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Monday, August 5, 2019

Straight Pride Month

My month! I am a straight woman, and proud of it! I say there is nothing wrong with being straight. Just like I say there is nothing wrong with being gay. As long as it isn't for perverted reasons. Not saying all gays are perverted, nor all straight people are perverted. But with the Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv case, it still has me worried. He's not even a gay man, sadly. He's just a pervert who is using transgender rights to gain access to private women's areas. I still say we need to learn more about transgender people before we let them have any rights. But we can't because the leftists will cry "transphobe" or "bigot". This causes anyone who publishes reports about the truth to take down their published findings. It doesn't force them to, but because the leftists cry so hard and loud, and because they tend to want to put people with opposing opinions in danger, people cave into them. That's very sad! If we don't learn new things, we can't grow as a society. Until we learn more about what makes transgender people tick, I will refuse to accept all but those I feel are not trans-trenders. And I don't give a shit what the leftists say! Trans-trenders unfortunately are out there, and they outnumber the real transgender people now, 1000:1.

Real transgender people are the ones who were actually born not knowing their own gender, WITHOUT parental coaxing! That is, their parents did not expose them to anything that has anything to do with transgenderism. Not like simply girls who prefer boys toys and games. I was that way myself when I was growing up. I didn't play with dolls, whereas every other girl I met did play with dolls. That's why Deanna and I became almost instant enemies; because I didn't want to play with her dolls (and, according to her, I asked her mom for some drawing paper and a glass of water). WELL!!! I didn't have my own drawing paper!!! Neither did Deanna. And it was hot out that day, in all fairness. But anyways! I still say more needs to be learned about transgender people before we give them any special rights. Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv is the perfect example of why. Like someone put it in a video; Jonathan Yaniv is not "the canary in the coal mine", he is a group of dead miners. He is the embodiment of everything I've feared about transgender people since the beginning. He is what happens when you give trans people special rights. He is the danger everyone ignored. I say the leftists need to just SHUT UP and listen to these opposing opinions about transgenders they fear so much. And we need to learn more from totally UN-biased sources.

But anyways, back to straight pride. I heard so many people, back in gay pride month, gripe about how straight people don't have a right to be proud of being straight because they were never oppressed. Well, apparently today they are the most oppressed group on the planet. People today hate straight people. Especially if they are male Christians. That is a dangerous facet of our modern society. Now, male Christians are persecuted. The sad fact of the matter is, gays were persecuted and scorned because they are unusual. People fear things that are different. Even other people. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being different. I'm a "different" person myself. I've been persecuted all my life because of it. I think different, I do different things. But I love being different. It's what makes me who I am. When I was a kid, I always wondered why I didn't have many friends. I never understood until I got older and realized how different I am from other people. But I am different without being gay. But it's a great example of how anyone can be 'different' by society's standards. Now, it doesn't even bother me at all when someone says "Hey! I don't like you!" whereas when I was a kid, it would hurt my feelings immensely, because I did not understand why they felt that way. Now, I know.

Some people will say "It's not because you're different". But in all honesty, all reasons I've ever heard stem from that. Do I feel "oppressed" because of it? No. I don't. I did when I was younger. But now I realize it's not so bad being different. Some of my best works have come out because I was different. The majority of great artists are 'different' people. Even my Michael. I didn't think I did anything wrong at Deanna's house when I asked her mom for a few sheets of paper. But Deanna did. I didn't think I was doing wrong when I asked her mom for a glass of water. But Deanna did. That's just how I operate, when I want something I always think there is no harm in asking. If they say yes, then OK. If they say no, then nothing is lost. Except a possible fair-weather friend. LOL! Which is really no loss when you think about it. If you don't ask, you get nowhere and nothing. And you're always left wondering. But we are all 'different' in different ways. No 2 people are really alike. For example, Michael was likable, but I am not. Because Michael (apparently) loved people, even though he was shy. Me? I'm shy because I don't like people.

But what I don't like about the gay community is when they try to force everyone to be gay, queer or trans. I heard from a commenter on YouTube, he has a niece who was born christian, accepted gay people, but was never gay herself. She loved boys only. Then, when she turned 15, she made some gay friends, and all of a sudden, she was telling everyone she was gay. Never been gay before until she met these gay friends. Then suddenly she decided she wanted to be gay. That was sad! Apparently these gay friends of her's beguiled her into it. This is not an isolated story. This is happening under peoples' noses everywhere. Kids are "turning gay" just to be accepted. Because now, it's wrong to be straight. That's dumb! That's why I am putting up symbols that I am a proud, straight woman. I love it that I fell in love with my INXS guys. And that I like guys and not other girls. I can say some other girls are attractive, but that does not mean I am in love with them. It just means if they were to ask me that I would say "yes, you are an attractive person". But all over, I love men. I'll always fall in love with only men. I've never been in love with another woman in my life. Don't listen to the trolls who seem to wish I was gay! LOL! I actually get that a lot. Doesn't bother me, but for a long time, I wondered why everyone believed that. Katrina once told me it's probably because I have a low tone in my voice. I sound "manly". LOL! Even as a kid I had a low voice!! When my sis and I would record our voices on tape, I always sounded like a little boy. However, I don't have a penis. LOL! Not even close!

Well anyways, happy straight-pride month! I'll be posting more as the month goes by!

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