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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

10-Month Pregnancy??

I knew she had to be lying! Erica Thomas, who is a lawmaker in Atlanta, GA (let that sink in for a moment) and was known for her confrontation with a man (of mixed race) at a local grocery store. She lied about him telling her to "go back where she came from", and how he was violently attacking her, and how she was 9-months pregnant. I made a video about her confrontation because frankly, it made me laugh.

Well, one of the main points she kept making in all her videos and interviews was that she was "9-months pregnant". Well, guess what, that was a month ago. So, either Erica Thomas lied about being 9-months pregnant, or she's the first human being in history to have a 10-month pregnancy. I looked on her Twitter, and there is no mention at all of her having the baby. I looked for news online about her having the baby. Nowhere does it say she had the baby. So, guess what that means. It means she lied about being pregnant and really is a lazy, disrespectful bitch.

This is what I fear with democrats taking over the country. They lie. They care only about themselves. They're good for nothing! I knew Erica Thomas was lying! I knew she wasn't no 9-months pregnant! I have a friend who is now 8 months pregnant. She cannot stand for 15 minute interviews. She has to move as slow as a cat because her belly is too heavy now. When she does walk, she practically waddles. Her belly also bulges out farther than Erica's. I don't think Erica Thomas is pregnant. I think she's just fat. I told her that on Twitter too. I do not believe for one minute she is pregnant. I never believed it. Partly because she doesn't look it, and partly because she keeps mentioning it over and over again.

In other libtard news, apparently the LGBTQ people (now commonly called the "alphabet crowd" because the letters keep piling on) are in an uproar again against YouTube. Now they want to file a class-action lawsuit against YouTube for demonetizing their gay/queer content. I think that's dumb! Don't blame YouTube for that. You know what caused this new policy? It was Carlos Maza's whining. I bet he did not think about how, by his harassing YouTube to demonetize "hate speech" and ban it from the platform, he was also forcing YouTube to do the same to the alphabet community. If those rules apply to normal people, they should apply to the alphabet folks too. But the alphabet community (once again) demands special rights because they are gay/queer. It's stupid! I'm not going to stand behind them in this silly battle! Carlos Maza started this. He should take full responsibility. I say sue him! Listen to these wussies whine...

What these people really want is to be able to market gay/queer/tranny ideas to children. But they shouldn't be allowed to. One thing we do not need more of is kids being exposed to this queer bullshit! That is why I am against this drag-queen story hour, and against teaching gay politics in school, and bringing up to kids that they can be born a girl and later become a guy. It does nothing good. Nothing except confuse kids. But they want to push this shit on kids. They want kids to believe it's OK to become gay. Notice I said "become gay". Because at this point, I believe that's all it is! It used to be kids were bullied for being gay. Now, it's exactly the opposite. Kids are being bullied for being straight! And straight is normal. It should be the default behavior for all humans. After all we are here to reproduce. A woman cannot have a baby by having sex with another woman. A man cannot pass on his genes by having sex with another man. So, people should not bully other people because that person is not attracted to the same sex.

I don't believe anyone should bully straight people OR gay people. What they should be against is someone who is originally straight, and then later decides to become gay just to be accepted. That's not right! Personally, I think this case is going to be laughed out of court. I know if I was a judge, I would laugh and tell these pathetic wimps to get out of my courtroom!! You all made your bed, now lie in it!! If we have to suffer then so do you! If you want to read the full report about this lawsuit, it's a hilarious clown show! I'll put it here so you can gape at how disgustingly childish the alphabet people have become...

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