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Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Black-washed Little Mermaid

OMGoodness!!! Quoting TheAmazingLucas. LOL! He's one of my regular commentators that I watch on YouTube. But anyways, now The Little Mermaid is going to get a live-action remake. UGH!! I don't know whether to laugh, faint or do a face-palm! Guess who they are casting as Ariel. It's a young woman named Halle Bailey (not Halle Berry). Some fans are angry and some fans are happy. Well, I guess you can see why when you see Bailey's pic...

Some people are complaining because Halle is an unknown actress and singer whose career got started on YouTube, when Beyoncé discovered her and her sister's singing talents. I personally don't care that she is an unknown. Disney's whole history was built on unknown people voicing characters in their cartoon movies. No one knew the actress who voiced the original Ariel either. Go back to Snow White, and no one knew the actress who voiced her either. She was not famous at the time. Now, don't get me wrong, Halle Bailey is an attractive girl. I looked for her voice and found out she does have a nice singing voice. But to cast her as Ariel??? It makes me want to do a facepalm and ask "Why!?" Remember the classic Ariel? She looked like this...

How similar is Halle Bailey to this? Aside from the vocals, I can't see Bailey pulling off a convincing version of the classic Ariel! It just cannot happen. At least if you're going to rehash the classic Little Mermaid movie, then find a young, white, red-haired teen to play Ariel. Otherwise, can Ariel altogether and have Halle Bailey play a totally different mermaid. Make her her own character, and give her a different name. Otherwise, you're just ruining the whole history of the movie. She'd have to find a black prince to fall in love with (because ya know, most black women don't fall in love with white men). The cast is full of comical mistakes, IMO. For example, someone named Awkwafina is going to play Scuttle, the sea gull...

Not only is she the wrong race, she is the wrong gender! Scuttle I believe is a male sea gull! I looked everywhere to see if Awkwafina is a transgender, but she's not. Her real name is Nora Lum. Not exactly sure how she's going to work out playing a male sea gull. And anyways, guess who plays Ursula.

Not only is she white, but she's also still a fat chick who plays Ursula. Well the original Ursula was fat too. But still in a way presents a stereotype, of fat people being bad people. But anyways. You can clearly see what is going on here. They are pandering to SJWs. They don't intend on changing the original script, they are going to just use it and someone quoted this and it sounds good; "tokenize" the black community. He said "If you're black, you should be offended!" Yeah, you should! This is really a slap in the face at black people. Now I really do wonder who is going to play Prince Eric? Or maybe no one will play him? Maybe due to feminism demonizing the patriarchy, they are going to completely remove Prince Eric? Shoot! Maybe they will make Ariel a feminazi too? Just like they did Princess Jasmine, and that other character in that one other movie I saw a deleted scene from. Some guy offered her a ride or something, and she looked at him and he said she should smile more. Then she went up to him and threatened to harm him if he didn't give her his bike. That scene. It was deleted from the original movie, but it said enough about the movie to make me believe now men are going to be discounted in movies from now on.

I say fuck this SJW bullshit! My stories are staying the same as always! A few improvements have been made here and there. I mean, when you get a book from UMG Productions, in most cases, they are the original versions. But some have had a bit of a make-over over the years. But not this drastically!!! And not for SJW/woke reasons! I will NEVER give in to the SJWs!!! Again, I won't allow it! My spirit won't allow it! Ya know, I thought this movie was going to be so woke, that Flounder was going to make an appearance as a stupid cat instead of a fish! Like that Spongebob cartoon that has a squirrel that lives underwater with them. It's dumb, but then so is the idea of changing Ariel into a black chick, and Scuttle to be voiced by a woman! So, I thought for sure Flounder was going to be turned into a cat. Thank GOD there's no plans for that. Hopefully he will remain a fish. But he is voiced by a boy I don't know anything about, Jacob Tremblay.

The only other white person besides Ursula. And probably only such because he doesn't actually appear in the movie. He's only voicing. I personally think this was the new Disney's agenda all along. I think the only reason they wanted to make live-action movies is because they wanted to turn all the characters black, colored, gay or trans. I wouldn't be surprised if that's always been their motive! Personally, I think Ursula should have been a trans "woman". That would definitely add to the scare-factor!

Well, Halle at least does have a nice voice and she is an attractive girl. If you want to hear her singing, I found this on YouTube...

Video Courtesy Of YouTube/ChloexHalleFan

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