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Monday, June 24, 2019

Some Changes To UMG

There have been a few add-ons to UMG Productions. I went back to Kunaki for example, for DVDs. I was using Trepstar, but the one thing I did not like about their service was they would charge customers at least $25 for assistance! I don't like that. Kunaki, as far as I know, does not charge anything for customer service. I wouldn't want my customers to have to pay someone just to ask them a question! That's dumb! So, I went back to Kunaki. This means I'll have to purchase the DVDs I create once every 180 days, just to keep them available on the site, but that's OK. No biggie. It's better than having to pay $25 for assistance. But Kunaki has it's flaws too. In Trepstar, if I wanted to change a video I put on a disk, all I had to do was go to that project and edit, and it would let me upload a different movie. Kunaki does not allow that. You have to begin a whole new project in order to change the movie. That kinda sucks!!! I've made some very subtle changes to a couple episodes of Katrina Hates You. I also redid the entire Timmyfan In Montana movie. The original was boring! And FAR too long!!! There was no need for that movie to be nearly 3 hours long! So, I took out all the boring shit and made it a bit more exciting.

Also, I've completed a few more videobooks. You can view them at this link. I'm working on more videobooks too. I'd like to make all my books into videobooks if I can. I have limits though. Nothing x-rated or containing profanity will be made into a videobook. I'd like to keep the animation child-friendly. Currently, I am working on another videobook. I hope to have it available by the end of next month. Or maybe the end of summer. It depends. But I hope to have it available soon. I also hope to make more videobooks available in the coming year. I like hiring other voices for my project. It sort of brings the stories to life. I mean like in real life. It's kinda fun using other voices in my projects to represent different characters. I have a couple that I've recently worked on up on YouTube, but they are not available for public viewing. I only allow close friends and family (and vocal contributors) to view them. People I know I can trust. Also, I've opened up the Tip Jar function for all videos. The minimum tip is $2, and the customer has the option to pay more if they want to. This is for those who want to view the videos on a tip alone.

Also, I've always wanted to put my home made Batman stories up on UMG Productions. Keep in mind, this is not like the original Batman comics! These are animal characters playing Batman characters. I am also still working on getting these stories to a stage that they are presentable on the site. Well, due to copyrights, I cannot make them available on the mainsite. So, I created a secret site to make them available to whomever wants them. I make no money off the Batman stories. The amount that is required to purchase the books is strictly printing and cover costs. I'm even waving my labor costs on these stories. It's killing me, but what the heck! These Batman stories are some of my greatest creations! They're funny! They're even a bit strange. But then again, so was Tim Burton's Batman movies. They too were dark and sinister. Anyways, I'm still in the process of creating these stories, so more will become available through time. This video explains how to access this "secret page"...

The page also has a couple other goodies that I cannot put up on the site. One of them is the original (1998) version of Gracie's Odyssey. What you get on the site is actually the 2012 version of the story, which has been revised. I personally prefer the 1998 version better. AH! So does Katrina! I used to read it to her when she went to bed at night It's raw, unedited, virtually untouched. There's some things you'll notice are different from the 2012 version. Lisa is not in there. Very few humans are in the story, other than the 2 zookeepers. And Davy goes to live in Toutle, WA (where I was living at the time this story was written), and he is staying in a home for wayward animals. Much like a shelter for wild animals. This is the story that was actually inspired by my Michael. I should have put that story up on the site, but in 2015, I opted to have the newer version on the site instead. So, the original version remained obsolete, until now. Also available on this page is a DVD full of all the videobooks I've done so far. I thought it would be kinda cool to have all of them on one disk, for those who would like to see all the ones we've got so far.

Well, those are some changes that have been made. Enjoy the new features, for those who are interested in trying them. Back to our regular political posts tomorrow.

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