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Monday, June 10, 2019

Can't Call 911???

My stupid state just pisses me off!!! It never seems to stop pissing me off!!! Oregon has just passed a bill saying that if a white person calls 911 on a black person, the white person can actually be sued by the black person. So now, a white person can no longer call 911 on a black person. They said the black person can sue the white person if they can prove the call was made because the white person is racist. Yeah, good luck proving that one!! All this is going to do is allow black people to become more violent against white people and commit more crimes! This is such a stupid law now! The stupidest! If ever there was a time I ever thought about moving out of Oregon, now would be that time! But where can I go? I love the ocean. I don't want to leave it. I guess I could move to the east coast, there are some conservative states there. I don't want to move too far south where it gets too hot. What am I to do??

It seems if you love the coast, you have no choice but to live in areas inhabited by libtards and left-wingers. I don't want to move inland, that's even worse than moving down south. Inland is too dry and it gets too hot in the summer and too cold in winter. What do I do? Where can I go? I'm stranded here! I love the ocean, but I don't want to move down south. So, where to go? There ain't a place a sensible person can move to on the coast that hates the heat, hates leftists, and loves the ocean. I'd move back to Ocean Shores, but that's in Washington. That place is also infested with libtards. Though Ocean Shores is like it's own country. If there are libtards there, then you don't see them. People there pretty much keep to themselves. There are some coastal states that are not too liberal on the east coast, like Vermont, Maine and Connecticut.

This new "law" is the stupidest thing Oregon has done thus far! But you know who passed this bill? You'll only need 3 guesses, because it was passed by 3 senators. Janelle Bynum was the one who inspired the bill and pushed to have it passed. And guess what she looks like...

She looks full of herself for sure. She started this bullshit because some white person called 911 on her. The woman apologized though. She said Bynum was spending too much time looking at houses in the neighborhood where the incident occurred. Bynum said she "felt unsafe" because of all the times black people have been killed and/or victimized by cops. So what??? If black people would stop committing 50% of the crimes in this country, you wouldn't have to be so scared. And that is a fact! Blame your own people for that little fear you feel inside! Not the person who called 911!

Other senators who are for this bill (and you will know why when you see them) are Senator Lew Frederick...

And Senator James Manning, Jr...

Shame he's a democrat. He's kinda cute. But democrats are not for me. Anyways, these are the people who are passing this bill. This STUPID, idiotic bill! Trump, we need your magic here and NOW!!! Get rid of this bill!!! We don't need it. All it's going to do is give violent black people a pardon to commit more crimes.

Now, I admit not all black people are violent. I'm not saying that. But it is a well-known fact that black people do commit 50% of violent crimes in this country. And I don't care if the person who is violating me or breaking in my house is black, white, pink or blue, if they are violating me, I'm gonna call 911 on their ass!!! If 911 does nothing, I'll grab my gun! Now is a great time to keep that thing loaded! I would not necessarily call if they are just walking down the street, unless I feel they are lost, or up to something they shouldn't be. But NO ONE should EVER feel threatened by calling 911. That's wrong on so many levels! And I am ashamed to call myself an Oregonian with this bill passing. Oh LORD! We need your solution NOW!!! We need you to come and free us of these clowns!!! This is going too far! And it's only going to get worse! Though I have no idea how this can be topped. Black people these days do not want equal rights. Now, they want more rights! FAR more than they deserve!

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