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Friday, August 30, 2019

The New Face of Michael?

Oh man! How do they pick them?? Well, this one was picked by Michael's family. Well, he seems like a decent enough person, but he looks almost nothing like Michael!! OK I know it's not supposed to be perfect. And let's face it, there isn't another Michael out there. The closest would be Kit Harington. This dude though, isn't even remotely close!!

This is Jozsef James. He was picked to play Michael in the last documentary. I have to wonder, do they mean the one Richard Lowenstein worked on? This dude is not even close to looking like Michael. Not only is he too pudgy, but he also looks gay!

I saw a video of his on his Facebook page, and he doesn't sound too bad, but he just would never pass for Michael IMO. Couldn't they at least find someone a bit more handsome??? In that bottom pic, it looks like his lips are caving into his face. He's not as fat as I am, but he does look too pudgy to play Michael. I guess they think the hair hides that fact. But unfortunately, it doesn't. That was the first thing I noticed when I saw his pic was how pudgy he is. Michael was never that pudgy!

Well, maybe it's just me. I've been so used to seeing Michael looking a certain way, I just cannot imagine any other way. But we're never going to find someone who fits his description exactly. He was a one of a kind. Shoot! That's why I wanted to clone him! LOL! Because the world is an empty place without him in it. We need more manly men like Michael and Timmy. This dude doesn't even cut the mustard. He definitely doesn't look manly enough. I like my men to be really manly. A lot of the SJW type women today don't like that. But then again, I remember in a post on Quora, I wrote about how I have no respect for a man who prefers cats over dogs because they are almost never real men. Next thing I know all the catfags were after me about that. However, I stand by that statement. Because it's true! I've yet to meet the man who prefers cats over dogs that looks in any way manly. Even the women who screamed their catfag husbands were very manly. I would see their pics, and I'd say "Nope! Not manly enough!" One woman's husband even wore a biker outfit, but still had a submissive, beta posture and facial expression.

And yes, even with Peaches coming by frequently, and I do welcome her as long as she doesn't hurt Mya, I still blame cats for the rise in ugly people and beta-men today. Because when I was a kid, we had plenty of alpha-type men, and beautiful people. And more people loved dogs than cats. In fact, back then as a cat-lover myself, I was hard-pressed to find another person who loved cats. Most other people I met said cats were sneaky, creepy and even kindof ugly. Me? I only think gray tabbies are ugly. With brown tabbies next in line. I'm not a cat person, but I do allow Peaches to come over. Mya likes her. And she seems to like Mya. Peaches is a calico, one of few patterns I like in cats. Believe me, if she was a gray tabby, I'd have chased her off long ago! But she's a calico, so I allow her to come around. But the instant I see her hurt my baby, she'll be chased off too. And not welcome back. So far though, that hasn't happened.

That's them playing together. Or she's trying to get Mya to play. Mya is just kinda looking at Peaches thinking she's crazy. LOL! I named her Peaches myself. Actually I named her Peaches and Cream, because she's almost got that kind of color pattern. I just simply call her Peaches though. She's never been in my house, although she does try to come in sometimes. She won't let anyone pet her, although both my sis and I have. At first though, she'll hiss at you if you try to touch her. She will sniff you though. And she warms up kinda quickly. I've noticed these things about her. But I still do not consider her my cat. She's just a cat that comes around here. She's a stray. I do not want a cat.

Anyways, back to the subject. I don't know if this guy Jozsef James is in the official documentary that I hope to have come to the USA that Richard Lowenstein directed. I kinda hope not. IF there is any actors on there. But this dude does not resemble Michael enough IMO. I've never seen this documentary, I hope to someday, simply because it's about Michael. But it's going to be a hard pill to swallow seeing this dude playing Michael.

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