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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Reap What You Sow

This is a very interesting case I've been following for the last couple days. A man named Carson King, as kindof a joke, wanted to hold a tailgate party, and didn't have any beer. So, he went onto social media asking people to donate money so he could buy a case of Busch Light beer. What's funny about that is, he actually wound up raising far more than he expected; over a million dollars!! Well, after the funds had gotten up to $500, he decided he was going to donate that money to a children's hospital to fund cancer research. I'm sure he got his beer and had a lot of fun with his tailgate party. But when he decided to give the rest of his more than $1 million funds to a children's hospital, it won the hearts of many people! Or at least just caught the attention of some.

I know of one case in which it just caught someone's attention. It was in the case of a guy named Aaron Calvin. He was a reporter for The Register in Des Moines, Iowa. Instead of being happy about Carson King's donation to his local children's hospital, he saw that story and thought to himself "Hmm. Let's go through this guy's Twitter history and see if he's ever said anything racist or homophobic." So, that's what he did. It took him going back 8 years to find it, but he found a tweet dating back to 2011 that was basically nothing but a joke  He was only 16 when he wrote them, and he was quoting an old TV show from back then with a friend. Something about comparing black mothers to gorillas. Carson King already apologized for those tweets, he was just a kid then. Kids say stupid shit! When are these dumb leftists ever going to learn that??? Well, this is what cancel culture is doing to them.

Well, the funny thing is, some right-wing investigators decided to go back in Aaron Calvin's twitter history and see if he's ever said anything racist or homophobic. Sure enough, right after gay marriage was accepted and legalized in this country, Aaron Calvin tweeted "Now that gay marriage is legalized, I can go have sex with a horse". Which is a very homophobic tweet! LOL! So, what happened? This was reported to the manager of The Des Moines Register and Calvin got fired from his job!!! LMAO!!! Serves him right!!

The Reporter Fired In The “Busch Light Guy” Scandal Said He Feels “Abandoned” By The Des Moines Register https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/juliareinstein/des-moines-register-iowa-reporter-fired-aaron-calvin-carson

I'm glad he got fired!! He shouldn't have done what he did! And look at Aaron Calvin...

He looks like a typical leftist libtard shit! Skinny, ugly, with huge glasses, probably eats nothing but soy, and probably lives with a dozen cats. He's probably gay himself! Kinda funny he would have made a homophobic joke about having sex with a horse! LOL! He also used to work for Buzzfeed. That's the article I posted. So, let's break down what was said in the post. A few paragraphs I found interesting...

The Des Moines Register reporter fired in the wake of a scandal involving offensive tweets — posted by a viral star he interviewed and then his own — broke his silence Friday, telling BuzzFeed News he had been “abandoned” by the newspaper after following standard editorial practice by performing a social media search on the person he was profiling.
“This event basically set my entire life on fire,” reporter Aaron Calvin said.
My interpretation: "Oh woe is me! I was fired because some Trump supporters decided to go back through my history and dig up tweets I made 8 years ago and use them against me to destroy me! How dare they!" Shut up!! You can't do shit to people and not expect it to come back around and do the same thing to you! Hopefully, he will become an example. Right-wingers are sick of the cancel culture! So I'm glad to see them getting back at left-wingers who think they can get away with doing this kind of shit.

Calvin told BuzzFeed News it’s standard practice at the Des Moines Register to background check people they profile through court records and social media. “I was reminded by an editor to background Carson...and I found a few tweets that he published in high school that were racist jokes,” he said. “I knew if I found them, other people would find them as well.”

I believe he's lying here. What Calvin uncovered had NOTHING to do with King raising money and donating it to a children's hospital. He did not do it with intent to uncover anything about the donation or the children's hospital. He did it to try and destroy King personally. That's what all leftists want to do.

Des Moines Register executive editor Carol Hunter declined to comment for this story, but referred BuzzFeed News to an op-ed she published in which she called “backgrounding” an “essential” part of reporting. “The process helps us to understand the whole person,” she wrote.

If this is true (and I'm not saying it is), then this is something that needs to stop. They need to quit doing unnecessary background checks on people that have nothing to do with the story! This is why all we ever hear about these days is left-wing politics. And I don't care to hear about the lies spread around by the left-wingers!

Calvin said his editors told him to ask King about the tweets, so he did. "He was deeply regretful, and I recognized that these were not representative artifacts of Carson,” Calvin said.

