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Monday, June 17, 2019

Who Is Racist???

Liberals love to call conservatives all kinds of horrible names, with no proof backing any of them up. They like to call us bigots, racists, homophobes, transphobes, islamophobes, say we hate women, and all other kinds of shit like that. I hear those names a lot being directed at conservatives. I'm always left wondering, where are these conservatives they keep talking about? Where are the racists? Where are the bigots? The homophobes? The transphobes? The islamophobes? Where are the ones who hate women? Where?? I'd like to know. Most of the conservatives I've met have been very level-headed, and kind people. It was always the far-leftists who were the hateful ones. It has always been left-wingers who have been the ones who always said hateful things about me. You can always tell who the left-wingers are. They are the ones who call others names because they cannot just agree to disagree. They stick up for cats and panthers. They are only brave in groups (or behind a computer screen) and they talk about how another person looks when they have no videos or pictures of themselves online. That is how I can always tell who is a leftist.

Am I a racist? Well, that's a hard question to answer. I may be more of a specieist. LMAO!! Using that word the same way the vegans do. I don't just hate muslims. I don't just hate illegal immigrants. I don't just hate blacks. I don't just hate whites. I don't just hate women or men. I don't just hate gays or trannies. I just hate ALL people. I just hate people. I hate all people equally as much. It doesn't matter who they are or what they look like or what their sexual orientation is. All people are evil in some way or another. I'd rather be in the company of animals. I've been let down too many times by people. As a christian, I love them. But as myself, I hate them. There's only a few people I genuinely love and they are my family and closest friends. That's all I feel I need. My friends may be few in numbers, but at least they are true-blue in spite of all. Quality over quantity! At least now, I don't have any friends who are liars or cheats!

I hear this thing all the time from people, especially liberals on YouTube. They say that the biggest racists are the people who keep saying they have friends who are black, gay, Mexican, etc. No. That does not prove someone is a racist when they say that. That only proves that person does have very diverse friends. I think the most racist people are the ones who keep saying "you're racist if you say you have friends that are [insert minority here]". People who say that need to grow up! They need to learn what real racism is! I watch a lot of Jesse Lee Peterson, and he agrees. I love when Morgan Freeman was asked how people can overcome racism and his answer was "Stop talking about it!" I agree! If people would stop talking about it, they wouldn't find racism in everything. Especially in things where race is the least of their meaning. For example, I once heard someone say that even something as mundane as snow is racist! That was probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard! A person would have to have one hell of a boring, pathetic life to come up with that as an argument for racism!!

Ya know, that is what I find is the one thing these leftists have in common. I think they make this shit up just so they can occupy themselves with anger. It's really ridiculous! They cannot do anything else because they have no talent, no creativity, no desire, so they make their hobby getting offended. Personally, I don't see the point in that. Why would anyone want to just get offended at everything? Maybe it's like how the Westboro Baptist Church got their power; by people talking about them all the time. As long as people were talking about them, others would watch their videos, talk about them all the time, and go see their protests. That gave them power. That gave them the attention they were after. Maybe today's leftists are using that same method. Like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, saying something is racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, or any other kind of phobic they believe is bigoted, gets them the attention they crave. And as long as it does, they are going to keep calling conservatives those things. Simple economics. If we want them to stop, then stop talking to them or about them. Then they won't have a reason to spread their hate. No one will be listening.

The big difference between leftists and the Westboro Baptist Church is the WBC does not get violent when they don't get that attention they want. They just move on until they do get that attention. Leftists on the other hand, will get violent if they don't get attention. I'll tell you, I could just smack Obama for doing this to this country! Bigotry was almost extinct until Obama became president! We were almost at a point where we could have all lived together harmoniously. Then Obama became president and threw a monkey wrench in the workings! He did NOTHING else during his presidency except that! I'll tell you, I've never even seen so many racist people in my life as I am seeing right now. And NONE of those racists are conservatives!

Then there is the passing of this bill here in OR that I was talking about the other day. Where it is now illegal for a white person to call 911 on a black person. Now this state is going to go downhill fast! That has got to be the craziest bill this state has ever passed, or will ever pass! I don't know how that can even be topped! You can't get any stupider than that! That bill is only going to give violent thugs, who are black, a pardon to commit more crimes against white people. And you know why this bill is being passed now in OR congress. It's because hating white people now is "the in-thing". They want to eliminate whites from this country. I was angry when I heard now the congress in Maine is importing illegal African immigrants to Portland. I was pissed! I had plans to move to Maine, and I thought Portland sounded like a nice place! But now that they've allowed illegal African immigrants there, it's going to go downhill and turn into a shit-town. I've met some African immigrants before. Let me tell you, they TRULY hate white people. It was the day I went to pick up Mya at the airport. I went to this building, I have no idea what kind of building it was, but there were a lot of people in there who supposedly were shuttle bus drivers. All of them were African immigrants. They all looked at me weird. The look in their eyes seemed to be a mixture of pure hate, and the look a person has on their face when they are looking at animals in the zoo.

You know illegal immigrants are going to ruin everything. I cannot help thinking this is part of their local government's plan to "de-white" Maine. So, they are battling off the whites by illegally importing African immigrants. But those people hate this country. And you know what is going to happen. It happened in New York. It happened in Detroit. It happened in New Orleans. And now the same thing is going to happen in Portland, Maine. It's going to turn into a shit-hole with ghettos, fights, gangs, shootings, burglary, poverty, destruction, pollution, etc. I'd hate to see that happen in Maine. The state was once so beautiful! The only coastal state that seems to have any sense anymore is Florida. They thought ahead and made it illegal to declare any of their towns "sanctuary" towns! But I don't want to move to Florida!!! It's too hot there. Though my sis might like it. They get storms galore there!

This is why I believe me and my sis should just get an RV and live in there, traveling across country. Then if we get tired of one place, we can always move to another quickly. And if we like a place, we can stay there for a while. We could even drive to Florida sometime. LOL! Then sis can do her storm-chasing there. There'll be plenty of storms to chase! Trust me on that one!


mikessa said...

What??!! Maine too?? That state is supposed to be run by republicans. What the fuck is going on?? Are they giving into the left again? You know the dummycrats are only doing this to get votes from people who are stupid enough to believe them. Some have even admitted to doing that. They will do anything to take control of our country like Obama did. Thats their main point, and then they fuck up everything.
Time to tell the repubs to get their asses off their seats and stop giving into the left. The more they keep doing this, the more the left will win. And when the left wins, everyone is fucked.

Have you ever chased a hurricane??? That would be something cool to live thru. Unfortunately, Missoula doesnt get that many storms like I did in Bozeman. The whole time I been here we only had one thunderstorm and it moved fast.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I thought you would like the hurricanes.

I guess the repubs in Maine got voted out, because now it's being run by dummycrats! I wish they would stop giving into the left. I'm beginning to be ashamed of being an American. The only ones winning are the cry-babies. Maybe I need to get into office. I won't give in to the whiners.