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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trying Too Hard

When someone tries too hard to bring you down, if you're good, you can sense it. Last night on Facebook, I commented on a post from a video where a trans "woman" gets up on stage and tries to convince the audience it is a "real" woman. Then it says "We are your future". I said to that "GOD I hope you're NOT our future!!" Unfortunately, it might be if the democrats ever take full control of this country. If that happens, we can kiss this country as we know it, goodbye. We might as well register to become a 3rd world nation! I totally dread reincarnation! I really do! I dread if I were to come back as a nice-looking young girl, I might fall in love with what I think is a nice-looking young man, only to find out he is really a she! And I wouldn't want to be gay! I wasn't gay in this life. I don't think I'd like it any better in my next life. And I don't like the idea of being fooled by a trans person.

Well, one guy named Chris Mercer got butthurt by me saying that. He asked how such a cute dog (referring to Mya) could belong to such a horrible bigot. He then tells me to send that dog to "a more loving home". I told him MY dog is fine, thank you. Well, you all know now being called a "bigot" means absolutely NOTHING to me anymore. The leftists have so overused that phrase, even with things that are not bigoted. But things would be horrible if we were all to revert to everyone being a tranny. A world like that is not a good world. No more manly men! I don't want to live in a world like that! And frankly, this Chris Mercer is not a manly man! In fact, he was saying to one other person his "pronouns" were "them/they". I said "his pronouns are it/its". LOL!! I admit, I was having a little fun with him. I've always wanted to say that to one of these "pronoun warriors".

Well, I got to have my fun with him. And another guy, named Andrew Thompson who admits he agreed with me about the tranny issue, gets involved when I say "shelter dogs are someone else's mistakes". I still stand behind that comment! Because they ARE!! He had no prayer of changing my mind about that. Look at this witty post by a responsible owner addressed to an ADS fag who wanted her to adopt an Australian cattle dog from a shelter...

That's exactly how I feel! Anyways, little Mr. Thompson got butthurt about me saying shelter dogs are mistakes. He said that was "a fucked up thing to say". Well, I don't think it was. The fact that shelters exist at all is fucked up. But it's fucked up and necessary, otherwise we'd have crazy people out there having puppies and kittens and throwing them into the rivers. That, to me, is even more fucked up. But anyways, Chris Mercer goes on for about 30 minutes or so saying "Stop leaving your dog in a hot car!" It was funny for the first 5 minutes, and then it got old after he said it for like the 25th time! I said "This dude has a thing about leaving a dog in hot cars. Nobody ever sell a puppy to Chris Mercer!! I know I wouldn't!" I got a good look at Chris Mercer himself. He's as white as white can get, blond hair, blue eyes, skinny soy-boy. He looks like the kind of guy I could take down easily. Like a jack russell terrier with a mouse! Yet, he has a pit bull that he dresses up like a doll. Frankly, I have little respect for people who dress up their dogs. I'd never do that to Mya. Dogs are not really meant to wear clothing.

Well, then Andrew Thompson got into the scene, and he was saying "I was with you until you said shelter dogs are mistakes. I'm not gonna lie, I agree with Chris Mercer on this one." I didn't care whose side he was on frankly. So, I just said to him "Andrew Thompson That's fine. You can go with it on this. I have my point of view, and I stick with it." You all know how I am! It takes a LOT to change my opinion. And people like Andrew Thompson and Chris Mercer HATE me for it!! LOL!! But it's so fun to watch them get so heated and angry when I stick to my guns. It tickles me! He then says "No you stunned cunt I'm not in agreement with you on this issue. You specifically called shelter dogs someone else's mistakes. No dog is a mistake. Fuck yourself" I tried to look back at my post and see where I said he had to agree with me. But I could not find a single post that I made saying that. So, I don't know where that came from. LMAO!! 😆😆😆

Well, when I saw that last comment, it made me laugh! I definitely struck a nerve! And I love getting the SJWs all riled up. Hey! I didn't ask him what he thought of my comment. He could have just sat back and kept his mouth SHUT, like a sensible person would have. But instead, he has to jump in and defend his "buddy". So anyways, now I had 2 SJWs on my tail. But it's fine! I'm a strong woman! I don't ever care anymore what SJWs think! Those days are gone! Obviously, in this thread, I was dealing with inferior mentalities. I could have been a lot more harsh with them. But I chose not to be. That would have only brought me down to their level, and I wouldn't like that. It's always been whenever I did that that I regretted it later on. So, I kept my cool, and just continued laughing at them. I said in response to Andrew Thompson's post "Andrew Thompson LMAO! I love it when these ADS fags get hot-headed and start name-calling. Proves I am right about you guys."

