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Thursday, July 4, 2019

A Cool Idea!

I was watching some videos about what happened to Andy Ngo last weekend, and I suddenly got a cool idea! I'm going to have UMG and all their friends join in this political debate. I'm making a special compilation story about today's political agenda. But instead of making things like Antifa look like heros, or making transgenders look like normal people, I am going to tell the truth! I'm going to portray these things in a brutally honest and truthful manner! I'm going to show everyone how Antifa is nothing more than a domestic terrorist group, and I'm going to give them what they deserve in my story. I'm going to show transgender people to be not normal people, but mentally unstable people who need help and therapy. I'm going to show SJWs as not being progressive, but just angry people who are unhappy and hellbent on making everyone who crosses them as unhappy as they are. I think it's a cool idea!

I know I've said I don't want to do any political stories, but since that attack on Andy Ngo, I think this is a story that needs to be written. So many other publishers portray Antifa as being a peaceful organization, and that SJWs are the "better people" who are just fighting for the rights of all people. Well, my story will show those things to be totally untrue! My story collection will show everyone that Antifa and all SJW libtards are not heros, but cowardly little bitches and thugs, which is what they really are. So far, I've got a few good story ideas...

My first idea involves the characters Eva, Katrina (from Katrina Hates You) and Davy, who are in Portland, OR having fun when they see Antifa at a park protesting some bullshit like they are always doing. The animals try to pass the crowd without getting involved, but one of the Antifa members just rushes up and kicks Davy. Well, Dave reacts by attacking the Antifa member and biting his leg off, which lands the thug in the hospital. The rest of Antifa retaliate by gathering a mob (because you know they are not brave enough to face their enemies alone) and protesting in front of Eva's house in Seaside. To which Dave defends his position, and Katrina stands by his side. Eva stands with the two of them as well.

My second idea is Brittney is 20 years old (which she would be this year) and meets a man that she thinks is nice and funny. Well, this man asks Brittney on a date, which she agrees to. After the date, the man asks Brittney to go to his place for some after-dinner hanky-panky, which she also agrees to. So, she drives herself to his place. He leads Brittney to the bedroom, and she waits for him as she lies on his bed, he comes out stripped down to his boxers and lies on the bed beside Brittney. After which he takes off his boxers (yes this will be x-rated, but I say if tranny stories can induce sexual plots on children, then so can I!) Brittney sees her date does not have the man parts he should have, but rather, he is really a SHE!!! Brittney is so mad, she gets up, grabs her purse and leaves. On the way out, the girl screams "transphobe" and calls Brittney all kinds of names and pokes fun that she only likes men for their penis. Brittney tells her off, then gets into her car and drives away.

Hopefully that story will show anyone who is young, that it is OK to tell a tranny that no, she (or he) is not interested in dating a transgender person. These days, that is so frowned upon, but that is so wrong! Not everyone wants to be dragged into dating someone who is biologically the same sex! And I would not like to be deceived! And being called a "transphobe" really means nothing anymore. Let them think what they want to. It's your life, it's your choice! Don't date a tranny if you don't want to!

My third idea involves Katrina and Eva attending a drag queen story hour by accident. Katrina, being the bit of a rowdy jerk she is, jeers at the drags and tells all the parents in attendance that they are messing up their kids' minds by listening to this horseshit. This story would be much easier to understand once I have it written and in the book. It is not as easy to summarize.

My 4th idea involves Uncle Martin and his gang, who get a knock on their door. It turns out to be a family of illegal immigrants who greet them in spanish. But neither Martin nor anyone in his gang speaks spanish. "This is America. Not Mexico" he says. The father of the illegal family is in the USA looking for work and needs a place for he and his family to stay. Martin advises him that in order to stay in his home, they must be legal citizens who speak fluent english. But he points to the house of a known antifa member up the block and tells the family they can go stay there. So, the family goes and knocks on the door of the known antifa member. When he answers, the family pushes him out of the way as they all sit in his living room, making themselves at home. Now, the antifa member is furious because now, he cannot get rid of the illegal family. The antifa member goes to Martin's place with a mob (again) and shouts that Martin and his gang are racists and xenophobic. Martin again tells them off with their own logic. This leaves the antifa members angrier because Martin beat them over their heads using their own words and logic.

This particular story is based on a news clip I saw from Liberty Hangout I think it was. The leftists want to invite all illegal immigrants into this country and turn the USA into a socialist country. They were asked if they want to house the illegal immigrants who come here. All of them said no. Which to me, doesn't make sense. They want them here, and they want this country to become a socialist country (which means their houses can be claimed by anyone who wants them) but when it comes time to house the illegals, and activate these socialist ideas they so badly want, they show they don't really want to do it!

My 5th idea is Dana and Soul (who are rarely used in my stories) put up an American flag in their yard. A small group of Black Lives Matter protesters trespass into their yard and try to take down the flag and replace it with a Black Lives Matter flag instead. Soul and Dana catch these thugs in the act and try to stop them. The thugs argue that the American flag represents "racism and genocide". Soul explains that it does not. It represents freedom and justice. Naturally, the BLM thugs bring up slavery and reparations, and Soul retorts about their slavery and reparations in a way I won't say here, because I do not want to give away too much of the story. You'll just have to read it. ;)

I even decided to make a story based on what happened back in 2016 between me and the libtard SJW INXS fans. Only I am replaced by Eva, and she is the one who loses her father and is then attacked by Kelly P. and all the other INXS SJWs. For basically no reason. But Katrina and Dave stand beside Eva, and defend her against the mob. Thankfully, I managed to save a lot of the hateful posts that were directed at me from the SJW INXS fans, so I will be using those too in some way in this story. I also remember a lot of those peoples' thoughts, weaknesses and insecurities. I plan to use those in this story as well. Also, as they don't seem to want any confusion, I'm using their real names as well. This is going to be the most fun story in this series so far to write. I also plan to put that caricature I made of Tess Obrien to work as well in this story. hehehe! 😗😗😗

Well, those are just some ideas I have. I'm hoping to come up with some more as time goes on.

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