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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Heterosexuality/Homosexuality Is A Choice??

Oh man! Now I think I've really heard it all. Leftists are so STUPID it is remarkable sometimes the things they will come up with! Last night I watched a video where one of them is now marketing the idea that heterosexuality is a CHOICE!!! Yes, you heard that right! I get the feeling that leftists don't totally think these things through before they say them. Which is what makes them dumb. I believe this one just thought if she told everyone that heterosexuality is a choice, then that would mean those people would choose to be bigots against homosexuality. But that's not so. It really only means that she's admitting that if heterosexuality is a choice, then homosexuality is also a choice, and that it is not something that happens naturally.

I'm not hetero by choice. Not that I know of. Since I hit puberty, I've only ever been attracted to men. Not women. I've never been attracted to a woman in my life. I just don't like the idea of getting married. I have women friends and I do love them. But it's not the same kind of love. Not like the love I feel for my men of INXS. I have nothing against gay people. Who they love is their business. I don't like pride parades, frankly. Because I personally think it's disgusting to see nearly naked men walk down the street gyrating their penis in children's faces. Far as I know, no one in the straight parade has done that. Only the leftists would love that, because they don't care about kids anyways. They're the ones who abort their babies and go bragging about it to other leftists like it's the "hunt of the year"! But I see pics of nearly naked men with their cocks out sticking them in kids' faces and I am appalled!!

I mean really! If the gay pride parade had been even half as decent as the straight pride parade, I wouldn't have a problem with it. However, that's not the case. The gays always come out looking like this...

In contrast, the straight pride people always come out looking like this...

At least you don't see them flashing parts of their bodies the sun should not be seeing! Whereas gay pride people always have to come out almost completely naked. Even showing their butts and wieners! What is the point in that??? If you ask me, the straight pride people at least look classier. A person does not look classy that is outside naked. That's gross! And it belongs inside the house. Not out in public. And I've seen the straight pride parade being compared to white supremacy. What the Hell has white supremacy got to do with being straight??!! Does that mean black and latino people can't ever fall in love with the opposite sex?! If these dumb leftists think that, then they're WRONG!! They're lying to themselves.

One of the men in the Straight Pride Coalition, I saw his interview on the Jesse Lee Peterson show, his name is Don Grundmann, he was heckled unmercifully for wanting to host the straight pride parade in California. One of the female congresswomen there kept calling the Straight Pride parade "bigoted" and "racist". That is so stupid, IMO!! It's racist to say colored people cannot fall in love with the opposite sex. And that appears to be what they're thinking. Well, Grundmann gave a speech that has gone viral because of a little Freudian slip that occurred. He accidentally used the word "racist" to describe his organization. When he did, everyone in the room was laughing at him. I knew it was a mistake he said that. But the leftists took it to mean he had been hiding the fact his organization is racist and bigoted. It was a slip of the lip. And he probably only said it because he'd heard that word so many times from the opposing leftists that it stuck in his head. And when he had to speak to a room full of morons who saw him as being bigoted, he probably got so nervous that the word he was trying to say came out wrong. He most likely meant to say "racially diverse". But because the word "racist" came out in his speech, the opposing party thought that's what he really meant. It's not unlike the delusional mods thinking just because I said I love my Timmy, that I'd want to steal him from his family and rip his pants off and use him as a sex toy. But that's what leftists do best. They take things out of context and apply their own meaning. And any accidental adage is taken too seriously.

Well, until the gay pride people decide to act a little more like decent adults, I will be cheering on the Straight Pride Parade instead. No need to get sexual in a parade. Not if you want people to take you seriously! And if anyone says being straight is a choice, then surely you are admitting being gay is a choice. Of course nowadays, I believe it really is mostly a choice. Most everyone (except me) wants acceptance. Now, you're not really accepted unless you are homosexual. That's sad. Though I've accepted homosexuals, I think we should not cast-aside heterosexuals in favor of homosexuals. We should treat ALL people the same. Except for those who try to shove their beliefs down our throat.

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