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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Little Lost Greta Thunberg

I feel sorry for this girl. She is 16 years old and her parents are using her to push the climate change mantra. Well! What do you expect?? Her parents are active Antifa supporters! Of course they are going to be easily manipulated. Leftists act like they don't even believe Antifa exists. I see it all the time in videos. You ask them what they think about Antifa's violence, and they'll act dumb and say "I never heard of Antifa". Bullshit! Of course you've heard of them!!! They are all over the damn internet! No leftists can ever get me to believe they don't get on the internet. That's all they do all day! If you ask me, Antifa deserves nothing less than this...

That's right! A good punch in the face! At least. At best they deserve to be shot execution-style! This idiot got his ass kicked by a woman. A woman with a good, solid strike! LOL!! That's how Antifa is! They act tough. But when it comes down to it, they really cannot fight at all. LOL! I wouldn't look up to them. If Greta's parents are supporters of Antifa, then they are wimps and wussies just like those thugs!

I saw Richard Lowenstein posted how Greta Thunberg is "triggering" to men. I laughed at that article and said "She's only triggering to weak, beta men. Not to real men." Actually, I must say I am disappointed in Richard Lowenstein. How he can call himself a man, and go along with that article is beyond me. Some of these Hollywood elites though, I think they just go along with the mainstream media to fit in and not lose viewers. But that's my opinion. These days, if you go against the mainstream media, people hate you for it, and you lose fans. Many of them will even write the movie companies and tell them not to run your content. We are definitely in a world war. Its not a war where shooting is happening (much). But it is a war. A war where if you are caught not supporting ideas about abortion, or climate-change, or anything else the left stands for, you will sadly be scrutinized. I just can't believe Richard Lowenstein is a bad person. No way!

That's what Greta Thunberg does. She speaks out against climate change. I feel bad for her! I truly do! Her parents are dumbasses who need to be publicly horsewhipped! In a viral video, she blames Americans for "taking her childhood away". I watched that and I said "No my dear, your parents took your childhood away! By using you to spread a pretend facet that hasn't happened, and we cannot stop." The funny thing is, China spews more CO2 into the atmosphere than America does. But I don't see Greta Thunberg going there to preach her bullshit about climate change. She is so lucky America is a place she can come and actually feel safe spreading this climate change bullshit! You cannot go to China and say that shit, they'll throw you in jail!

But the sea levels are not rising! In fact, they're lowering. And the leftists know this! Why else do you think they stay in the coastal states?? You don't see any Antifa inland. You'd think there would be if they really are so afraid of climate change and rising sea-levels. But no. They stay on the coast. Why? Because they know the sea levels are NOT going to rise in 12 years. It's a scare/control tactic they are pushing. Don't fall for it! Yes, I believe in climate change (to a degree). I just don't think humans are the cause of it. And there is nothing we can do about it. It's happening throughout the solar system. If humans are causing it, why is it also happening on other planets where there is no people? Leftists cannot answer that. Well, leftists cannot answer anything. They never have answers. Just recycled opinions by the mainstream media.

This morning I woke up to another article where Greta Thunberg saw Donald Trump and the look on her face went viral as well. This poor kid! Everything she does now is becoming a meme! LOL! And it's all her parents' fault!

They are saying she's just glaring at Trump. The funny thing is, I did a Google image search of her, and in about 90% of all her relaxed pictures, she has that exact same expression on  her face! LOL! I doubt this has anything to do with Trump.

Here she is with Trevor Noah, again, with the exact same look on her face...

In fact, that's how all climate-change protesters look. They ALL have the same angry look on their faces. I remember looking at pictures of vegan nazis. They also all had that same look on their faces in every pic. That's the problem. Hatred makes people look mean and ugly! This little girl doesn't need to preach. She doesn't need to talk climate change. She doesn't need support from other protesters. What she needs is some serious therapy, to fix the problems she has deep down inside, most likely brought on by her parents. That's where this anger stems from. Her parents ruined her childhood by using her to cram these vegan-nazi ideas into her head. And making those ideas more important in her life than letting her live her life. She's too young to be going around the world talking about something that can never be fixed by human kind.

Well, I think this is all proof that leftists are nazis. Of course most of us who know history and politics have known all along that nazis were leftists. Everyone knew except the leftists! LOL! They are still nazis today! Though they try to hide that sad and embarrassing fact. A leopard cannot change it's spots. They were nazis in the 1930s and they are still nazis today.

Its funny how leftists use children in every one of their propaganda, except abortion. If they really cared about children the way they pretend to care about this little girl, they wouldn't be all for abortion. They would be against it like we are. The leftists typically contradict themselves. That's what they are best known for.

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