza. That's what this drawing of Tess reminds me of! LMAO!!

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