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Monday, September 30, 2019

The School System Vs. Me

The schools these days are now teaching young kids all about politics. When I was a kid, I didn't want to hear anything about politics. I just wanted to be a kid. But now with Greta Thunberg going around, preaching bullshit, and will probably start speaking out in schools around the country (just wait for it) she is no doubt going to start filling other childrens' heads with nothing but nonsense about climate change. NASA even did a study that says humans are not the cause of climate change. Facebook is trying to debunk that. The problem now with Facebook's little pop-ups shouting "fake news" is that the sources they use to debunk these studies are all left-leaning sources. We all know that left-leaning sources are wrong. I always take them with a grain of salt.

Well, one meme I saw on Facebook recently talked about teaching your children about socialism vs. capitalism. I understand now kids are learning about that as early as kindergarten. And as you may have guessed, the school systems lean on the side of socialism. It's sad! Kids are learning socialism is good and capitalism is bad. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Or even cats to dogs. Cats are like socialists. Dogs are like capitalists. I thought up an interesting scenario with hypothetical kids of my own to teach children what socialism vs. capitalism is really like.

Let's imagine I am a mother, and I have 2 boys. Let's call them Todd and Alan. Todd is 6 years old, and Alan is 4. Alan is not even in school yet. Todd is in 1st grade, and his teacher is teaching him all about socialism and how "wonderful" it is. I am angry at the school and I call them up and tell them not to fill my child's head with that garbage about socialism being "wonderful"! They refuse to stop teaching about socialism. I threaten to sue them. They laugh at the idea. Meanwhile, Todd is listening in. He wonders why I am so angry about the teacher teaching him about socialism. I tell Todd that socialism is not as good as people will lead him to believe. He asks me why, because the teacher in school made it sound all wonderful. I assure him it's not and I try to explain why. Todd loves dogs (I teach my kids well) and I told him dogs are like capitalists. You give a dog love, and it will give back to you, and work for you, and keep you protected. Socialism is like cats. You give to them, and they just keep taking and taking and give little to nothing back. Todd still doesn't understand, so I devise a plan...

Me: OK Todd. We're going to do a little exercise. Tomorrow, all day long, you are going to live in a socialist society and see exactly what socialism is like. Then the next day, all day long, you will live in a capitalist society and see exactly what capitalism is like. Todd will be the American citizen, while Alan is an illegal immigrant in this country.

Todd agrees to do the exercise. He anticipates the next day will be fun, and the day after will be difficult. We shall see. So, the next day Todd wakes up and expects an easy day because it is his socialist day.

Me: Hello Todd. Today is your first day in a socialist society. First thing I want you to do, I want you to clean your room, thoroughly. That includes making your bed and straightening your drawers. For that, I will give you $1.

Todd is excited at the prospect of having a dollar of his own to spend. So he cleans his room, puts everything away, makes his bed, straightens the drawers. When he is finished he comes to me.

Todd: All done mom.

I go in and look and I hand Todd a nice, shiny DIME. Then I turn to Alan and hand him 90 cents.

Todd: I thought I was going to get a dollar?

Me: Yes I know, but this is socialism. You have to pay high taxes in socialism. So, you only get a dime.

Todd: Then how come Alan gets 90 cents?

Me: Because he is an illegal immigrant who needs the money. Again, that's socialism.

Todd: That's not fair!

Me: I know Todd. But that's socialism.

I turn to Alan.

Me: Alan, how would you like to move into Todd's room for the day. You can do whatever you want to in there.

Alan: Yes mom!

Me: Go ahead and have fun!

Alan goes into Todd's room that he just finished cleaning, and messes up, jumps on the bed, getting the blankets wrinkled, throws toys everywhere, messes up the drawers, does all that nasty stuff.

Todd: Mom! You let Alan move in my room and now he's messing everything up!

Me: I know, but he's an illegal immigrant who needs a place to live and has no money to get a place of his own.

Todd: But why my room?

Me: That's socialism!

Lunch time rolls around. I give Alan a hot dog with chips, soda and a dessert. Todd only gets bread and water.

Todd: How come Alan gets a hot dog and all that stuff and I only get bread and water?

Me: Because Alan is an illegal immigrant on food stamps. Your 90 cents paid for his lunch. You only get bread and water because that's all you can afford.

Todd: That's not fair!

Me: I know. But that's socialism.

I ask Todd to clean out the lunch dishes and wipe down the dinette. I promise him a dollar for his efforts. So, he takes the dirty dishes from all of us, and puts them in the dishwasher. Then gets a wipe and cleans the table and chairs. Then he comes to me, and I hand him a nice, shiny dime again. I turn to Alan and hand him 90 cents.

Todd: You said I could get a dollar. What happened?

Me: Again, that's socialism. You only get a small portion of what you earned. Alan is an illegal immigrant who needs the money. So, he got 90 cents.

Todd: I hate this!

Me: I know. But that's socialism.

Todd is getting frustrated. He starts to tear up. But I can't help him, I am the hard-hearted socialist government who only cares about illegal immigrants and "diversity".

Dinner rolls around and I give Alan a plate full of his favorite food; spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread. Todd gets only plain white bread and water.

Todd: I only get bread and water for dinner? Why?

Me: Because that's socialism. You only get what the government allows you to get.

By this time, I am sure a lot of people reading this feels bad for poor Todd. This is an important lesson for kids to learn because this is what the schools are teaching them is "wonderful". It's not good! It's not "wonderful". It's stealing! It's bad! It's not an economy anyone should want to live in.

So, let's now switch to capitalism. The next day, Todd will be living in a capitalist society. So, he gets to learn what capitalism is. Todd wakes up and, as par his school taught him, he expects a hard day. Which he may have, but it will be a lot more rewarding.

Me: Hello Todd. Today is your capitalist day. So, I want you to clean your room, just like you did yesterday. I will pay you $1.

Todd cleans his room, expecting to get a dime like he got yesterday. He finishes and comes to me. I give him 90 cents. Todd's face lights up.

Todd: You gave me only 90 cents.

Me: Yes, because the government always takes out taxes. But you have 90 cents to do whatever you want to with.

I allow Todd to open up a lemonade stand for the day, as that is what capitalism does. It allows people to run their own business. So, Todd sets up his stand and makes some lemonade and stands out on the corner to sell it. He manages to make $60 in one morning.

Me: You did great Todd. Now, give me $6 of that money, because the government needs the funds too, and the rest is yours to keep.

Lunch time comes around. I serve Todd and Alan both the same meal of hot dogs, chips, soda, and a slice of apple.

Todd: We got the same thing for lunch.

Me: Yes you did because you earned it. You can afford it. That's capitalism.

I ask Todd to hire Alan to help him with the lemonade stand for the afternoon. He does. They both work and manage to make $50 that afternoon. At the end of the day, they worked hard.

Me: You guys did great. Now, give me $5 of your income and pay your brother $20 for helping out. That is all your money to keep.

Todd: We made almost $100 today!

Me: Yes you did.

Bed time rolls around. I am in the room with Todd.

Me: OK Todd, you earned a lot today. Now, you are ready to retire. So, all that money I made you give me in taxes, I am going to let you have back.

Todd: But why mom?

Me: Because that is capitalism. You work hard all your life, give to the government, and you get it all back in return.

Now, I am not suggesting parents do this with their kids. The meals part would be rather tricky to do without getting yourself arrested for child neglect. But that is the agenda today's leftists are trying to push on us. They want America to become a socialist country. So, any time you think socialism is a good thing, think of images like these...

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