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Monday, July 29, 2019

Love It Or Leave It

Ilhan Omar is a stupid, whiny cunt! And no, I'm not just saying this because she's a muslim! I'm saying it because it's true! While yes, I do have a thing against radical islamic muslims, I dislike Omar because she is such a dumbass! It makes me wonder how she got elected into congress with her being so dumb! But then again, look at the kind of people who voted her in. No one but the dummycats would vote for something so brainless! If you want to get a good idea of what I am talking about, and more examples of how dumb the dummycats are, google Erica Thomas. She's about as dumb as they come. In fact, I made a video about what I think of her case. I can only hope that Eric Sparkes wises up and leaves the dummycat party soon. Maybe this incident with Erica Thomas opened his eyes a little. Baby-steps man. Baby-steps.

Anyways, Omar has now proclaimed "white man are the most dangerous people in America" and they are "to be feared". UGH!! I call complete and utter bullshit!! Omar will say any stupid shit just to get the heat off of radical islamic muslims!! But the fact of the matter is, white people today are nowhere near as dangerous as radical islams. Except for maybe the members of Antifa, who are now considered a terrorist organization. But the average white people you meet on the street, most of them are going to be decent people. Take note, I said most of them. Not all. I've known some white people I wouldn't give the time of day to. But one thing I can tell you I don't see very often, and that is white people doing drive-by random shootings. I don't see a lot of white people flying airplanes into skyscrapers in New York. Or any city for that matter. And it's the white people that are to be feared??? Give me a fucking break!!!!

Personally, I think this whole thing is nothing but jealousy at work. Omar is angry because a white man is now in power, and he's doing a lot to make this country great! He's keeping his promises. And the last president, Obama, was a muslim, and didn't do shit for this country in 8 years he was the leader. His only accomplishment was bringing in subsidized health care. And he didn't even start that! It was just called Obamacare because it came to fruition during his term in office. But it was actually Ronald Reagan (again, a republican) who originally brought up that plan. He just couldn't get it approved in congress during his term in office because of the dummycats in office at the time. And people think the dummycats are the more accepting and reasonable class! Well, really the only people who think the democrats are accepting and reasonable are other democrats! The republicans and libertarians can see right through their bullshit.

Ilhan Omar has done absolutely NOTHING in congress except complain and gripe about how awful America is and how "racist" we are. Omar's whole family was saved from the ravages and war in Somalia, and brought to America as refugees, and she is now a citizen. If she and her family hadn't come to this country, they could have been killed. But radical islamic muslims don't value life anyways. I guess Omar would rather be dead, judging solely by the way she slams this country. Well Trump, almost playing like Omar's babysitter, finally got sick of her bitching and moaning and said "If you hate America so much and you prefer another country, why don't you go there, fix their problems, and then come back and do the same for this country." Omar has had it so cushy in this country for so long, she's forgotten how great it is here, compared to where she came from. Maybe she does need to go to Somalia and see once again how rough it is there. Then see if she still complains about America being an evil place.

Well, Omar did not like even remotely being told to go back to her country. Just like all dummycats, she took that as being a racist remark. I personally do not feel that was racist for Trump to say. Only the dummycats will believe that's racist. But they call everything racist, so it really doesn't matter what they think. I think Omar's remarks about white people in general being dangerous, as well as all the shit she talks about America, is indeed racist! So, why doesn't she go back to Somalia and fix things there?? I used to hate America too. Then I got online and met some people from the country I wanted to move to, which was Australia, and I didn't much like them. Australia seems to me like a communist country. I'm not interested in moving there anymore. The only good thing about Australia it seems is the animals. And INXS. But that's it. I wouldn't go there for any other reason.

But why doesn't Omar go back there? I'll tell you why. Because she wants to turn America into Somalia. That's why! I say fuck that!! Leave Somalia in Somalia! I think there really needs to be much stricter laws in acclimating to American culture if you're going to live here. But to even suggest something like that today is considered "racist". Again, this is because SJW dummycats have colored people so convinced that Americans are inherently racist, they'll see it in things that are not racist. But if I were to move to Somalia, I'd do as the Somalians do. But I live in America, so I do as Americans do. So should Omar. So should ALL people who move here from other countries.

Right now, moving to Maine is looking better and better. Although I heard you can now get arrested in Pennsylvania for misgendering someone. Again, I say that's bullshit!!! I'd be happy in Maine as long as it doesn't become a part of Canada.

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