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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Open Border For Diseases

I need to move to Maine next year! I want to get as far away from California as I possibly can! I know of a lot of people who moved away from California to Florida. Well, I can't stand heat, so I'm moving to Maine! I advise everybody else to do the same. Leprosy has been reported in California now, thanks to the influx of illegal immigrants. Thanks a lump, democrats!! This is all your fault!!! I hope you're the first ones to get infected with this leprosy! Once you get it, it's almost impossible to get rid of, and it spreads very quickly! You guys and your "open border" bullshit!!! You can take your open borders and shove it up your ass! I'm getting the hell away as quickly as I can! I promised my sis I would take her to Las Vegas for her birthday this year. I hope we don't get it while we're there! If I so much as see someone who looks and talks like a Mexican, I'm going to sit on the other side of the room from him!! Because how would I know he's not among the illegal crowd!

Call me a bigot all you want to, I don't care! My dad was Mexican and he came here LEGALLY and DISEASE-FREE!!!! And he got a job once he got here and paid his due taxes. But I have to say a big-ass NO to leprosy!!! Once we get back from Las Vegas, I'm going to start making plans to move to Maine! I've had it!! I really mean that! I've completely had it!! I'm moving to a conservative state. It's a shame we don't have many conservative states on the coasts. I guess leftists hate heat too.

This is why I hate leftists! They think too much with their emotions. When emotions get in the way of logical thinking, disaster always happens. That's why when I am being trolled, I try to set aside my emotions. Because when I let my emotions control my actions, I tend to yell and scream at the trolls, or try to call them names back, and give them what they want. And I always regret it later. But leftists don't have that ability to block off their emotions, so they are always using them to think. As a consequence, now we are seeing so many diseases coming into this country from places like Mexico and Guatemala, that we in the USA had almost completely eradicated! Leprosy is just one of them. But there is also typhus, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, measles, bubonic plague, and cholera among others. Those diseases were almost extinct here. The places that had them were usually in very remote, almost uninhabited areas. But now, they are invading the cities. And it's all the fault of the democrats!

Someone in a post I saw wrote that he wouldn't be surprised if now we started seeing cases of smallpox here again. I wouldn't be surprised either! You never know who is coming through these borders now. We need to eradicate this "seeking asylum" loophole because so many of them are misusing it! We need to shut Antifa up, gather up all the homeless illegals that are here, and send them back home!!! And now, we even have parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. That makes things worse. Those kids can catch the diseases being brought in here and it'll kill them. Or infect other kids they come in contact with. This is definitely not good.

Well, this is why I am moving to Maine. Or some other conservative state on the east coast, as far as I can away from California! And I am not looking back. Although it'll break my heart to get away from Ocean Shores, at least I won't be anywhere near California! I only wish my family would join me. My mom now lives in Reno. Reno gets everything California gets. I fear for her safety! My sis lives in Montana, and they also get a lot of people from California too. So, if I were them, I'd be careful! I'm getting away because I am in OR. Not only do we get a lot of Californians, we also have a lot of Mexicans. Some of them are very nice, but who knows how many of them are actually here legally? It scares me kinda. What scares me about them is how many of their relatives they might bring here who are disease carriers.

Well I'm getting outta here. Portland already has too much homeless here, and they also could be carrying diseases. I've got to draw the line at that! This is why democrats are dumb! They just don't care what happens to our country! Well, they can have the illegals and all their diseases and shit. I'm not having any of it!! As long as I can live in a place that is free of these nasty diseases, illegals living in tents, and shit in the streets, I'll be happy! So will Mya. And I might also suggest ICE gets much more aggressive when going after illegals. Get battering rams, military-grade firearms, shields, whatever you have to do to get those illegals OUT of this country!! They should not be allowed to hide from ICE. And any Antifa who tries to stop them, shoot them on sight! We need to start getting aggressive with the illegals AND the thugs!!!


katrina said...

if you move to maine, i cant come visit you anymore. my kids wont remember you.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

You can move with me.