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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Blair White vs. J. Yaniv

Oh man! This is good! I watched the whole debate yesterday between Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv and Blair White. Blair White ripped him a new one! It's funny! I suggest watching this, it's long but it's GOOD!!!

I want to highlight some things I remember about this debate. It took me all day to finish watching it because I had an appointment in Portland yesterday. It took hours to finish. But I finished watching this debate last night when I got home. I like Blair White. She's a tranny, but she is one who commands a lot of respect. She did it for the right reasons, unlike Yaniv. And she went about it the right way. This is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals would say "Yaniv didn't do anything wrong", whereas a conservative like Blair White, would say "He lies. He ogles girls who are too young to be hit on by a 35-year old. He's obsessed with tampons and pads. He takes pictures of girls in their most private places." Then the liberals would argue "Is that all bad?" because liberals are DUMB!!!!

This debate begins with Blair mentioning how Yaniv said he was "hotter" than Blair. What do you think? Is Yaniv more attractive than Blair? I don't think so! Not even slightly! Blair is definitely hotter than Yaniv! Even I am hotter than Yaniv! Even my dog's butthole is easier to look at than Yaniv's face. I said in the video Yaniv makes me want to puke I hate him so much! I can't stand him. I can't even stand looking at him! And the SJWs thought the Covington High School kids had slappable faces??? Look at Yaniv! He smirks throughout this video, and it makes me want to slap him! And in the end, he still thinks he did nothing wrong!

I also found out that it also takes almost nothing to become trans in Canada. According to Yaniv, all you have to do is go into the court office, fill out a one-page form, turn it in, then suddenly by law, you are trans. Nothing else. No going to actual court. No doctor's exams, no therapy sessions, No nothing. All you have to do is say you're trans then suddenly, you're trans. And that is the problem. Even Blair White says that's a problem. Because of people like Yaniv who abuse the system. This is what I stated in my last 2 blogs about Yaniv. More needs to be learned about what makes transgender people think the way they do before we give them "protected class" rights. And people like Yaniv makes that a wake-up call. I always said he's going to ruin EVERYTHING for all trans people! I feel bad for the legitimate trans people who have someone like this ruining the reputation for them. This is why I HATE irresponsible people!!!!

At one point, in the last half of the video, Jessica Yaniv goes and gets a taser gun and flashes it at Blair White saying "I don't want to have to use this in my own home". He then proceeds to say "This is illegal in Canada by the way." Blair sat there with a look that was half perplexed and half angry and asked "Did you just now think you were being cute?" Yaniv responds with "Just saying". OMG that is pathetic!! That on top of the way he threatened reporter Dan Dicks with pepper spray! For what? For asking a question? For asking for the truth? How stupid!!! Yaniv is not only ugly, he's dumb too! A taser and pepper spray (which is also illegal in Canada) are to be used for personal protection. Not for some whiny little tard who can't handle the truth and wants to silence everyone who disagrees with him.

During the whole debate, Yaniv totally denied he did anything wrong, and that "someone else hacked into his Twitter account and sent those messages to young girls". When it has been proven he has been sending those messages himself dating all the way back to 2011. And he smirks the whole time he's saying it. Blair White doesn't believe him, and neither do I! I never believed it. He's been arguing that for days, and I've been saying from the beginning "I know he's fucking lying!" Anyone with the IQ of a slug knows he's fucking lying! He knew damn well he sent those messages. Blair says he's not only lying, but he's just got this creepy aura around him. Yes he does! Just the way he is smirking throughout the video is creepy as Hell!

Blair even said if Yaniv said he likes puppies she would begin to hate puppies because she doesn't want to be like Yaniv at all. I say, don't blame the puppies because Yaniv would say he likes them. Besides, Yaniv is ugly enough that he's more likely a cat-person. A dog-lover would not look like Yaniv. A dog-lover would look like Chris Cornell. Or Michael Hutchence. Or Kit Harington! 💖💖💖 Besides, Yaniv calls himself "Trusted Nerd". Nerds are almost always cat-people.

Damn! I feel like a perv looking at Kit Harington with lust! But he is just SOOOOOOOOO handsome!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, Blair White told Yaniv that he is setting trans-people and trans-rights backwards. He's not doing anything to help trans-people. He's ruining the reputation of trans-people. Again, Blair is right! I've been saying that for the past 2 weeks! I know we are not supposed to judge a whole community by the actions of one bad apple. But all it takes is one bad apple who abuses the system, and the whole works is ruined! Everyone is going to judge all trans people based on what Yaniv has done. Sadly, Yaniv is not the only one who does shit like this. He's just the one getting the most attention now because he is using trans-rights to sue business owners into shutting down. It's wrong! But it's getting him the attention he wants. And maybe even some he doesn't want. But what gets me is how he is using the system. He's using his rights to overthrow everyone else's rights. That's wrong! And I can't believe Yaniv can even live with himself and do that to other people! Not only is it wrong on all levels, it's selfish and cruel!!!

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