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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Big Win For Daddy

For the past couple of days I've been hearing about this man whose little boy, named James, has been living with his mom and she wants to dress him up as a girl, calls him a little girl and even wants to change his name to "Luna". But James is very much a little boy. He only acts like a little girl when he is around his mom. But that's because his mom is forcing that lifestyle on him. She's nuts! No wait! I like nuts. Let's just say she's crazy! For a while there, it looked like only his mom was going to have the say in James' life. But yesterday the courts ruled that both mother and father get to have a say in what happens to James.

This is about what I was talking about the other day with Megan Fox and her child. He's a little boy, but she puts him in dresses and tells him that's normal for a little boy to wear a dress. So, he believes it. Despite merciless teasing by his peers. But Megan probably covers it by telling her little boy "They're just jealous because you look good in a dress", further enforcing the idea that it's OK for him to wear a dress. The same thing is happening to little James. He obviously does not want to be a girl. When he is with his father, he acts like a normal, healthy little boy. It's only when he is with his mom that this girlish side comes out. So, we know the mom is the only one doing this to him. I saw in an article where James' twin brother even begged their father not to send them back to their mom. They didn't like it there with her. Probably because she totally abuses them. To tell James that "monsters only eat little boys" is nothing but child abuse, and it's mind manipulation too. Imagine how saying something like that to James' twin brother (who is being raised as a boy) would feel hearing something like that come from his own mom! It proves how crazy this mom is to say something fucked up like that!

Well, the father fought the courts and they agreed to let him have a say in the children's lives. This is such good news. With this and Johnathan Yaniv losing his case against these beauticians, it looks like the trannies are going to lose. But wait! The battle is not over yet. One guy who I watch a lot of on YouTube, said they are getting revved up for the real battle. What they are doing now is just setting a precedent. They're going to keep going and going until they get a judge that is going to give them a win. When that day comes, the whole of America loses. That's why we sensible conservatives need to start fighting back NOW!!! We may need to start whining as hard as the leftists if we really want to win this battle. It's going to kill the children in the future. You know the reason why the suicide rate is so high among transgender people? Riley Dennis thinks it's because of family and friends who do not accept a trans person's decision to transition. But no. It has nothing to do with that. What Riley won't tell you is the real reason trannies kill themselves at a higher rate is because they are confused inside. They don't know which way is up. That's why they are drowning in seas of doubt. And the so-called "progressives" just confuse them more by saying "Yeah, you're the opposite sex alright." For stupid little reasons. The reason James' mom wants to raise him as a little girl is simply because he liked a toy in a McDonald's Happy Meal that was made for little girls. That's ALL! Now, she wants to ruin his life!

Ruining a 7-year old child's entire life just because ONE TIME he liked a Happy Meal toy that was made for girls. How stupid does that sound??? And get this; his mom is a pediatrician. That's not kinda scary. That's REALLY scary!!! If she's willing to destroy her own child's life just because he liked a girly toy one time, then I would not trust her with any child of mine! She's apparently been doing this to James since he was 3 years old. I'd wager he probably doesn't even remember the toy that almost destroyed his life! The fact of the matter is, 3 year olds don't know enough to make lifelong decisions. When I was 3, I went around and told everyone I was a cat. I'm serious! I did! Not even making it up. I used to take long rolls of toilet paper, stick it in my pants and tell people that was my tail. It used to drive my mom crazy too! When I was 6, I was dancing around the house singing "I'm Sheyten the black cat". LOL! That's what I called myself. I never used my real name at that age. I made up the silliest sounding, stupid name I could think of and called myself that. Katrina's youngest child, a little boy, was playing with dolls with his sister one day, the next day he was playing with toy trucks. He's at that curious age. But he shows a greater interest in playing with toy trucks.

But if a parent would rather their little boy NOT be raised as a little girl, the leftists call that parent a 'bigot'. The leftists' answer to EVERYTHING is just say the people who don't agree with their agenda is a 'bigot'. They know that gets under the skin of some right-wingers. But not this right-winger. You call me a 'bigot', and I'll just laugh at you. In fact I have been called that many times by the leftists who get on the anti-SJW forum I am on. I just laugh. I don't correct them, I don't say anything to oppose that. I just laugh. The word "bigot" has been so overused today by leftists that it just means nothing to me now. Absolutely NOTHING! I've been called every name in the book by leftists now. I don't care. I just don't care anymore. It means nothing. If a right-winger calls me a bigot, that's one thing. But it means nothing to me at all when a leftist calls me a bigot. I'm a free spirit. I speak my mind. I say what I feel. Leftists don't like that. It used to bother me until I found out that's just how leftists are. They would love to silence people like me, who speak the truth. That's the reason I left the left. Well, it boils down to that anyways.

Well anyways, this is a big win for James' father. I'm glad now he gets to also have a say in the child's life. He's not going to let this boy become a little girl. And that's a good thing. The last thing this world needs now is more confused children who are going to grow up hating themselves and possibly kill themselves in the long run.

If you are interested in learning more about how to protect children like James, you can visit their facebook page or website at the links below...

Facebook Page
GoFundMe page

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