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Monday, August 12, 2019

How To Handle An Atheist

As you may all know I am a conservative. I am also a christian. Well, I believe in GOD anyways. I follow no organized religion. Though mom wanted me to become mormon. It's just not my lifestyle to follow some organized religion because there's some things in the Bible I just cannot believe. I still have trouble with the referral to Jesus as a lion. However, I have no trouble referring to Satan as a lion. I hate lions! They're not good. Jesus was supposed to be good. Lions are evil beasts. Satan is an evil being. So, that's why I have an easier time referring to Satan as a lion than Jesus.

Anyways, for the past week, I've been going back and forth with this dude named Alan Baraka on YouTube, who is also an atheist. He said he's willing to learn more about the existence of GOD. Well, being an atheist, I felt no amount of explaining would make him change his mind about that, so I don't even try to explain my godly position with them. No, I don't believe I am GOD!!! But this Alan Baraka is no different than any other atheist. My best evidence for GOD's existence is the fact that I actually felt HIM heal me once, where nothing else worked. I was not even partially willing to convince this guy why I believe GOD really exists, because of my past experiences with atheists. But he kept nudging me to tell him why I believe in GOD. I kept hesitating though. He told me he was willing to listen to what I had to say. For that, I had no doubt. Neither did any other atheists I've encountered. But in the end, when I tell them why I believe in GOD, they always say the same thing "That was NOT GOD". I always ask them how else they can explain it.

The short story is that something happened on the AcmePet forums between myself, and a few people on a chihuahua sub-forum named Kallie, Jeri and Sharon. I was about to get a new longcoat chi puppy, and I announced it saying "I'm finally getting a good lc chi". While everyone else was congratulating me, loony-ass Sharon chimes in only with "What is your idea of a 'good' longcoat chi?" Well, she asked me a question, so I answered. I said "any chi that does not look like the Taco Bell dog is a good chi." By "good", I was referring to good quality. But Sharon was a pet person, not a show/breeder person. So, she obviously didn't understand. Next thing I know, that set Kallie and Jeri off. Kallie was one of those ADS fags, and Jeri bred Taco Bell dog lookalikes and was proud of it. I think Jeri was a little autistic. And Kallie was no different than any other ADS fag.

Well, Kallie's attacks put me on the defensive, because she kept at it, like a parasite. She didn't know when to just let it go. Then when she found she could not change my mind, she started calling me a rude person and all kinds of other names. Later, I began to feel some pangs of remorse, because I did used to like Kallie and Jeri (as much as one could on an internet forum), so I went back in the forum and just told them I didn't have anything to do with what was being said "under my name" before. Kallie did not believe I was telling the truth. Though she was right, the reasons she gave for not believing me was dumb. She was once again, comparing me and my family to her friends and family. To me, that didn't mean anything more than Kallie's family and friends are just dumb and too cowardly to say how they really feel. But Kallie still did not want to speak to me ever again. Even Sharon got involved in that. Of course I didn't like Sharon, and she was the one who got the ball rolling in this turmoil. That was the very reason I didn't like Sharon. She was a trouble-maker and everyone on the forums knew it. But me being me, I had to give her a chance to prove them wrong to me.

I don't know if that was incredibly nice, or incredibly stupid, of me, but Sharon proved everyone else was right.

Anyway, for months after I felt bad. I had bad bellyaches, I couldn't eat or sleep, I was crying all the time. Yeah, I know! I'm pathetic!!! But I was young then, and I was already dealing with the death of my grandma. Then this pops up out of nowhere. And all I did was want to share some good news with people I thought were my internet buddies. Sound familiar? LMAO!! But now, I felt bad because I felt I had to lie to get them to become friends with me again. For months, nothing worked. I tried to carry on as normal, but my body just would not let me. I was an atheist then. So, prayer was the last thing I tried, or would ever even dream of trying. But guess what, it worked! For 6 months nothing else worked. Then I prayed a little prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me for that lie, and it worked! I felt better all over again. And it worked instantly. It didn't take days, weeks or years. It worked instantaneously! To me, that was my proof that GOD existed. Once I told another atheist that story and he couldn't even explain why that happened. But he was the only one.

Well, Alan Baraka is no different than most of the others I met. I knew no explanation would change his mind either, so I put off even wasting my energy. But he kept pushing. He said "If you believe in GOD, you might as well believe in Thor." I told him "I don't think I know anyone named Thor. I have never gone to church to worship a Thor." I was kindof kidding, trying to get him to go bother someone else because I didn't want to tell him anything. I mean it, I've had it with atheists. I know enough about them that there is nothing I can say that will convince them. And they ALWAYS come back with "That was not GOD". It's the same shit every time. I'm not a persuasive person. I don't feel like it's my purpose in life to convince anyone. If it was, I'd think GOD would have given me the talent to persuade people. But HE didn't, so that's not my purpose in life. And I've got to tell you, reading Alan's posts is no picnic! Has this person even heard of a thing called a paragraph? Or is that also on the list of things he doesn't believe in? He doesn't even have the decency to separate his paragraphs. Of course that may be YouTube's fault. It did that to me a few times, but it made it hard for me to distinguish his quoting me from his own commentary.