And this is all that ever needed to be said about the findings. Nothing more, preferably less. Preferably nothing at all!

On Tuesday night, before the profile was published, King held a press conference to apologize for the tweets, which he said had been found by a reporter. He said he wrote the posts when he was a high school sophomore and had been making reference to the show Tosh.0“In re-reading it today — eight years later — I see it was an attempt at humor that was offensive and hurtful,” he continued. “I am embarrassed and stunned to reflect on what I thought was funny when I was 16 years old. I want to sincerely apologize.”

He didn't need to apologize! I learned long ago NEVER apologize to libtards. Libtards are conditioned to not be forgiving.

 Anheuser-Busch cut ties with King after the press conference. 

Now that, I will say, was a stupid move on the part of Anheuser-Busch! That's giving in to the "cancel culture", which makes Anheuser-Busch look like weak-willed dumbasses!

Soon, influential right-wing media figures also began circulating screenshots of Calvin’s own past offensive tweets that had been uncovered. In posts dating back to 2010, Calvin had used “gay” as a pejorative, written “fuck all cops,” and spelled out the word “niggas” twice when he was quoting others, including a Kanye West lyric. “Now that gay marriage is legal,” he wrote in one 2012 tweet, “I’m totally going to marry a horse.”

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!! Shame on you Aaron Calvin! How dare you say shit like this!! But this shows even back in 2010, he was still a stupid libtard. He said "fuck all cops". That's as libtard as a libtard can get!

Calvin told BuzzFeed News these were “frankly embarrassing” tweets that he “would not have published today,” but said they had been “taken out of context” and were being used to “wield disingenuous arguments against me.”

Exactly! That's what cancel culture does! Too bad you never saw that before it happened to you! This really should not happen to ANYONE!!! But this is the shit that the leftists want to stir up! Never realizing the same thing can be done to themselves.

In the tweet, Calvin apologized for “not holding myself to the same high standards as The Register holds others.”

Again, this is what leftists do with cancel-culture! It makes them do stupid shit!

“I regret publishing that tweet now,” Calvin told BuzzFeed News. “Because I was never trying to hold Carson to any kind of ‘higher standard’ or any kind of standard at all. I was trying to do my job as a reporter, and I think I did so to the best of my ability.”

Oh! So now you see he's taking back his apology. He probably got jeered publicly. That's what made him change his mind. So, he's not sorry he posted King's tweets. He's sorry he got caught.

As soon as the story broke, Calvin said he began receiving a barrage of death threats. He said HR reps at Gannett, which owns the Des Moines Register, forbade him from speaking to the media and told him to leave his apartment for his own safety. They offered to put him up in a hotel, but he stayed with a friend instead.

So he needed a "safe space" after shaming someone who did not deserve to be shamed??? Karma is a bitch dude. Live with it! I don't agree with the death threats. NO ONE should ever get treated like that. Not even this guy. But you reap what you sow!

“I recognize that I’m not the first person to be doxed like this — this whole campaign was taken up by right-wing ideologues and largely driven by that force,” he said. “It was just a taste of what I assume that women and journalists of color suffer all the time, but the kind of locality and regional virality of the story made it so intense.”

OMG!!! Here we go again! Every leftists always falls back on the "What women and people of color" racist, misogynistic bullshit!!! Let me tell you, I have NEVER heard of women or journalists of color getting doxed just because they are women or colored journalists!! You got doxed because you doxed a well-loved viral person on the internet who tried to do something good. We need more people like Carson King in this world! And less people like Aaron Calvin!

Well, this was perhaps the funniest paragraph in that article...

On Thursday, while he was speaking to police about the death threats, Calvin said he got a call from Gannett representatives. “They told me they were going to offer me an option — that I could resign or I could be fired — with no severance,” he said. “It was really a semantic difference, I guess, so I chose to be fired.”

He spoke to police about the death threats. You mean you spoke to the same people you said "fuck them" about? He chose to be fired. No you didn't you goon!!! You were fired because you broke the law. And your editors should also be blamed for that if they really did say it was OK for you to dox someone else! Like I said, NO ONE should be treated like that! And it is unfair of people like Aaron Calvin to go along with this kind of behavior. Right-wingers did not start this cancel culture thing. They're just giving you what you wanted! They're evening out the score.

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