Meantime, in the background, Chris Mercer is calling me "You awful bitch", "you're a horrible person", "I hope you die" and "you're an evil bitch" and "you're so stupid". And he even started attacking Mya. And Mya did nothing to him. He called her "Your ugly mutt". I just let it all slide off my back. Frankly, his dog is a pit bull, uglier than Mya. But hey! I don't care. Mya is my dog, and he has his. I've had people who have shown shelties before tell me Mya looks great for her breed (I do know how to pick them!) so, I don't care what Chris Mercer or anyone like him, thinks about Mya. But I could tell, any time someone is name-calling another person's dog, or their children, or even their parents, you know they've reached the pathetic butthurt level. Then their name-calling becomes almost transparent and comical. It's like a 5-year old child calling another 5-year old child a "doodyhead". Then the other kid says "No you're a doodyhead!" LOL! The motive is all the same, they're looking for an angry response from their intended target. They want something to use as a victory to hold over the other person. But they know they can't get it because they don't have anything intelligent to say. They know they lost the battle. Such is the case with Chris Mercer.

So before the butthurt, Mya was a cute dog. After the butthurt, Mya was my "ugly mutt". What's the point even? It doesn't change my mind about how I feel about my dog. In fact if anything, and if it's at all possible, it made me love her even more!!!

Well, I had the feeling Chris Mercer and Andrew Thompson were PMing each other behind the scenes, telling each other what to say and how to say it. At one point, Andrew Thompson said Chris's posts were "wittier" than mine. Well, frankly I wasn't trying to be witty. Although I believed anyone who thought Chris's posts were "witty" had to have some level of brain damage. But everyone is different in what they think is "witty". Just like "ugly", it's a subjective term. I guess Andrew thinks someone who is sounding pathetically butthurt is "witty". But not me. I prefer Marx Brothers and 3 Stooges level witty. LOL! And Chris Mercer didn't have that. Chris Mercer's insults were more around a 3rd grade, desperation level.

Well, after about another half hour, this thread was getting dull. I had 2 SJWs who kept on repeating the same things over and over again. Chris Mercer finally admitted to being angry with me because I didn't get my dog from a shelter. I gave him the usual response I give every ADS fag, "Chris Mercer So what business is it of your's where I got my dog? It's MY dog. Not yours." I said I would rather get my dog from a breeder, as they are guaranteed to be healthier. Most responsible breeders health-test all their breeding stock, so the puppies come out healthier. Andrew Thompson took that to mean that I say "Fuck sick dogs". Typical SJW. Always twisting words around to give them a totally different meaning. This was my response to him; "Andrew Thompson Sorry dude, but like buying anything, I want something that is healthy. Not something that I'd have to spend thousands of $$ later on to get it fixed."

Well, Chris Mercer posted that he agreed with Andrew's assessment and that I was a horrible person for not wanting to spend money to buy a sick or ailing dog from a puppymill or a backyard breeder. That was when I figured out these two were PMing each other behind the scenes. I said to Chris, "Chris Mercer Ya know, I'm beginning to get the feeling you're just playing games with me. And here I was starting to believe you were serious." In response to that, he says "No, I'm not playing here." And I said "Chris Mercer Nah I think you're playing games with me. And frankly, beginning to bore me because you're just trying TOO hard to insult me, and you keep repeating the same things over and over again." I guess that's what happens when you eat nothing but soy, you can't think for yourself what to say, and you try desperately to insult another person unsuccessfully. I mean, if he was someone I respected, he might have been successful in bringing me down. But he's not. So, don't worry! My feelings were not hurt. LOL! But by this time I was getting bored of reading the same things by 2 different SJWs repeating the same shit over and over again. My last post on that thread was "Chris Mercer And I'm bored with you. Good night." After that, I blocked him on Facebook, and I went to bed. It was late and I had my fun with these guys. But I was tired too.

Unfortunately because I blocked Chris Mercer, I could not quote any of his posts. But trust me, you're not missing anything. He only made one witty comment all night and that was when he said "You probably shit privately." Which kinda doesn't make sense, but it sounded funny. I responded with "So you shit publicly?" Now, if I were as desperate as he was, I could have insulted his dog, his lousy music, his nappy hair, his wussy appearance, etc. But again, I am not that kind of person. I had my fun and that was it. But he is a great example of how to tell someone is desperate to insult someone else, by his lack of witty conundrums.

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