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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Don't Save Me

Ya know, my dad died of cancer. I remember how pitiful he looked on his deathbed when we visited him. Ever since then, I've been very big with this Cancer Sucks movement. I remember seeing how bad my father looked lying there, and the pain he must have been experiencing as he was slowly dying. I said I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to get cancer. It's not just because of watching my dad suffer like he did. But now, cancer claimed another person I admired, Marie Fredriksson, from Roxette. I remember back in 2016, Roxette was going to go on tour again, but had to quit because they mentioned how Marie had gone through treatment for a brain tumor back in 2002 and it left her somewhat unable to sing properly. It struck again at that time, so the tour had to be cancelled.

I remember thinking "Uh oh. If the tumor was that bad and affecting her again, she won't last much longer!" Well, it finally happened. She died last December, while my sis and I were in Las Vegas. I was watching a tribute to her with Per Gessle. Of course I was sad to hear about her passing. But it also made me more sure than ever that if I ever get diagnosed with any form of cancer, don't save me! Just euthanize me. I don't care. I do not want to go in pain like dad did. I don't want to suffer for nearly 20 years like Marie Fredriksson did. Just put me to sleep and I'll see you all in my next life. Just PLEASE don't make me born into a dummycrat family!!!! I don't even want to go through the treatment. I heard the treatment for cancer can be just as painful as the disease it's self! Just put me out of my misery, even if you have to shoot me.

I don't want cancer at all. But if it happens that way, I don't want any treatment, I don't want any prolonging my life, I don't want to deal with it. Just put me to sleep and I'll be happy. Maybe my next life will be a better one than this one. I'd like to think so.

Ya know, I used to hear about breast cancer a lot. I heard one thing that puts people at risk for breast cancer is not having any children before you're 35 years old. But you know what's funny about that? Every single breast cancer victim I've ever known has had all their kids before they were 35!! So, that is not even a factor. One thing all those victims did have in common was they had other relatives who died, or were afflicted, by cancer. So indeed, genetics do play a big role. My dad got cancer. I think it got worse because he moved to Arizona. He wasn't used to that kind of climate anymore. So, I think his moving to Arizona was the worst thing for him. He did it mostly to make Kathy happy. See, that's what I didn't like much about Kathy! She thought only of herself and her children. She didn't think about what my dad would want. It's like she didn't care. He told me he didn't want to move to Arizona. But she kept pestering him over and over again until he finally gave in. And I wholeheartedly believe that is what killed him.

Aside from my father, the only other member of my family that got cancer was my great grandfather. He died of prostate cancer back in 1961. My grandma actually told me a [somewhat] funny story about mom the day he passed. Mom was 11 at the time, and when she found out he died, her first comment was "Now he's gonna start stinking!" LOL!!! That comment surprised grandma because she said mom was always so close to her grandpa. Well! Kids say weird things!! At least they used to, back when kids were still innocent. It's amazing how times have changed. If an 11 year old today had said that, I would be concerned! Kids today are no longer innocent. Remember those Florida teenagers who found a baby tortoise and tortured it because they just wanted to see it die? Yup, there is something wrong with today's kids! I really think it's these violent video games, and cats and anime cartoons. I mean, look what they did to Onision. Look how they messed up his brain.

Anyways, I do sometimes get a little worried because of those two people in my history who had gotten cancer and died. That's not good. And my mom said I take after my dad a lot. So yes, I am quite worried about that. But I believe as long as I stay away from the southern states, I should do just fine. That's kinda hard sometimes though. Even though those states are the hottest in the nation. They are also the most conservative states in the country! UGH!! Why does this happen? All the cool states are blue. All the shitty states are more conservative. We need more conservatives on the NW coast! Or at least the NE coast!

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