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Saturday, June 1, 2019

INXS Stage Left

WOW!!! I heard yesterday that Jon Farriss left Facebook. Though his page is still up. You know why he left? Apparently, some numb-nut fans posted some horrible things about him on his page. UGH!!! Now, what kind of a moron would say such mean and nasty things about Jon??? Jon is one of the least offensive people I've ever met!! The man has always been so sweet when I met him. He had to be sweet. To let DonnaG get in his space and kiss him, and he not wanting to punch her in the nose! How can anyone say mean things about Jon??

This proves my point about why I never again want to associate with the fans. I don't care if I never have another INXS fan on my Facebook friends list ever again. I do have a few on there, and that is enough. They are the few elite ones. But I haven't accepted anymore in quite a while, and most likely won't. See, some people are just not happy unless they are griping, spreading rumors, lying to others, turning the fans against one another, and just simply being mean and nasty. I put up with that on my last Facebook account. I'm not going to do it on this one. So far, I've done pretty good at becoming totally distasteful! LOL! My plot is working! It's keeping the nasty-ass fans away. I'm not sorry either! I have several fans blocked, they can't come in. The rest, well, I'm working on getting them to block me. LOL! I don't care either! This time, I actually encourage it. Let the trash take it's self out now. I already took out all the trash I can take out.

This is just totally sad that Jon felt the need to leave Facebook just because of some asshole, stupid fans that cannot turn down their negativity, and keep their own personal problems to themselves. They have to reflect all their negativity onto an innocent band member, who is just being himself.

I remember I found Timmy on Facebook once. But he didn't have a page up. It was just him. He didn't make friends with the fans either. Though I saw where a few commented on his page. I asked to become his Facebook friend once and I think he turned me down. But that's OK. I figured there was no harm in asking. The rest was up to him. When I didn't hear from him accepting my friend request, I just said, "That's OK. Just leave him alone. He probably does not want a lot of fans on his page!" Some celebs do that. They only accept people they know to be friends, and family. I guess Timmy was one of those. His page, his choice. I've never been one to force myself on others. I still love him. hehe! Nothing will change that.

I don't blame Timmy or Jon at all for not wanting a lot of fans around. And I wouldn't blame them if they just simply left Facebook. The fans are nowadays too rowdy, and too negative. Like I said before, some people are just not happy unless they are griping about everything. I see that behavior in people everywhere! And some of them can get downright relentless in their rage. Nope, I want nothing to do with them anymore! Not this time around on Facebook. Leave them in their own sorry-ass little world, to play around with their own small minds. I had enough. I'd be willing to bet my life on the fact that they were spoiled little brats as kids, probably never spanked before in their lives, and their parents (IF they were even together) did not discipline them enough because they didn't want these kids to hate them. That's what I am betting! Their parents probably gave them everything they wanted too. Like the little boy in the toy store I mentioned on here the other day.

See folks! This is what you get when you don't spank your kids! You get people like the INXS fans becoming a burden to the world like this. They are the perfect poster child for why we need to enforce discipline on the kids from an early age.

Oh yes! In other news, you all remember my Bose Wave radio I was selling? The one Robert Marsh never even came to see, yet he said it "has issues"? LOL! Well, someone came and bought the radio. It was a nice little old lady who had a Bose of her own for years, and it stopped playing CDs. She came over, tried it, loves that the CD player worked very well, and the radio was crisp and clear-sounding, she bought it on the spot! So much for my Bose "having issues"! LOL! Well, Robert Marsh can go screw himself. Dumb as he is, he'd probably not know how to. I thought about going back to that post and taunting him about it, but nah! That'd just make me look bad. So I'd just come here and boast a bit. LMAO!!! 😆😆😆

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