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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Victory Is His!

YES!!! Remember yesterday's post where Carlos Maza wanted YouTube to kick Steven Crowder off their website? Well, YouTube did an investigation and found out that Steven Crowder did not break any of the terms of use, so he's off the hook! And Carlos Maza is PISSED!!! Oh man! He's going off on Twitter all over the place with his hateful rants and rages. This is a big victory for those of us who favor freedom of speech. And an agony for the people who want to ban free speech! I love it!!! I'm looking at Carlos Maza's Twitter right now. It's a laugh-out!

And he just keeps going on and on about it all!! LMAO!! Now is a good time to tell this clown to get over it! I told him this is the thrill of victory to those of us who believe in our rights to free speech. And the agony of defeat to those who want to take that right away. People who side with the silencers are calling those of us who love our rights to free speech "bigots". I don't care!! Call me a bigot all you want to! The word has no meaning anymore. You leftists have overused it to a point it doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

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