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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mystify Me

Well, I finally did it. I got myself a copy of Mystify coming. That's the new documentary by Richard Lowenstein. It's out on DVD now and I have it on it's way from Amazon. I cannot wait to see it! I'm kinda mad at Richard Lowenstein though. He did a remake of the video for Way Of The World by Max Q, which starred Michael Hutchence. I'd have never suspected Richard Lowenstein to be a follower. The original video came out in 1989. But this new one, Lowenstein put images of Donald Trump next to Adolph Hitler. At first, I thought he did it to show Trump is the polar opposite of Hitler. But then one of my buds said Richard Lowenstein hates Trump. So, I don't understand it. Why wasn't Trump put in the video back in 1989? Isn't it funny? People like that didn't think there was anything wrong with Trump until he became our president? Is this what happens to politicians who keep all their promises? And have the guts to stand behind their promises?

But you wanna know something else? Another one of my buds posted that Richard Lowenstein said he would take legal action against anyone who posted any of his material from his documentary. I said "Fine. He has a right to protect his property." It's because I believe in capitalism that I say that. But if Lowenstein is for Bernie Sanders, and against Trump, then that makes him a hypocrite. Does he realize that if this was a socialist society then everything would belong to the government, and that includes his personal clips for the documentary? So, if he tried to take legal action against someone who got their hands on his documentary, in a socialist society, the courts would not rule in his favor! They would rule in favor of the person who stole and posted the clips. That's what socialism is. Believe me, he would not like it!

But I am not planning to steal his clips. I'd never do that if he doesn't want me to. And again, it's because I believe in capitalism. See, capitalism is not so 'evil'. It's socialism that is evil. Look what it did to the people in Venezuela. They even took to eating their pets and animals in the zoo just to get nourishment. Venezuela is socialism that has run amuck. And it wouldn't take long for the USA to become that if Bernie Sanders wins the next election. Which reminds me, to all republicans out there; GO VOTE!!!! Trust me, your vote will count! And vote for Trump! Don't let him slip through our fingers! I don't want Bernie as our next president! That would be a nightmare!

But you know the leftists are going loony now that the next elections are coming up. I've heard of a guy in Florida who rammed a republican tent with his truck. The police got him and took him to jail, and it was said he was laughing and smiling all the way. Downright crazy! And in New Hampshire, a 34-year old man assaulted a pro-Trump teenage boy and another Trump supporter who tried to intervene. I'll tell you, if I was that boy's mama or dad, I would wait for that thug to make bail, stand outside the courthouse with a rifle and wait for him to come outside and blow what's left of his brains out. He's an ugly son of a bitch too...

UGH!! The face only a mother could love. Typical of leftists. Not a surprise he'd harass a teenager. For no other reason other than the fact the kid supports Trump. Anyways, his name is Patrick Bradley, and he is currently in jail. I suggest the parents of the assaulted teen buy a rifle and wait for this guy's family (if he has one) to bail him out. Like I said, that's what I'd do. NO ONE would assault my child and live to tell about it! And especially not some punk little Bernie Sanders supporter!!!

Well, I still have every plan to vote for Trump this year. Nothing is going to stop me. I want to see him win. I don't want to see this country become a communist country. People can assault me all they want to. I'll just pick myself up, shake off the assault, go to the polls and put in my vote for Trump! Try and stop me!

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