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Saturday, June 8, 2019

The New Look

Well, for this month anyways. Since it's pride month, I'm changing the layout of this blog. Despite my feelings towards Carlos Maza, I want to show my support for LGBT pride month. Carlos Maza is just one bad apple in the bunch. I know a lot of gay people who are good people. It's just that Carlos Maza is not one of them. He's evil! As evil as they come! Now, he's gotten YouTube to not only demonetize Steven Crowder, but every other conservative on YouTube too. Just stopping with Steven Crowder wasn't enough for him. Now, he wants to totally deplatform all conservatives. Steven Crowder is still on YouTube, he just doesn't get anything anymore for views. All conservatives are going to ban together and take care of this problem. I say we find someone who can create a video platform specifically for conservatives, where far-left points of view won't be allowed. But it's not that easy to get everyone to give up YouTube. Now that everyone is used to posting on YouTube, no one really wants to convert to another site.

However, that may be the only real way to get away from the leftists' control. But how many people are actually willing to do it? I remember some years back, when I still lived in Ocean Shores, The Amazing Atheist wanted to try creating another video website. He was going to make it better than YouTube. He had a bunch of his viewers donate money to a sort of GoFundMe account. He raised well over $100,000 to do it too. But he never did it. If he did, it wasn't very successful. Because not many people are willing to switch using a new platform over the old one. That's just the way it is. YouTube offers money to creators through ads. There are other sites that also do that, not just YouTube. But YouTube is the biggest because they get Google advertising too. Dailymotion also offers monetization for it's creators. So does Vimeo. But Dailymotion only allows you to post no more than an hour long video. And Vimeo, if you want to be paid to make videos through them, you have to buy an annual subscription service, which is around $200. At least YouTube is free, and it allows most people to post videos that are longer than an hour. I've even seen videos that were as long as 24 hours! I mean that! YouTube even offers free live-streaming too. In Vimeo, you have to pay for that stuff. That is why people stay with YouTube.

Truthfully, YouTube has the monopoly on video creation, and the leftists know it. That's why they want to take over, so they can control whatever content goes up. They don't want people to post content that contradicts the leftists' little fantasy world. Like if a person says on their video that there are only 2 genders in the world, the leftists go crazy! And they will deplatform anyone who says that in their video. Carlos Maza even admitted he is a queer, tree-hugging atheist, and he hates anyone who disagrees with him. He hates people who are not gay, or queer, he hates people who are not tree-huggers, and he hates christians. And he hates conservatives. Carlos Maza just wants control. And it's sad that YouTube is caving in and giving it to him! It pisses me off! The YouTube managers need to grow a damn spine and stand up to people like Carlos Maza and potentially deplatform him.

Carlos Maza is breaking all the rules of Twitter and YouTube. He demands people go out and throw milkshakes at conservatives. Well, I'll tell you what will happen if he milkshakes me, and its not even a flavor I like; I'll kick his ass! However, people like Carlos Maza are such cowards, he'd most likely hit and run.

Today, I got into an argument with UndertakerFreak1127 about this subject. UndertakerFreak1127 has been on YouTube for some time now, and I watch a lot of his content because he was funny back in the day. Though I lost a lot of respect for him when he got that bunch of stupid cats! Now, he's on the libtards' side. I think that's what his dumb cats represent. He's even cheering on what Carlos Maza did. I posted a comment on his video. I said this...

And it's true! I'll keep saying that too. I've been saying now for a long time all this gay pride stuff is about nothing but control. Especially trannies and queers who demand everyone use their "preferred pronouns". It's about nothing but control. Well, this is what UndertakerFreak responded with...

Well, the American way of life is indeed under threat. The leftists are taking over! You see it now with Carlos Maza and YouTube. YouTube won't ban Carlos Maza, even though he slandered them every chance he got on Twitter. But he won't get fired because he's gay! He has gay privilege. Well, UndertakerFreak asked me a question, allbeit a stupid, cynical one, so I answered him...

I'm just waiting for UndertakerFreak to respond. He probably will. But that's OK. I'm ready. I don't think Carlos Maza deserves to get his way. He only gets his way because he whined the loudest and slandered Team YouTube. This is exactly the pattern I've been seeing among millennials. And it's because their parents didn't parent them. They didn't get spanked enough (or at all) when they were growing up. So, they learned if they whimper loud and hard enough, they'll get what they want. GOD I wish my parents had been that easy on me. It takes almost nothing to whimper loud enough to get your way. I never even learned how to bargain, which is why I never got anything. Nothing I didn't already work for anyways.

Well, this month is not to celebrate whiny queers like Carlos Maza. I'm celebrating gays that are good. Though I must say I do not really approve of them walking down the street naked. Who the fuck does that??? And right in front of children! I wouldn't accept that from anyone, gay or straight! I remember back to when I used to visit this guy, he was an older gentleman. My sis and I used to visit him at least once a week for a while. We even called him grandpa. His name was Alan Colburn. A good guy. But one day he just went crazy. Another friend was at his place with her grandson and he came up to the child, stark naked, and told the kid to look at his genitals. OMG! I haven't been back to his house since. That bothered me that he did that! I didn't hate him for it, but I felt that was wrong of him to do that to a child! Just as I believe it's wrong for these low-class gays to dance naked down the street and even sticking their penises in children's faces.

Well, this month, I'll celebrate gay pride for my gay friends who are decent people. And in August, I'm going to celebrate straight-pride month. This is something a couple guys from Boston decided they are going to celebrate. There is nothing wrong with being gay, or straight. I'm a straight woman. I'm only attracted to men. I've always only been attracted to men. That's why I love my men of INXS, and several other male luminaries. Honestly, I don't believe that makes me special, any more than I believe a person attracted to their same sex is special. But if you want to celebrate it, then that is your right. Go ahead! And I am very glad that gays got the right to marry who they want. I'm all for it! No one should ever be told who they can and cannot marry. So, I will also celebrate this gay pride month with them. As long as they leave pedophiles out of it! That is where I draw the line!

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