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Friday, November 22, 2019

Enjoy Prison Time!

Damn!! If I were Onision today, I would be shaking in my boots!! He should have never made an enemy of Chris Hansen. Onision wrote to Chris Hansen again last week and said he'd do the interview for $350,000. What a dork!! Chris Hansen already said no to that. But right now things are not looking good for Onision. So, if I were him, I'd get my butt on Chris Hansen's show and tell my side of the story! Fuck your $350,000!! You'd better just do it for the sake of clearing your name! But this is how stupid Onision really is. He won't take the opportunity. But last week, Chris Hansen interviewed Billie. I made a video about Billie's problem with Onision. I was never a fan of Onision's. Ever. But it was Billie's story that took the cake. It made me see Onision's true colors.

I think Billie's story hit me hard because she was very much willing to be friends with Onision and Lainey. Lainey now calls herself Kai. But back then she was still Lainey. But Billie trusted Onision and Lainey, and was nothing but friendly with them. Sound familiar? Yeah, it does to me too. Billie's friendship with Onision and Lainey took a downward spiral about the same time my turmoil with the leftist libtard INXS fans on Facebook took place. And I believe that is why Billie's story hit me so hard. Because it was almost the same story as mine. Look at it...

Billie was friends with Onision and Lainey.
I was friends with the INXS fans on Facebook.
Billie trusted Onision and Lainey.
I trusted my former INXS "friends" on Facebook.
Billie was super sweet to Onision and Lainey.
I was super sweet to the INXS fans on Facebook.
Onision heard a rumor about Billie.
The INXS fans heard a rumor about me.
Onision kicked Billie out of his home.
The INXS fans kicked me out of their cliques.
Now today, Billie doesn't trust other people anymore because of Onision.
And today, I don't trust anyone anymore because of the libtard INXS fans on Facebook.

That's why Billie's story especially hit me hard. And it happened around the same time too. Her story started in October of 2016. Mine started in November of 2016. So, I knew what Billie was going through. Of course I got Mya, and she's helping me bounce back. Sarah, another victim of Onision's, is thinking about getting a dog too. Maybe Billie should do the same thing. Dogs have a way of making people feel good and loved. Just don't get a cat!! Cats make people turn mean!! It did to Onision. He used to have a bunch of stupid cats. That's probably why he's so hateful now. They also made a perfectly nice woman I knew from Bozeman turn into a bitch. Karen was nice before she got that stupid cat. Now, she's not so nice. I must say, it worked fast on her. LOL!

Ya know, one of my new Facebook friends and I were talking about that very subject. I told him I don't like cats. I told him I've seen cats turn perfectly nice people into mean, evil people. Then I told him about my former "friend" Karen from Bozeman, and how she was a sweet person when she had dogs. Then both her dogs died last year, then she gets this stupid cat, and now, she's not so nice anymore. I never even said anything about her dumb cat. But Karen's story is the perfect example of a friendly person turning evil after they get rid of their dogs, and replace them with a stupid cat. Even this new facebook friend of mine couldn't understand why Karen changed like she did after I told him the story. But I know why. It's because that stupid cat she got has gotten to her brain. She's probably heavily dosed now with toxoplasmosis. The sad thing is, Karen is not the only person I've seen this happen to. I've seen it over and over again. So, it's got to have something to do with cats making people depressed, or somehow affects their brain in a bad way. Whether that person is conscious of it or not.

Anyways, back on track! Billie told Chris Hansen things that went on in Onision's house and how he collected child pornography pics. He also apparently had sex dolls with faces of children. In short, sex dolls for pedophiles. I used to think Onision was not a pedophile. That is until I heard Sarah's story. Well, Chris Hansen happened to mention that for each picture Onision has collected, he could get up to 10 years in prison. So, Chris Hansen said he was going to go to the FBI with this because it's a federal crime. There is a meme going around now on YouTube where former Onision fans are saying "Kai is crying now". It started with a tweet by Onision himself where he used Kai crying to try and gain sympathy from viewers of Chris Hansen's show. I say "Fuck what Kai is doing. Now, Onision is crying!" If he's not now, he soon will be! I can't wait to see how he's going to turn this all around now to make it look like it's all someone else's fault. Because that is what Onision does!

But there is another way this can go, and it's horrible to think about, but very plausible! You just never know with Onision. Onision has written like 3 books. I've never read any of them, but I've seen reviews by other people. The books he writes tell a lot about mass shootings, killings, and looking up to Onision like a god. Several people I've seen commenting on related videos say they fear for Onision's wife and kids now. Because this new threat of the FBI raiding his house could lead to a murder/suicide scenario. They could totally see Onision killing his family over this. I never thought of that until I saw these comments, and then remembered his stories do talk a lot about mass shootings! It's all in his mind. And Onision is so full of himself, there is no doubt in my mind, yes he would kill his whole family, and maybe even himself, just to keep from going to prison!! I dunno. But if I were Kai, I would take the kids and run! However, Kai is not innocent. She was a party to this too. She was actually the one who lured these young girls to Onision's house. So, she's just as guilty as he is! But I have the feeling she only did it because Onision brainwashed her. I don't think she'd have done any of that had she not been with Onision. Kai is like a trained dog.

Well, in other news, I celebrated Michael today, like I do every year. People were calling today 22-22-22. As you know, this is my Thanksgiving. So, I had turkey with all the trimmings. I even bought a lemon pie for dessert. HA! I've never bought someone else's lemon pie in my life before! I usually like to make it myself. But today, I decided to do different. I spoiled myself a little. I also posted a song I know of that always reminds me of Michael. It's Natalie Cole singing I Miss You Like Crazy. Because I do miss Michael like crazy! I heard that song on the radio the night I heard he passed. It was the first time I'd ever heard that song. Even after the first day, I missed Michael already! Ever since then, every time I hear that song, I always think of Michael. I even remember one day while I was living in Reno, that song came up on my MP3 player, and I started singing it to a big poster I have of Michael. I was singing it as if I was singing it directly to his face and he could hear me.

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