I left him a link to a post I made on this blog about the entire story of why I believe in GOD from 2010. It's rather long-winded, but if you read all the way through, I go through the story about what happened on the AcmePet forum, and how it led to my believing in GOD in the end. I didn't think Alan would gain anything from that story, but I sent him the link to visit anyways. Even after that, he kept on. This was my last full post to him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan1 day ago@Alan Baraka " Really? Did they say that they wanted to make you become an atheist or simply disagree with your unverified claims? "
Again, I ask why comment if you don't believe? Free speech? Yes. I have a right to say I believe in GOD. Just as you have a right to say you don't. You may disagree. I disagree with atheists. But I don't comment on their posts every time I see one say "There is no GOD". Because what is the point? It's not my job to change their minds. That would be the only reason to respond to them.
"They do have motive, that being you haven't demonstrated your claims."
Again, I ask why comment? I didn't ask for your opinion. Sure you have a right to comment, but unless I asked you to verify my belief in GOD, it just seems like you are trying to cram your beliefs down my throat. Did you comment on anyone else's comments who believe in GOD in this video? 
"You commented on this channel first my friend. "
I started this thread, yes. But again, what was your motive for responding to me? Are you saying the same things to all people on this video who believe in GOD? I can see several comments below this one that talks about GOD. Or was mine just the first one you saw and decided to comment on? Shoot! Maybe I should stop responding to you. LOL!! I wasn't talking to you or anyone else here specifically in the first place. Just to the people who posted this video.

"Did I ask you for your opinion?"
Not really your place to ask me that on my thread. But whatever. LOL!!
"We can't see gravity but we can detect it via scientific instruments to demonstrate it exists. We can't see microwave radiation either, but via scientific instruments we can demonstrate that exists too. Tell me, what method did you use to determine your god exists?" 
OK. Then let's use your logic. Suppose we can't really say Mozart ever existed either. Can we? I mean, sure there's music that is said to be written by him. Right? But he has no descendants nowadays and no one exists today that has ever met him. And no one can find where he is buried. There was no census back then to prove he existed either. But by the same token, the Bible was written, so to speak, by the words of GOD. HE had a son, Jesus, that no one knows where He's buried at either, and the only proof there is of His existence is the scriptures in the Bible. Sorry dude, but the "lack of scientific proof of GOD's existence" just seems like a fallacy to me. So many people existed before you that there is no evident proof of.
"So what if I did?" 
Again dude, apples and oranges. You have your beliefs, and I have mine.
"If you could demonstrate evolution was wrong today I would want to review the evidence because it matters more to me to learn than to be right."
Woa! I'm not saying evolution isn't real. I believe in evolution myself. I even have a whole website devoted to it.
"And we learn by studying what is true. We know things are true not because they are claimed to be true but because they are demonstrated to be true." 
Again, there's lots of things we can't feel but we know they are there. Like feelings. Like dreams. We can't feel them, and no one can prove what they dream about. But we know they are there by taking that person's word for it. Well, I feel the same about GOD.
"So, if you can't demonstrate your god to exist then why do you believe in him?"
Because I've actually felt HIM being there. Simple as that. Did you click the link? It's a long story, but it explains everything as much as I possibly could.
And yes, I do believe Mozart was real! But he fits almost all the criteria that GOD does for atheists; he had superhuman powers (in music), there are no photographs of him, no one is around today that ever met him, his powers are legendary, and he has no living descendants. He and his wife had 5 kids, 3 of which died before they were 1 year old, a 4th got sick at a young age and became unable to have children, and his oldest bore 2 children, one died in infancy, the other died at 20-something in a war before he was able to get married or have any children. So, all there is of Mozart today is his music. The only proof of his existence. Just as the only proof of GOD is the writings of the Bible. Which, you must admit, did prophecize a lot of the events that are happening today. We can all see it, especially on the actions of the left.

Well, this post was followed a day later by a very long-winded post by Alan Baraka. Again, not using any paragraphs, just 500 lines of on-going sentences and bullcrap. I didn't want to read it, and I sure did not want to commentate on it. I didn't read one line. One of the reasons why is because when he posted it, I was in the middle of a very interesting documentary by Millennial Millie, who was at a Trump rally, and showing one of the left-wingers about the contrast between people who support Trump and people who oppose Trump. Guess which was the friendlier side? Hint: it was not the opposers, where this man on the street was siding with! Even he found out it was the Trump side that was full of love and acceptance, and absolutely NO sign of racism!! It was cool! Even my sis sat down to watch it with me. Another reason I did not care to sit and read 500 ongoing lines of my own words with his responses to each and every one. Besides, this whole argument was going nowhere. So, I told him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan21 hours ago
@Alan Baraka Dude, I'm not even gonna bother to read all that shit you wrote. I have better things to do with my time. So, I'll leave it at this, I believe in GOD, I'll always believe in GOD, no matter what. You can not believe if you want to. That's your bit. I'd rather believe now and be proven wrong after I die than to not believe now and find out after it's too late HE was always there. Now, leave me alone. Live and let live. OK.

Yep, I finally told him to just leave me alone. I don't normally do that, as I don't like to cut off another person's side. But again, this whole argument was going nowhere, and had no potential to get anywhere. Remember, we're talking with an atheist! A leftist! To them, other people having an opinion is "offensive". I was not willing to keep on repeating myself over and over again with him without making any progress. And I have tried with atheists before and they all said the same thing, and I'm not going to go on with them again. Just not going to happen! I didn't read a single thing he wrote in his last post. I just saw the amount of lines he wrote and said "No thank you!" LOL! If I had read a single line he wrote, it would have drawn me back in, and I'm not playing this game with another atheist! But I will continue to hold my belief in GOD. NOTHING is going to stop that. I almost feel sorry for Alan for writing that last post that probably took him all evening to write! But I didn't ask him to write it. My original post was only directed at the guys in the video. Not to anyone else viewing. Mr. Alan Baraka posted to me on his own will. I hope my last post got rid of him for good. If I do hear from him again, I won't read or respond to him, I'll just block him. I hate to resort to that too. But, this is coming up a little on harassment. He has a right to his opinions and beliefs, but he's trying to con me out of mine.

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