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Friday, October 4, 2019

Leave Free Speech Alone!

I will always love my free speech rights. Don't let our soldiers die in vain! I know the leftists want to let that happen, but I don't. I love my free speech and my freedom to choose. I've been seeing something go around Facebook today, where Justin Beiber is giving PETA a big middle finger. Well, that's one good thing he's done. I still don't like him. He tells PETA to leave his "beautiful cats" (YUK) alone. Well, I hate to tell him this, but his cats are not "beautiful". In fact, they're downright ugly! But it doesn't surprise me Justin Beiber is a cat person. He's ugly, he always looked gay, and he is not a nice person (so I heard). And I don't think he's the least bit talented. But I must say, I do admire him for flipping the bird at PETA. Very few celebrities actually do. Probably because most celebrities are liberals these days.

PETA has recruiters they hire to go around to different venues, get backstage, and force PETA propaganda on celebrities. Then intimidate them if they don't accept. Typical leftist tactics. I know one time I heard about a couple of INXS fans who got backstage and forced PETA bullshit on JD Fortune. Unfortunately, he gave in. That is how I know PETA is recruiting people to go to different celebrity hang-outs and force their propaganda on them. I'd be willing to bet the people who went backstage to push that stuff on JD were not even really INXS fans. PETA has this idea that if a certain celebrity supports PETA, then so will their fans. That's all that is all about. Sadly, it worked with INXS fans. I used to know several INXS fans who were PETA supporters. But PETA does not like animals at all. I heard some PETA representatives kidnapped a little girl's chihuahua dog, and killed it. For NO REASON!!! They are so sick and deranged, they think when they kill a pet they are "saving it from human imprisonment". So, it's not just animals that are surrendered to them. They were even taking animals out of peoples' yards and killing them. I do hope JD Fortune stopped supporting PETA!

Well anyways, the leftists are now saying that we need to end free speech, that it is actually damaging. I say the left can go fuck it's self!! We need to in fact get rid of some of the laws being pushed on our society that is limiting free speech. You know now in New York, you can be fined for misgendering someone? That is so stupid!! One teacher now has already been fired because of it. A student in his class with a mustache and beard told the teacher he identified as a girl. LOL! I'm sorry, but if I see someone with a thick mustache and beard, I am surely not going to call that person a girl!! I don't care how it identifies. And I refuse to run down the list of '1000 genders' just to know what some twisted person wants to identify as!! Never going to happen! They can pull that shit with the leftists, but it won't work with me. You want my respect, you have to EARN it!!! If you're someone standing in front of me with a thick, heavy mustache and beard, and a deep voice, and you're whining when I call you "sir" and not "ma'am", then that is your problem! Not mine! I won't hurt you as long as you stay away from me, and I won't allow someone to hurt you physically if I can help it. But if you want me to call you "ma'am", then you should look, talk and act like a ma'am. And I don't mean just wearing lady jeans, long hair and makeup.

It's really sad that people are actually encouraging this behavior now. And it's even more sad that the leftists want to silence us. It isn't speech that is causing all the problems in the world. It's people who use speech to actually call for violence. Riley Dennis said in one of his videos that speech against trans people leads to violence against trans people. No it doesn't! Speech alone does not lead to it. It's the people who actually say "Go out and kill a tranny" that could contribute. But most often, it's ignorance. It's the people who hear someone say "Go kill a tranny" and actually go do it. It's not unlike Antifa saying "Go punch a Nazi" and then actually going out and doing it, or encouraging others to do it. There's no difference. Antifa should be punished for that, and so should anyone who encourages someone to go kill trannies. I admit trannies are annoying, but even they have a right to life.

The funny thing about the leftists is they want to shut down free speech. But when it's their turn for free speech, if you try to shut them down, they'll whine and cry for their rights back. So, it's just the right they want to stop from speaking. But I will never give up my free speech rights. And I always encourage everyone to do the same. If someone has something to say to me, as long as you're not hurting anyone, I say go ahead and spill it! My feelings are not easily hurt, believe me. I may gripe a lot on here, that's what this blog is for. But really, my feelings are very rarely hurt by anything. I can handle a lot of things because I've heard it all. But I will always practice my rights of free speech. I may lose friends over it. Believe me, it's happened many times before. LOL! But it doesn't stop me from saying what I feel. I don't post what I do for the hundreds of people who hate what I have to say. I post for the one or two people who say "Thank you. I needed to hear that." Or "I was hoping someone would say that". Believe me, it happens more often than you think! And it makes even the loss of former friends all worthwhile. The phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" always comes to mind. LOL!

I believe more people need to speak up. Even if it means you lose friends in the end. I've always said it's better to lose friends than lose our rights. And I always speak up for my rights. Most of the time I've lost so-called friends is because I always say what I feel. But I'll never stop. I'm not a masochist, I don't think! But I don't go for being silenced. And I will always stand up for what I believe in. If we don't stand up for what we believe in, then the leftists win. The wrong people will win, and take away all our rights. We cannot let that happen as a country. That is why I am with Trump. He's fighting harder than any other president we ever had to keep our country free. Unfortunately, as always happens, the leftists are marring his efforts. While Trump is trying to make this country great, the leftists are doing shit to ruin it. Look at what happened in California. The leftists want all of America to look like that. And if Kamala Harris gets into office, I fear that is exactly what will happen to this country! Some of the big-wigs in the INXS community (including Tina Hutchence and Richard Lowenstein) want Kamala Harris! I say fuck that! I don't want her! And I am shocked Tina (who lives in California) would want her! Can't she see what the entire country would be like if Kamala Harris took over? All of the USA would look like Skid Row!! And really, as much as I like Richard Lowenstein, he has no room to talk! If Kamala Harris gets in office, he won't be affected because he lives in Australia! I live here, in the USA. And I say Fuck Kamala Harris!! Impeach her!! Before she does too much damage! And fuck Nancy Pelosi too! And fuck Elizabeth Warren too! You know those three look like triplets?!

Well, Skid Row did get cleaned up. By Trump supporters. LOL! Not by democrats. But how long will that last really? Trump needs to get a little more aggressive I think. I'm not ready for him to leave office. I think Trump should just ignore the dummycats and just do the clean-up of the country like he promised. So many things needs to be changed. We need stricter immigration laws, and need to have them more aggressively enforced. We need to take care of the homeless problem in big cities. We need to stop organizations like Antifa from turning our streets into war zones! So many things need to be done. And if all we do is just sit on our asses with our mouths shut and let the leftists silence us, it's not going to happen!

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