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Friday, June 28, 2019

Dummycrat Debates

OK I saw the first night only, and then I couldn't watch the whole thing because these people were totally insane!!! I mean really, they are stark-raving loony-toons!! The democrats in this country have gone totally full-retard now! Beto O'Rourke got up there and totally embarrassed himself! When he didn't have an answer to something, he switched into the "no habla english" mode. The others are all now mocking him for that. Typical libtards!! But O'Rourke did embarrass himself doing that. I wonder why he suddenly changed into someone who only spoke spanish? Did his publicity managers tell him to do that? Or my idea was probably the most likely; he thought he was just being cute. Either way, he shocked the other debaters on the platform. I heard everyone else was mocking him onstage. I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was too dumb!

And the big prize for the night I watched; Julian Castro saying that trans "women" need to have access to abortions as well. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OK, here I thought I had channeled in on some Dunesbury-style comedy show! Doesn't this fool know that trans "women" can't even get pregnant??? I mean really! What happened to basic biology??? Oh wait! It's now offensive to even mention basic biology! These are the same people who say scientifically GOD doesn't exist, but science and facts are "offensive". Well, tell us what it is dude! You either believe in make-believe (as in transgenders and "GOD") or you believe in science! You can't have both. Not in your language! A trans "woman" can never get pregnant, because he doesn't have a vagina! Idiots like Riley J. Dennis wants us to believe that a man can magically grow a vagina, and a woman can magically grow a functional penis. Not going to happen! Ever in our lifetime! Nor at any time in evolution. The main purpose for our species is to reproduce. That's why animals were put here to begin with. But with so many gays, trannies and queers, our species seems to be the first in Earth's history to be going in reverse.

I still say however, it is survival of the fittest. Women who are not confused about their sexuality do not have to be attracted to trans "men". And men who are not confused do not have to be attracted to trans "women". In fact like me, most men and women I know of would be furious if a tranny wanted to date them, and did not tell them they are a tranny. That should anger anyone! I'm not that fricken desperate for a mate. I'll never date a woman! Or a trans "man". Call me a "transphobe" all you want to! It'll never happen!

Ya know, the libtards are starting to get too smart though. They are finally realizing their words don't mean anything to anyone anymore. So now, they are starting to use violence. That's why they've begun throwing milkshakes and bricks at people who do not adhere to their narrative. One person who had a milkshake laced with acid thrown on him is seeking vengeance against the person who did it to him. It has become commonplace in the UK. Boy! I'm glad I never moved to the UK!!! I almost did once! I'm so glad I didn't!! Ever since I was in the MH and His Life fan group on Facebook, I've known the UK had no free speech rights. That was the reason I never wanted to go back in that group, and I even told Katrina to stay away from that group because those people will do the same thing to her as they did to me. They absolutely do not believe in free speech because the mods there are all from countries that do not allow it. And I taught Katrina to always speak her mind. She told me they kept trying to add her to that group, but she finally told them to stop it. I said good! She doesn't need to be in that group!

The only safe places in Europe to move to is Hungary and Poland, places like that. But you can only move to those places if you are white. They were the smarter countries. They realized how colored people (like the muslims other European countries are letting in) will ruin everything in their country so their government said "Hell NO! You can't come here!" Good on them! The fags hate those countries because of it, but I say that's their problem! The countries that are allowing colored people in are becoming shithole pits, broken into battles, violence, crime, and streets filled with garbage. It's sad! And the bleeding-heart libtard SJWs are allowing those things to happen. They are allowing their countries to be ruined. Very soon there won't be any place a decent person with their own beliefs can go to get away from this madness.

We need the apocalypse. NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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