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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Liberals; The Biggest Bullies

And they call us conservatives bullies. Liberals are the biggest bullies of all. Not only that, but they are also the biggest hypocrites. You know this is gay pride month. Goodie for them! Well, some straight guys in Boston want to have a straight pride parade in August. I say go for it. Have at it! I'm all for gay rights. I believe they have a right to marry who they want. They have a right to live their lives the way they want to. However, what I don't go for is them parading down the street naked, or mostly naked. NO ONE wants to see that!!! Whether you are gay or straight! Have some dignity! I have gay friends, and thank GOD they are not doing that!! Well, I support gays having their rights, but I don't support them indoctrinating children. That's what has made me lose respect for this parade this year. Leave kids out of this.

I was watching the Jesse Lee Peterson show this morning and it was a guy whose mom married a husband that beat her up. Well, this year his mom came out as gay. And she claimed to have "always been gay". Well, her kids all know that's not true. Why do people say that??? Why do people, many years later, come out as gay and then say they've "always been that way" when they haven't??? Are they saying that for acceptance? That's a crazy way to get acceptance!! Her kids are all grown up now. The child who called Jesse and told him this was 26. And he knew his mom hasn't always been that way. She married the bad boy, and later regretted it, like all women do. So, she wants to pretend she's something she's not. That's how it always works. If you look back in their history, most people who later turn gay, or trans, are such because either they did not have a father early in life, or they were sexually abused in some way in their childhood. Anyways, he says his mom coming out as gay is now tearing the family apart. So, I don't support that. Those are the gay wannabe's.

Personally, I can't see why anyone would want to be gay. Even a lot of people I know who are gay don't want to be that way. I'm a straight woman. As straight as they come. Don't listen to the hacks on the internet who wish I was gay. Or trans. I'm a proud straight woman. A man has more to offer than a woman. I don't want to even dream of looking down and seeing someone without a penis in my bedroom! I don't like to play with a woman's vagina! Not my style! If I get anything at all, I want some d***!!!! I'd be very furious if I fell in love with a guy and he actually turned out to be a woman, and didn't tell me. I'd be like 'oh Hell NO!' and I would leave without saying another word. But modern liberals don't like that kind of thinking. They call it "transphobic" if we refuse to date someone who thinks she's a man, but is really a woman. I don't care though. Call me 'transphobic' all you want to! It's my body, it's my choice! I don't want to have sex with another woman! And I would be shocked if my mom came out as gay. Because I know that is not my mom! My mom has been in love with 2 guys in her life; my father, and now my stepfather. Neither one of those men were trans-'men'.

Well, I will also be celebrating straight pride day. The liberals though, they think the whole idea of straight pride is a waste. Some even said they would go there just to protest the straight pride parade. Typical libtards! I say there is nothing wrong with celebrating straight pride. I'm proud to be straight. But the libtards argue that because straight people have never been oppressed in any way, that they should not feel proud to be straight. Some even said that was obnoxious. The thing is, that being gay is now a fashion-statement. It's no longer something people want to let happen naturally. Now, it's being pushed on kids today. And that is very sad! Apparently My Little Pony has a lesbian couple on the show. Then Arthur has a Mr. Rat marrying another Mr. Rat. Don't tell me this is happening naturally! Gayness is being pushed on kids. Very VERY young kids! So, I think that straight people are already oppressed. They are already being assaulted for being straight. What gets me with all this shit, is gay people go out now and brag about being gay, queer or trans, and then they tell straight people to mind their own business. Dude! Or dudette. If you don't want people getting in your business, then stop flaunting you being gay! No one cares!!!

I have gay friends, and thank GOD they are not like this! My gay friends are much more classy! They don't make that the subject of every conversation, or Twitter post they have! They don't talk about being gay as being natural. They don't flaunt it in peoples' faces and then tell them to mind their own business! With all this, I wonder what happened to "don't ask, don't tell"? It seems people nowadays have forgotten that. Though we are now seeing gay characters in a lot of children's shows, if these people think I'm going to create gay/queer/trans characters for my stories, they have another think coming! I won't allow it. I'm not going to contribute to this trend. If a kid grows up to be gay on it's own accord, without being stifled into it through the media and parental pushing, then that is fine and dandy! But I am not going to put gay/queer or trans characters in my stories as if it is a perfectly normal and natural thing! No way! I don't agree with that!

I saw another video today where Teen Vogue talked about the "difference between sex and gender". These losers were saying sex is what we are born with, and gender is how you feel. That is so DUMB!!! It is NOT!!!! Sex and gender are EXACTLY the same thing. And what sex you were born with is the sex you are going to be throughout your life! No matter how you feel or what drugs you take to suppress hormones, nor what clothes you decide to wear! I was born a girl, I was a tomboy growing up, but now I am a woman, and I know it. Those trannies and queers base their findings mostly on a very few people who are born with both a penis and a vagina. The hermaphrodites. But they are not common! That is actually a very rare birth defect. It's not some psycho-twats who just want to pretend to be something they are not. And one apparent Indian tribe believes you can be born both sexes. But that is just one tribe. And how common are they now? The number of people who believed you can be any other gender than you really are, were falling. What you see today, among grown people pretending gender and sex are different, is just the result of bad parenting. It is not natural when you have to take man-made drugs to block your hormones from making you behave the way your sex should be behaving! That is not natural!

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