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Sunday, June 2, 2019

So This Is Pride-Month?

Well, I found out this is pride month. So now, they have a month for almost everything. Everything except white pride. LMAO!! But can you just imagine what it would be like if there was such a thing as white pride month??? These days there would be huge riots in the streets and people holding signs (black and white people, all libtards) saying "There's no such thing as white pride!" Of course these would be the same people who also say "black people can't be racists". They are so wrong too! There are many black people who are racist. I'm even seeing it on the internet. But ya know, black people these days keep testing everybody, just like all groups of SJWs do. Now, they want segregation back. They keep pushing for it, they may get it, and just like last time, it may not be in their favor. One never knows!

Well, like I always said, a person can marry who they want. If you're gay and you want to marry same-sex, I say go for it! Who a person marries or falls in love with is none of my business. You do you! I hope you have many years of happiness together. Gay marriage is all fine and dandy. I was glad they won the right to marry. I still am. I believe everyone has a right to marry who they want. What I don't like about gays today well, gays themselves don't bother me. It's transgenders I'm learning to hate the most. Transgenders, drag queens and other shit like that. Now, don't get me wrong, I've seen some trannies that were cool people. Most of them are conservatives. I watch Slightly Offensive on YouTube. That guy is a transsexual guy, but he is not politically correct. Same with Blaire White. Both of those people are trannies, but they are also conservatives. They believe in free speech, they don't care what pronouns you use for them, and they preach the truth. Not the made-up "truth" that leftists preach.

What I mostly don't like about transgenders today is how they are trying to teach kids that they can be any sex they want to be. Despite what sex they "were assigned at birth". That's why now a lot of liberal cities have "drag queen story hour" in their libraries. That's dumb! And if I had kids in this day and age, I would NEVER let them attend one of those sessions!! All it does is confuse kids, and mess up their brains. That's why we're seeing a huge surge in trannies today, where there should barely be any. Its become a trend. A fad. Basically a way to get attention and gain control. They can't control what people think or say about them, so they learned if they whine loud enough, they can get people to do what they want. And it helps if they have a reason to whine. In this case, it's being trans. Not everyone is like me, they don't want to be known as a bigot or a transphobic. I used to hate bigots too. Until the SJWs began overusing that word! To them, just saying you don't want to date a tranny is bigotry. The word doesn't mean anything anymore.

I also don't like the LGBT organization. If that even is an organization. But I heard now they are encouraging other gay couples to harass white christian male bakers to bake cakes for their weddings. The whole LGBT organization lost my support when I heard that!! They think they're being funny. But they're not being funny. They're just telling people to act like retards. That's why I don't respect the LGBT community. That's why I lost all respect for their cause. Unless I see them harass muslim bakers and not just white christian bakers, I will continue to lose respect for them. And no gay or tranny couple is brave enough to do that! Its one thing when one gay couple walks into a bakery and finds out the guy won't bake a cake for their wedding because it's against his beliefs. But when they start encouraging every gay and tranny couple to do the same to the same baker, then it becomes harassment, and I don't go for that! THAT is why I lost respect for the LGBT community. And it just goes downhill from there.

Now, I heard they are accepting pedophiles in their community. That's because a lot of drag queens are pedophiles. And pedophiles is where I draw the line!! I will NEVER accept pedophiles. And any parent who does I think should be shot! Or at the very least, completely lose custody of their kids!!! I know if I was a kid, I wouldn't want some 30 year old pervert looking at me with lust in his eyes!! And I would want my mom and dad to keep that from happening to me. Unfortunately, SJW parents wouldn't prevent that. They would actually encourage it. They'd be telling their kids "Oh go ahead, let him touch your vagina! If you don't, then you're pedophobic and that's an act of violence and bigotry!" But kids really don't like it when a grown person does that. It makes them feel bad. That's what causes kids to want to become another gender. If not create a serial killer! I think that may also be why men and boys are the most common victims of serial killers. That's probably also why serial killers always come from places like California!

But anyways, you know we are approaching Armageddon when this starts happening. Yep, the end days are here. Man! The only real sin I committed to was not getting married and having kids. LOL! I'm glad I didn't. Not in today's world. A world of unsafe schools and SJW parents, scared of being called a bigot. Too many atheists, vegans, SJWs, feminazis, MGTOW, and cat people. Yep, I blame cats for all this shit. Ever since The Lion "King" came out in theaters, I've noticed the world has gone downhill. That was what made cats popular. Now, everyone wants a damn cat. Even my buddy Karen from Bozeman went and got herself a stupid cat. She lost both her schnauzers, and now she has a stupid cat. I saw her pics, and she was wondering what to name the thing. I almost suggested calling it "Armageddon". LOL! Because that is what it represents. Well, she got the damn thing, but don't expect me to ever tell you it's "cute". I don't compliment cats! There's nothing to compliment. You see one cat, you've seen them all. And they're all the same in that they make people go crazy. And I still believe cats are the spawn of Satan. Just look at how cats turn people against each other! I see it all the time from the catfags on YouTube. Only a creation from the devil would do that.

Well yes, the end days are coming, and I believe it's starting in California. Just like everything else that's bad. 

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