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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Is Carlos Maza Fired?

I heard just this morning that Carlos Maza was possibly fired from Vox. Now, I have no idea if that's true or not, but it wouldn't be a surprise! Supposedly he was fired because he just would not let go of the bashing between himself and Steven Crowder, and he kept bad-mouthing how YouTube would not ban Steven Crowder or shut down his channel. It's been more than a month now, and Carlos Maza is still going on about that on Twitter. Apparently Vox, who works with YouTube, got tired of Maza constantly bashing YouTube, who pays Vox, and they decided to tell Carlos Maza to hit the road! Carlos Maza is apparently working on some kind of deal for a severance package for himself from Vox. I bet I also know what the first words out of Carlos Maza's mouth was!

"How can Vox fire me? I'm gay! They fired a protected class person. I bet they fired me because I am gay! I deserve a severance package because I'm gay!"

Maza just ALWAYS makes it a point to let everyone know he's gay, and how people (possibly) discriminate against him because he's gay. I even decided to put Carlos Maza in one of my stories in my Americana compilation. In the scene, everyone is at a Trump rally, and Obama is there. Well, everyone is asked to say the pledge of allegiance to the flag and to face the flag in the back of the crowd. Just then, Carlos Maza pushes through the crowd to approach Obama, and says instead "I pledge allegiance to serve Obama..." Yes, I actually did see a campaign commercial once before Obama was elected into office, where stupid people were actually saying they pledge to serve Obama. It was DUMB!! So, I decided to put that in this story. Anyways, then Katrina says to Carlos Maza, "Hey dumbass! You're supposed to be pledging allegiance to the flag! Back there!" and she points to the flag.

Just then Carlos Maza does what he does best; he cries discrimination...

"Waaa! I can't believe she just called me a dumbass! I'm GAY! She can't call a gay man a dumbass!" and so on and on. I made fun of him constantly putting it out that he is gay and that the whole world is against him because he's gay. Which is not true. But he thinks it is. We dislike Carlos Maza, not because he is gay. But because he is a dumbass, who is hiding behind being gay to get what he wants now that gays have all the rights they'll ever need. It's like Jonathan Yaniv. He uses trans rights to ogle young, naked girls in private womens' places.

Well, apparently Carlos Maza has made a huge mistake. Now, at over a month, he's still rambling on against Steven Crowder and YouTube. He's attacking the hand that feeds him! You can't do that! I'd never bad-mouth my boss like that!! EVER!! Not if I'd want to keep my job. But in a way, I kinda feel a little bit sorry for Carlos Maza, now that this happened. But he did bring it upon himself! But I also know what it's like to be bullied all your life. I was bullied constantly growing up because I was short, skinny, had nappy hair, didn't talk much to anyone, and when I did talk, I always spoke my mind. People didn't like those things about me. I didn't bother anyone who I knew did not want to be bothered by me. I always stayed away from those people. I didn't keep getting in their faces every day. In fact, the only time I ever faced them was when they would approach me. But for the most part, I always tried to steer clear of people I didn't like, or who I knew didn't like me. If I had people who hated me that treated me the same way I treated them, then life would have been perfect!! I would have been able to breeze through school like it was nothing. But unfortunately not everyone is like me. Most people who hated me had to get in my face about it every day.

Constantly being bullied like that does things to you. It messes up your mind. You either become a recluse, or you go insane. Or both! It makes it hard to let even the little things go if you've been bullied all your life. Some people can overcome it, but it can take literally years of therapy. Some people are able to just brush it off and not let it have any impact on their lives. But those people are rare. And more likely did go through some amount of therapy as children. I think that's what Carlos Maza needs, is some years of therapy. He's still young, he can overcome it quicker than someone like me. So, don't wait too long.

I admit I have trouble letting things go. I still talk about people I don't like on the internet. But I've never worked for them, and frankly, I don't give a shit if they want to read my stories or not. It doesn't matter to me. So, I can afford to slam those people. But Carlos Maza cannot. He was slamming Team YouTube on Twitter, and thinking he can get away with it for long. YouTube pays Vox, who pays Maza. He can't do that! I slam a lot of people, but never the one who pays me! And Carlos Maza has got to get used to being a public figure. I don't have many subscribers on YouTube, but I do make videos that get some views, and I do write stories, so I am a public figure. I have to expect some people are going to talk shit about me. It happens. And it happens to EVERY public figure out there. Just open up a National Enquirer or a People magazine and you will see how every public figure out there is talked about. No one is immune to it. Even a small-time public figure like me. I used to get slammed by the delusional mods all the time. Not just them, but also the dirty dozen mob on the Pluba forums. Of course I was not a public figure then, but I was well-known throughout their forum. But their slamming didn't hurt me. Not at all. I admit it did take a while to get used to though. But again, I thought about that before I put myself out there. And yes, even bloggers can become famous. I did! LOL!

Anyways, Carlos Maza has some lessons to learn here. Hopefully he won't get that severance package. I don't know what Vox's rules are in that. We'll have to wait and see.

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