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Saturday, August 31, 2019

"Grandpa Timmy"

Wow! This is cool! Timmy is a grandpa!!! Ya know some time back on this blog, I made a joke about calling him "Grandpa Timmy". LOL! Today, I've been doing that, ever since hearing about this sweet grandbaby of his. Apparently it's a little boy. GOD I hope Timmy's boy James knows to raise this child up as a little boy, and not as a little girl, or gender non-conforming like the leftists would want him to. I didn't even know what the child is, but someone let it slip that it's a baby boy. And guess what his name is. It's Fox. That is an interesting (and cute) name! Foxes are beautiful animals. But frankly, I think the men of INXS have it all backwards! Michael had a little girl everyone else calls "Tiger", although I call her Lily, because "Tiger" is a boy's name. And I would think Fox would be a girl's name. Of course back in the day, a handsome man was also referred to as a fox. Not just attractive women. So, I guess the name is interchangeable. Well I like the name Fox much better than the name Tiger. Because foxes are so beautiful, and very graceful animals.

I say it's about time Timmy's oldest boy had a child! Shoot! He's almost 40!! Now Jake needs to start thinking about having a child. I was kinda joking on my Facebook page that now Timmy needs another grandchild named Wolf. LOL! Then he'd have a matched set! LOL! Well, in evolutionary history, foxes did come before wolves. There is a name that can be shortened to Wolf, like Wolfgang, the same first name as Mozart had. Just saying! Really it's their choice. But it did tickle me to see they named the new baby Fox. It's a name I never would have thought of. But then again, I'd never thought of Tiger either. But tigers are ugly animals, and lazy. Where foxes are beautiful. With a name like that, and his grandpa being so handsome, that baby is no doubt going to grow to be gorgeous!! As long as he doesn't fall into the leftist's trap! My best advice is raise him to be a man! No feminine crap. If that happens, then let it happen naturally, when he's 18. Don't feed it to him when he's only 3!

That's the problem I have with leftists. They want to indoctrinate little kids to grow into non gender-conforming individuals, and that is so wrong! Boys need to learn to be boys. They don't need to be indoctrinated. Boys who grow up the way leftists want, often commit suicide, or they go out and kill or rape others. Just recently there was a trans-"woman" who went into a 7-11 with an ax and swung it at a woman, crushing her skull. It was angry because it had been rejected by men so many times and perhaps jealous that a real woman can get a good man. But really, no real man wants to have sex with another man! But it's a testament to what happens with people who grow up confused. I don't want to see that happen in Timmy's family. He deserves the best GOD can give him. And I'm not just saying that. I mean it. I would love to see this baby boy grow to be a happy, healthy, unconfused boy who will later go on to produce great grandchildren.

I won't post a pic here of the baby, as I do not believe in doing that. But I will say may GOD bless this baby and keep him safe in all his days and all his endeavors. May GOD bless the parents in their journey in raising this baby. May the LORD guide them in doing the right thing, and making the right choices for the child. In Jesus name, AMEN.

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