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Friday, August 2, 2019

Parents, Get Wise!

Over the past week, I've been seeing so many young people coming forward against Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv. You know, the guy who thinks he was a woman that talks about tampons all the time. Someone finally confronted it about wearing tampons and pads...

HAHA!! This is so funny! Finally someone brought this up! What has it been using as pads since it was 13? I've been saying this myself. J. Yaniv is not a woman. It's not even a real tranny. It's not even a gay man! It's just a man who wishes he was a woman. It is a very ugly man too. Not at all attractive! I do not believe it ever had a girlfriend out of anything but sympathy. And sympathy is a very poor substitute for love. And it's 35 years old, still living with it's mom. And where is it's father?? Probably never been there for it. It is an ugly man, and makes an even uglier "woman". And guess where it is getting it's encouragement from...

Meet Morgane Oger. This is the first transgender person elected in Canada. It wouldn't be a bad-looking man. But it doesn't want to be a man. Just like Yaniv, it wants to be a woman. As a "woman", it is homely as fuck!! Is it any coincidence that it's last name is spelled like "ogre"? This is the thing that is encouraging J. Yaniv to sue young, migrant women who are trying to make a living in Canada. Oger eggs him on. 

See people, this is what happens when you vote with your feelings. You get people like Oger into office who also go with their feelings. I'm not saying feelings are a bad thing. We all have feelings. But it's bad when it invades the rights of other people, normal people. People who make up more than 99% of the population. It's OK to be different. I'm different myself and I love it. As an artist and a writer, I see it as my duty to be different and a little bit weird. But weird in a cute way. Not in a freaky, and invasive way like J. Yaniv.

People like Morgane Oger do not see what J. Yaniv is doing. It apparently has not noticed that Yaniv has been making all transgenders look bad. We need to all STOP giving trannies any rights!! Because as long as we do, any person can go on taking rights away from other people. I would be happy to have trannies all locked up in an asylum! They need to be studied a little further before we can let them out into society so we do not get anymore trannies who are like Yaniv, and only claim to be "women" so he can get into women-only places and ogle naked young girls. Or infiltrate women's only sports and beat out other biological girls. Someone said in a video "What's the point then in having women-only sports?" I agree! What would be the point in having women-only sports if you're going to let biological men compete against biological women? It makes no sense. You notice the list of trans-"women" in sports is a lot longer than trans-"men". That says something right there. Something that we should all be paying attention to, instead of focusing on "trans rights".

See! And people would call that last paragraph "transphobic". Personally, I don't care!! I'm just now finishing the story for my Americana compilation story, where Brittney is on a date with someone she thought was a guy, but turns out to really be a girl. It'll be going in the book soon. It is not transphobic to ask these things. It is not transphobic to call out someone who lies. It is not transphobic to call J. Yaniv what it is; a pedophilic creep! None of that is transphobic! I still say they need to be locked up! Yaniv is not a woman, in any way, shape or form! It says things I, as a real woman, am embarrassed to even read!! Like this post...

And if it was a real woman, it would already know this stuff at 35 years old (I would hope). He was asking this from a 14 year old girl! I'm embarrassed to even read this! This thing has no shame whatsoever! And this Yaniv character is exactly what embodies everything I've ever feared about trannies! This is what I've always been afraid of, since trannies have been accepted. I don't mind gays, I don't mind queers, I don't even mind the real trannies. Like Blair White. What I fear are people like Jonathan Yaniv and Terry Miller, who use transgender rights to overthrow women's rights.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a feminist. But I believe in equal rights for ALL people, and I do not believe any LGBTQ claimant should have rights that trumps anyone else's. Just like I don't believe women's rights should overthrow man's rights. Too many low-class women take advantage of it. It reminds me of Tom and Jerry. There was an episode where Tom was going to inherit $1 million. But he wasn't going to get any of it if he harmed a mouse. Jerry took full advantage of that to test Tom's absolute limits, and was more aggressive than ever with Tom. Even to a point he was almost bullying Tom! This is what I think of when I see trannies like Jonathan Yaniv! He's pushing normal people as far as he can because he knows he can do it, and he knows they can't fight back. Because his rights trump everybody else's as a top-tier "protected class". And it's not transphobic to point this out!!!

I say more needs to be learned about transgender people before we let them out into society. You may think that's horrible and "transphobic" of me to say, but I say this is getting out of hand! We have too many men claiming to be women like Yaniv, for self-gratification, and taking others' rights away. We need to know exactly why real transgenders are claiming to be a gender they aren't. Maybe something at an inner level in their brain. Then we'll know the difference between someone who is truly a transgender, and someone who is just a man claiming to be a woman for reasons like sexual perversion and athletic satisfaction. But I can tell you, Yaniv is NOT a real transgender person. It is nothing but a pervert. It doesn't deserve ANY rights!!!! Again, that is not transphobic to say! It should be absolutely necessary to do tests on so no one else is put in a bad position because trannies demand more rights than an average person.

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