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Friday, July 5, 2019

Ted Wheeler Needs To Go Bye-Bye!

This is the scum that makes excuses for Portland's Antifa members...

Look at that face! The dude looks like the typical, soy-eating, cat-loving, whiny libtard bitch. He doesn't even look like he's a real dude. In fact, you know who he reminds me of? He reminds me of this ugly motherfucker...

Only difference is the latter one looks older.

Anyways, Ted Wheeler is the mayor of Portland who makes excuses for Antifa's behavior. He believes Antifa is standing up for the rights of minorities. Well, I do not agree with him in the slightest! Antifa is not a good organization and they need to be stopped! They are nothing but bullies. They are either going to go too far one day, or they are going to fuck with the wrong person and get killed. Frankly, I'd love to see that happen! But you know what? There is a gun club that is now open that is specifically for training members of Antifa how to use firearms. That is extremely dangerous! It's been a good thing so far that Antifa are not gun enthusiasts, and so they do not use them nor do any members of Antifa own them. However, establishing a gun club specifically to train Antifa members to use guns is a VERY bad idea! It's the worst idea in fact in a long, sad, dangerous history of bad ideas! That's like sending scuba divers into a tank filled with hungry great white sharks! Antifa are so mentally unstable, there is no doubt in my mind they will shoot at anything! And I do mean ANYTHING!! A lot of innocent lives will be lost if Antifa ever decides to arm themselves with guns! I've seen what damage they have done without carrying guns. I can just imagine things will get 10 times worse if they did have guns!

Does Ted Wheeler care though? No, he doesn't. He's a damn democrat. The democrats have completely ruined our economy here in Oregon anyways. Remember the law being passed in Salem now that a white person cannot call the cops on a black person? You know how stupid that law is, and how quickly it got passed at the capitol. I always said, if we lose Trump, and this country ever gets another democrat for president, this whole country is going to be in trouble! Very big trouble! They are going to finish what Obama didn't. Only because he ran out of time. This country then is totally going to suck! People think Trump is this horrible person. But he's not. Even I've gained a lot of respect for him over the past 2 years. He's the first president we've ever had that has kept all his promises. He's the only president that has had the best ideas for making this country great. Shoot! That's why the libtards don't like him! Because he does what Obama was too dumb (or lazy) to even think of doing! Trump is getting it done! But I fear when he leaves, and we get a damn democrat for president, this country is going to go to hell fast! The mayor of Portland is just a sample, and the idiots that passed that stupid black privilege law in Salem!

I say fuck that law! I don't care what color a person's skin is, if they look suspicious, I'm calling the cops on them! It's easier to call the cops than to confront a potentially dangerous person. And the excuse that stupid black woman gave for fearing the cops being called on her was so dumb! Just because she was scared because of all the black people who have been killed by cops. That is nothing but horseshit! A lot of white people have been killed by cops too. I don't ever hear about them whining about the cops being called on them. They are smart enough to say to themselves "Well, I guess I have been acting suspiciously." And then explain why they did. They don't up and say "Oh I'm so scared of someone calling the cops on me because of all the white people who have been killed or brutalized by cops!" If black people would stop breaking the law, and then acting like apes when they are confronted by police, they would never be killed or brutalized by cops at all. And if they are innocent, their ordeal would end quite quickly! So to hear this black woman saying she was "scared of a white woman calling the cops" on her and then pass a stupid law saying white people cannot call the cops on a black person, it just makes me hate people like her. That means, she (or some other black thug) can break into my house and brutalize me, but I cannot call the cops on that person because I am too white?! Fuck that!!!

Obama is trying to take credit for Trump's accomplishments. The libtards are stupid enough to fall for it, but not the conservatives. Obama cannot fool us, that's for sure! The libtards hate us because we are not going to lie and say yes Obama did good for this country and Trump is stealing his victory. No way! We know the truth! And Obama didn't do shit for this country! I never liked that guy! And after 8 years of tolerating him, I haven't changed my mind!


mikessa said...

Fuck this dumbass and fuck the left!!!!

And Ill say this too, if some dumbass black person breaks into my home and tries to kill me, you bet your ass Im gonna call the damn cops on them. I dont care about their stupid dumbass muthafuckin laws in Oregon. Im from Montana and we handle things very differently here. Ill blow their goddamn brains out!!! And if the dummycrats dont like it, well TOUGH!!! They caused all the damn shit in this country and we WILL fight back.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Yes we will! It's time we began fighting back.