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Friday, September 27, 2019

Impeachment Or Inquiry?

OK I've waited for 2 days to write about this. I couldn't do this on Wednesday because I had a doctor's appointment. I couldn't do it yesterday because I was busy and hadn't read the entire transcript yet. I wanted to read it before writing this post. But anyways, the dummycats are at it again! As if using Greta Thunberg as a puppet wasn't bad enough. Nancy Pelosi is so anxious to get Trump impeached that she is overstepping her boundaries! This is getting pathetic! But it is showing the dummycats for who they really are. Now you know why I call them "dummy-cats". They are as dumb as any cat is! Maybe that's why they are so attracted to those beasts. They have about the same IQ level.

Well, Tuesday they were all saying how they think Trump was trying to get the president of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. They were demanding that Trump release the transcript for that call. So, what happens? Trump finally releases it. I finally got a chance to read the whole thing, and it's basically nothing. As one video blogger put it, it's a big nothing-burger. And it is! It is nothing. Hunter Biden was mentioned ONCE!! And Trump was not even asking the Ukraine to dig up anything on him. In fact, this was about the only paragraph where Joe Biden or his son was even mentioned...

I'm not sure what prosecution was stopped, if it was mentioned, I cannot think of it now. But this does not sound like Trump asking Zelenskyy to dig up anything on Joe Biden or his son. Nothing like what Hillary wanted to do between herself and Russia digging up any dirt on Trump. That's why Hillary lost the election. He is asking Zelenskyy to speak to the attorney general about the prosecution, the one that Biden stopped. Maybe you can see something I cannot. Here is the full, unclassified, transcript...

The point is, Trump is not offering US funds to the Ukraine. That would be an impeachable offense. He's also not withholding US support in exchange for anything. But guess what. Obama did that. He was going to betray his country. He hated this country. I knew that before he took office. I knew that back in 2008 when I saw him just stand for the pledge of allegiance. He didn't stand properly. There's no doubt in my mind Obama hated the USA. So why was Obama able to get away with such dirty doings, but Trump is not? How is it Obama is able to disrespect this country, but Trump is not even allowed to make a simple phone call? Obama did worse than Trump has ever done. Obama supplied ISIS with weapons of war. Trump did at first, but apparently, that funding stopped, and now ISIS is dead. That's a good thing! ISIS was bad news! Yet, Trump is so badly scrutinized that the democrats want to begin impeachment proceedings without him having done anything really bad.

One person in an interview I watched (obviously a young, black woman) said Obama can get away with this stuff because "he's better looking". Well, compared to Trump, that may be true. But being better-looking should not have given Obama free reign to betray this country. And no, I don't think Obama was handsome at all. He looked like a baboon to me. But, I guess compared to Trump, who literally looks like a big, fat pig, he might be seen by some as being "better-looking". But still! Obama should have been impeached for betraying this country. But he wasn't. And Trump they are trying to impeach for NOTHING. Nancy Pelosi is pushing impeachment proceedings quite hard. Frankly, I don't think she's going to succeed. Some say the democrats have the majority of the vote. But we still have to have a vote from the people, and a lot of people are walking away from the democrat side. But what Pelosi doesn't seem to know, if Trump gets impeached, Hillary is not going to take office in his place. Mike Pence is! LOL!! And according to the LGBTQ community, Pence should be worse than Trump. But you know what? He's better looking than Obama!

He's nice looking, but he is against gay marriage. But Trump is all for gay marriage. So, who is better? If Trump gets impeached, Pence is going to take his place in office. So, fuck that! No one takes the democrats seriously anyways. And there are actually some democrats who do support Trump. Believe it or not! Some of them do have sense enough to not listen to those fighting to have Trump impeached. So, it's not like Trump's impeachment is in the bag! That's just what Nancy Pelosi wants us to think.

The thing is, the leftists are never going to stop this. They couldn't get Trump on the Russian collusion, so they try for this phone call. The phone call with the Ukraine produces nothing, now they are trying to go for Trump's taxes. This is just never going to stop until Trump is out of office. I think the same thing was done to Obama. But with them, they tried to get Obama on his birth certificate.

I admit Trump is immature. Just this morning, he wanted to know who the whistleblower was, and was calling what he did "spying". He said the whistleblower should be shot. That's the kind of stuff Trump says, even though it's true that spying is classified as treason, which is punishable by death. But Trump does this kind of thing all the time. Immaturity though is not an impeachable offense. Growing up is voluntary.

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mikessa said...

Nancy Pelosi can kiss my ass!!! She aint gonna accomplish anything with her alleged story. The dummycrats are just upset because they lost the election and they cant stand losing. I can tell you the walkaway movement is gonna make the dummycrat party extinct. They refuse to admit that they are the real party of hate, and people are leaving in droves. Even other democrats have left their party because its not the same as when JFK ran the country.
Why impeach Trump?? Because their feelings are hurt?? Thats the most lamest excuse I ever heard. But thats what their pushing for. Sick of this bleeding heart bullshit from the leftists!!!

Unless there is some real logical reason to impeach Trump, and Im not talking about ones feelings toward another, and he was actually doing an impeachable offense, the left better shutup if they know whats good for them!!!