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Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Deadly Idea

This is probably the worst idea I've seen in my life!!! Paramount Pictures and Blumhouse are coming out with a new movie next month, called "The Hunt At The Manor". The idea of the movie is a bunch of fat-cat leftist elites are flying off to the wilderness. They kidnap a bunch of conservative Trump supporters and take them with them. But not to vacation together or get to know each other. No! This movie is all about leftists hunting down and killing conservatives. Get a load of this trailer for the movie...

I don't really get the jist of it, but I heard that is what this movie is all about. This is such a bad idea on so many levels! Especially given how insane the leftists have become! And how violent leftist groups like Antifa are! You know what is going to happen. Leftists are going to see this movie and it's going to give them ideas about what to do with conservatives. Every time I watch a conservative on the street video, the leftists who are interviewed always wind up walking away when conservatives get into the tough questions. The questions no leftist can answer. See, this is exactly what happens when communication stops, people get violent.

There is a big fear now that leftists want a civil war to come. Can you possibly imagine what it would be like if this movie were all about conservatives hunting leftists? The movie would be pulled before it ever reached the theaters. But since this is a movie about leftists kidnapping and killing conservatives, they are going to let this in the theaters. I'll tell you, I need to get to Hollywood as fast as I can! I'm sick of PC movies! I'm sick of movies where conservatives are portrayed as the bad guys. I'm sick of seeing films where white people are thrown off to the wayside. I don't mind diversity in films, but at the very least, make the films good.

Surprisingly my mom likes these new Disney remakes. I was shocked when she told me she saw the Aladdin movie and loved it. I was remembering what I heard someone in a video say about the movie and it's characters, and they said the new Disney directors made Princess Jasmine a feminazi and Aladdin was made to be kindof dumb and totally lacking character. That's not good! That's dumb in fact. And I am shocked my mom liked that movie. I wonder if she will see this movie and say she likes it too. My mom is not even a liberal. She's as conservative as they get! That's why it was so surprising to me that she likes these new "woke" Disney movies. I tried to tell her what the movie industry is trying to do now. I don't think she believed me though.

Well anyways, this movie is a terrible idea! I'm not going to see it. I hope no one in my family will go see it. Most of the conservatives I know said they would boycott this movie if it made it to theaters. But because the left is full of crazies, it's a scary notion to put this movie out at all! Some radical leftists will see this movie and want to emulate it in real life. It's very sad and very scary! I don't want to see any conservatives hunted down like animals. But this is where this country is heading. We are living in extremely dangerous times now. The left is catshit loony, and to avoid them, the right are being silenced. It is truly a very sad state of affairs. If you ask me, it is NOT "brave" to be gay or trans. It is not "brave" to be black. It is more brave now to be a white christian man and be proud of it. Even colored people who are conservatives are more brave now than someone who is coming out queer and liberal.

It's getting to a point now where even liberals want to disassociate themselves with leftists. And I've been shunning liberals. Well, there's different levels of liberals. There are classic liberals who do not approve of what groups like Antifa do. Those are generally libertarians, or centralists who lean left. Then there is the far-left liberals who are Antifa and other terrorist organizations. Those are the ones to beware of. Those are the ones I am talking about when I say "libtards". Because they are tards. They're stupid! And they have no morals whatsoever. They don't care who they hurt. They'll even attack their own kind. That is what is wrong with the far left.

The shootings that happened this past weekend, the left blames Trump for all that. Even though none of the shooters were Trump supporters. The El Paso shooter is an eco-terrorist who agreed with a few right-wing ideas, but the majority of his beliefs were far-left leaning. But the leftists concentrate mostly on his few right-leaning ideas. The shooter in Ohio was a far-leftist and socialist and a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. The news media doesn't talk about him at all. He killed 9 people, one of those being his own sister! Shows how little the left thinks of it's family. To me, my family is the most important thing in my life! I'd NEVER go against my family! Because in my experience, family is always there. Whereas friends come and go. Friends will never replace family! Not to me. I have some friends and I do love them. But my family means more than anything to me.

Michael Knowles said what the left is doing, by calling conservatives "racists", "fascists", "bigots", and stuff like that, they are projecting the evil in themselves by putting it on conservatives. That is why they call us every name they can think of that's bad. Because they are calling us everything that they are. Knowles believes next the leftists might start calling conservatives "baby-killers", which is the worst name he can think of to be called. In reality, the left are the baby-killers. Not the right. The left believes in abortions. The right doesn't.

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