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Friday, October 11, 2019

Joker Is As Joker Does

I went to see that Joker movie yesterday. I had planned to for several days. I went to nearly every Batman movie ever put out there, so now that the Joker has his own movie, I wanted to see it. Well, I admit I haven't seen the most recent Batman movies, because movies are pretty much ruined because of SJWs. And I probably won't see the Batwoman movie, because she is apparently a lesbian woman, again thanks to SJWs. I don't care to see any movies that are out there to satisfy the SJW crowd! They're never any good. But anyways, I had plans to go see the Joker movie.

I was going to go on Wednesday. But as I was walking Mya to the fairgrounds for her "to do" trip, my leg collapsed real bad! I nearly hit the ground this time! By the time I managed to straighten it again, it hurt so bad! I had to walk home in that condition. Mya was pulling me along, and I was hurting! I couldn't walk that fast! So, by the time I got home, I was ready to give up for the day. I couldn't go to that Joker movie then. I saw it as a sort of bad omen. So, I didn't go. But yesterday I was a little better, so I decided to go. I first drove to Fred Meyers to pick up some goodies. I always love having goodies when I go to the movies. I found Hazelnut crème M&Ms!! They were AWESOME!!! I'm gonna go back and get some more!

I parked my car at Safeway and walked the rest of the way to the theater. It's only a block away. When I got there, I decided to order a soda pop. I got a medium sized soda, thinking it wouldn't be that big. But I was wrong! It was the size of a large at McD's. But that's OK. It lasted me all through the movie! Along with my goodies I got. I'd heard other reviews from YouTubers about this movie. They were mixed reviews. Some people said it was the greatest movie of this generation. Others said it was "eh!" I can tell you this, it was a little confusing until you really think about it. It's about a delusional man who lives with his mom and takes care of her. She too is delusional.

He works as a clown and at first you see him working and carrying a sign in front of a store. Then he gets jumped by a gang of teenage hooligans. The teens steal his sign and he valiantly goes after them. They knock him down to the ground and beat him up. It's kinda sad, but he starts laughing. Throughout the movie, he tries to be nice to people. But apparently he has this condition where stress makes him laugh. I kinda wonder if I have the same condition? LOL! Anyways, it tends to freak people out when he laughs. There's a lot of classic music throughout the movie too. It's really cool!

There was this one scene where he is in a subway, or train or something like that. He's riding home. There are these 3 bullies in the car with him, and they were at first harassing a young woman, throwing hot dogs at her. She gets up and leaves when the Joker starts laughing and the bullies turn their attention to him. They ask him what is so funny, and he's dressed like a clown. They approach him singing "Send In The Clowns". He tries to explain why he laughs and hands them his card. They snatch the card from him, and drag him to the floor and start beating him up. When the bullies seemingly step back to laugh about what they did to him, I must admit this part was quite satisfying. He pulls out a gun and shoots the bullies. Should I be ashamed of feeling relief in seeing him get vengeance on those bullies? Probably so. But as a bullied person myself, I must say, it was satisfying. And understandable. Though I would never condone that in real life.

Well, towards the end, he kills his mom and then takes on the identity as the Joker. During the whole movie, he has admiration for a talk show host, and desires to be on his show one day. He even dreams about it. Then one day he is surprisingly on his show, when the talk show discusses failed stand up comedians. In which a failed act of the Joker's was played on the show. And the only time the audience laughed was at the jokes directed at the Joker's lack of humor. Ya know, this is why I don't go around trying to meet my favorite celebrities! I always heard NEVER try to meet your idols. You never know how they'll treat you. I didn't even really want to meet INXS. It basically just happened! Mostly by chance. But I don't talk much, therefore I'm a tough person to get to know, and even hard to like sometimes. No one can really know what I am thinking because I am so closed-mouthed. I can't even explain myself very well. Most of the time, I don't even try to explain myself. I just do what I do. But most people don't like that.

Not that I want anyone to see me as a victim, because I'm not trying to be. I don't blame anyone for feeling the way they do about me. I understand totally! But I just saw so much of myself in the Joker in this movie! I see so much of myself in a lot of Batman's nemeses. I'm surprised I haven't gone out and started killing people!! I think really the only thing that has stopped me from doing that is that I don't want to go to prison! Prison life is way too structured and controlling for me. I don't like being controlled! My parents were good to me (for the most part). But the abuse I suffered at the hands of my peers is probably what has made me such an angry, hateful, nasty old cunt! If my parents had been like these modern "progressive" parents, I'd probably be a murderer right now. But thankfully I learned to have that "fear of authority" early on in my life. This is why discipline is very necessary! Think about this, parents!! This is why we have so many kids in gangs now, and Antifa, and such a high crime rate these days! Spank your kids! It does more good than you realize.


mikessa said...

Hmmm. I think I wanna see that Joker movie too. Sounds good, and I have always liked Batman.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

It's a good movie. I tried not to reveal too much, but it was a fun movie.

Corasirene said...

According to me, you're not a murderer because you're an empathic , yes, yes ! You're neither an idiot nor a coward unlike your bullies.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

You're right Corasiene. Sometimes I think I am too empathic for my own good.