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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Big And Sweet Ears!!

Ears! Ears! Ears all over the place!!! I love it!! Big and sweet ears! I do have a fetish for dog ears and feets. I always call them feets. But I only love dog ears and feet. I don't care for human ears or feet. Human feet are not as sweet as dog feet. Especially little dog feets! Anyways, it looks like I chose the right breed to recover. I'm calling this Operation Save Our Skyes. I don't know how many reputable breeders will go for this. But in all honesty, they should go for it. It's the best way in the world to save this breed from extinction. Sorry, not sorry. I don't want to see that happen. But somebody is out there breeding them. I did a search for Skye terriers and found out there are even some in shelters in this country, and even some crossbreeds. Shoot, the designer mutt community has even come up with names for Skye crosses!

Skyes have also been used in movies before. Disney's The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) featured a Skye terrier they called Charlie.

Also in a 1947 cartoon titled "Scent-imental Over You", at the beginning a Skye terrier makes a very brief cameo appearance...

They are considered to be the oldest of the terriers. For a while, Cairn terriers were known as "short-haired Skyes", and at first were even born in litters with regular long haired Skyes. But they split apart around the 1900s due to backlash from regular long-coated Skye breeders. In 1912, the short-haired Skye terriers were named Cairn terriers. The word "Cairn" is actually the Scottish word for a pile of rocks at gravesites, where rodents could be found.

Today, the Cairn and the Skye are recognized separately. I personally love both. But Cairns are already popular. Maybe someday down the line, I would love to own one. But for now, this is going to be my concern, getting Skye terriers back on their feet where they belong. Some tempting pics for tax. First, some teeny little puddies!!

Look at those EARS!!!!!!!

Here's some adult dogs for your viewing pleasure...

Most skyes these days come in 2 basic colors. They can be black, or wheaten. Those are the most common, but there are also blue, cream and charcoal individuals. I love their ears! Skye terriers are a lot bigger than they look in pictures. One might expect these to be small dogs. But they're not. They're actually pretty good-sized. Though Sir Knight was a lot like the one on the Absent-Minded Professor. But Skye terriers can weigh up to 40 pounds. Their fur is long and silky, with very little undercoat. They do not shed a lot. But like most terriers, must be stripped by hand once a week.

For you mixed breed lovers, here's some Skye mixed dogs I've found...

This dog is half Skye terrier and half Pomeranian.

This baby is half Skye terrier and half Scottish terrier.

This dog is half Skye terrier and half Basset Hound.

This baby was labeled half Havanese and half Skye terrier.

These sweet puddies are half Skye terrier and half Lhasa Apso.

This adorable baby is half Skye terrier and half Shetland sheepdog.

This dog is half Skye terrier and half Boston terrier.

This dog was labeled half Skye terrier and half Miniature American Shepherd.

This sweet baby is half Skye terrier and half Maltese.

This beautiful dog is half Skye terrier and half Papillon.

This baby is half Skye terrier and half West Highland Terrier.

This sweet baby is half Skye terrier and half Wheaten terrier.

This baby is half Skye terrier and half Yorkshire terrier.

This little angel is half Skye terrier and half poodle.
Amazing! There seems to be more mixed breed Skyes than there are purebreds. In fact, did you know there are more Giant pandas in the wild than there are Skye terriers in domestication? That says a lot about the rarity of this breed. But every once in a while the breed does seem to see a brief surge in popularity. I did see more of them back in 1999-2000. Both pure and mixed. They were very popular in the 60s and 70s. These days, people like ugly things. They don't look for cute breeds like Skye terriers. They look for ugly breeds like Pit bulls and other bully-type dogs. Its sad too. Skye terriers have so much to offer. They are among the most loyal of the terriers.

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