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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What Is "Hate Speech"?

So, what is "hate speech"? What constitutes it? My answer is well, nothing. There is no such thing as "hate speech". People dislike something. That doesn't mean it's hate speech. People disagree with something another person says, but that still doesn't mean it's hate speech. I've been called a "racist" because I described someone who did something bad as being what she was--Asian. Is that hate speech? No. I described a great many things about that person. One of them just happened to be that she was Asian. Another happened to be she was 35 years old. Does that mean I am prejudice against 35 year olds? I also described her as being chubby. Does that mean I am prejudice against chubby people? I'll tell you, I was as fat as she was. LMAO!! None of that was hate speech. The accuser who said I was "racist" just took one word out of context and blew it up all out of proportion. That's what liberals do. Now, any opposing viewpoints are considered "hate speech".

I do not believe in hate speech. I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. And I believe that in the truest sense of the word. There are some speech that I do not like and do not accept, but nothing to me is "hate speech". Like for example, someone comes to my videos on YouTube, and they start viciously calling me names. That's not hate speech. That's just them being an asshole. They have a right to be an asshole if that's what they want. I just have gotten to where I do not accept their comments because now YouTube has taken away my monetization privileges. I'm no longer paid to put up with creeps and dumbasses. When I get my monetization back, I'll accept dumbass comments again. Until then, I monitor every comment that comes in. Though I never expect to get my monetization back again. LOL! One has to have 1000 subscribers at least, and I don't, probably never will. And frankly, I don't ever hope to get that big. I don't want to be too big on YT. I've seen what being bigger does to people. I've seen it ruin their lives. Not something I need (or want) in my world today.

Anyways, the only speech that I believe to be unacceptable is a call to violence. I'll never accept speech like that. Those are threats, someone telling another person to kill themselves, or telling other people to kill (or harm) someone. I don't accept those kind of comments. I also don't accept just outright name-calling. I can tell when someone just has a nasty disposition. I've seen it all too often. Though I do not consider name-calling "violence" or "hate speech". Like I said earlier, it's just people being assholes. Normally, I do not call others names. It's not in my nature. My best battles are me actually being passive-aggressive. I let them do the name-calling. They're only making themselves look like they lost the battle. LMAO!!!

That's precisely why name-calling doesn't bother me. LOL! Name-calling is a last resort. If a person cannot have what they want, they call the other person names. If a person cannot change another person's mind, they call the other person names. That's not me. In fact, I know I am right when the opposer calls me names. I look upon it like a sort of badge of honor. Some of my favorite names I've been called are "bitch", "transphobe", and "dumb fat bitch". LMAO!! People resort to personal attacks on another person when they know they cannot present a good argument. I see it all the time when Ben Shapiro does a speech at a liberal college. I see it all the time on Jessie Lee Peterson's show. I see it all the time on InfoWars videos. And I myself get it all the time from liberals. Especially from liberals. This is why liberals lynched a lot of people in the 1800s and up to the mid-1900s. In fact I think they are still lynching people today. You don't hear about it much though. But they do talk about lynching conservatives. Or harming conservatives in some way.

But that is still not hate speech. That's still just people being assholes.

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