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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Good Bye To Johnny Depp?

I saw an article by a former fan of Johnny Depp. Here is the link: https://www.slashfilm.com/goodbye-to-johnny-depp/ Be careful about going there though. The page tried to download some files against my will. I didn't open them, but just to forewarn you all.

Anyways, this article is by a former fan who one day just decided she no longer wanted to be a fan of his. I read the article, and I tried desperately to find a good, plausible reason to consider yourself an ex-fan of someone you looked up to for most of your younger years. Now, I've never been a fan of Johnny Depp's. I never even watched any of his movies. He was in LA when I went the first time, for the movie Corpse Bride, but I didn't speak to him. I'm just not a fan of his by any means. To me, he is just another Hollywood pretty face. Nothing more. But I am even less of a fan of injustice. I read the article and most of the reasons given by the author for no longer being a fan of his is filled with nothing more than scandals and a string of bad movies that were most likely not Depp's fault they happened! I had to comment. This was my comment here: http://disq.us/p/23aw3j2

Depp cannot control the scandals that were built up against him. His wife claimed he beat her up, but recently it has been revealed that the wife was the abuser. Not Depp himself! So, to blame him for that is unfair. Then there was something about money laundering. How can this so-called "fan" blame him for that?? If you're a real fan, you get the facts before condemning. Admittedly, it took several years for the truth to come out about the wife-beating. But this is a rather new article and more facts have surfaced at the time the article was written. And I still say, if you want to blame Depp for the bad movies he was in, well, blame the woke SJWs! It's their fault!! Not Depp's! It amazes me just how much some fans blame the actor for the bad roles. The actor is just doing what the script tells him. The story writer and director are the ones to blame for a film not being good. It just amazes me how gullible some people are.

So, because of all this, this person is no longer a fan of Johnny Depp. That's completely silly. I didn't like INXS's last album, Original Sin. I thought it was [at best] uncreative. That's putting it mildly. However, I am still a fan of INXS's. I remember back when the album was released, I did critiques of the songs on YouTube. Some idiot, I think it was Lesley Siciliano/Aussierocks because the username on YouTube was almost exactly the same. Anyways it was some waste-of-turd-wipe on YouTube from some shithole in Australia. She commented on the video I posted saying "If you were a real fan of INXS, you wouldn't be saying bad things about their new album" or some kind of horseshit like that. I said fuck that! Because I am the truest of all fans, I'm going to tell them the truth! I don't give a shit if she likes my critique of the album or not. I'm going to tell it like it is! And that album SUCKED!!! Everything about that album SUCKED!!! From the cover design to the rehashing of the songs. It all SUCKED!!!!!!!!! But in Lesley's eyes, you're not a real fan unless you love and agree with EVERYTHING INXS does. But I cannot be that kind of fan. That kind of a fan is a bit on the creepy side. That's not me. That's the kind of person who will be nice to you to your face, then turn around in PMs and talk shit about you.

Honestly, I kinda feel sorry for Lesley. I think she has been hanging around with DonnaG too much. Her mind is warped. The sad fact is, DonnaG probably doesn't even really like her. She only made friends with Lesley because she's friends with Kirk from INXS. Even sadder is that DonnaG will never admit that to her. DonnaG's strategy all along was to sweet-talk people who are friends with INXS so she too could get close to the band too, so she could get in Jon's pants. That is what she revealed to me when we were in LA together. That's something she hides from other people too. But she shits on average fans like me. And Donna's dumb libtard friends will always stick up for her. But then again, they are dumb libtards. What do you expect???!!! Every day on this blog I post about how stupid liberals are! Trust me, there's no shortage of stories!

However, I will always be a fan of INXS. I forgave them almost immediately after the release of that album. I never bought the album. If I did, I'd have to throw away the album cover because it's ugly and creepy. There is no place for tigers in INXS! Or any panther, for that matter. But I love INXS. I always did and I always will. Nothing will change that. I even forgave Kirk for totally snubbing me at every meet and greet I ever had with him. I did it because I love these guys. That is what a real fan does. A real fan does not give in to scandal. A real fan does not let a few minor details get in the way of fanhood. A real fan is honest, even brutally honest, but still stands by their idol. I just gave INXS the equivalent of a pat on the back with a "better luck next time guys!"

This girl should have been the same with Johnny Depp. Now, I admit I tend to take rest periods from being a fan of INXS. I cannot be a loopy kind of roadie fan. But if I see INXS in my area, I'm going to go see them. I just won't follow them everywhere they go, or always go around backstage to stalk them. I'm not that bad off!! But I always go back to INXS. There's never been a time since 1990 that I haven't been somewhat of a fan, even if slightly. My advice to this girl, don't give up on Johnny Depp. Have faith, and forgive his past. With all your heart and soul. That's what I did. And I am a happier fan because of it.

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