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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hunter Avallone Is Now An SJW?

Well, he says no. He agrees with some of the things the left says now, as well as the right. So he calls himself a centrist, which my sis says is basically what a libertarian is. But Hunter Avallone has always believed in free speech, and gun rights. He used to be right-leaning, and making fun of such channels as Queer Kids Stuff. He seemed to be against QKS indoctrinating children into becoming queer and other such nonsense. But guess what. Now, he is totally in line with being queer. In fact, he calls people who do not think kids should be indoctrinated "neo-nazis". Just like an SJW would. And why this sudden change in Hunter Avallone's perception? Because of an atheist gay dude who calls himself Vaush. Avallone did a debate with Vaush and apparently, he got owned. So he admits. He also admits that his views on LGBTQ issues has changed. So now, he calls people who disagree with that "neo-nazis" and "bigots" and "dumb" and "stupid".

I will be the first to agree that everyone deserves BASIC human rights. Even transgender people. But now, trannies want MORE rights than normal people. I believe that's wrong. You can't FORCE me to see you the way you see yourself. If you are a man and you see yourself as a woman, then that is on you. You cannot force me, nor do I feel you have any right to force me, to see you as a woman. Especially when you don't act like a woman. This was called to my attention when Vince, of the Red Elephants, said Hunter Avallone called him a neo-nazi and called him stupid for not agreeing with him about trans rights. I was shocked! I had to see for myself. So, I went to his video. When I saw what he was saying, this was my response...

Not only watch his IQ go down when he starts collecting those cats, but now his children will be born autistic and ugly. I haven't watched the debate with Hunter Avallone and Vaush, it's 3 hours long, but I have a feeling Hunter Avallone failed because he just didn't do enough research. I'm not as easy to convince though. Vaush can debate me if he wants to, but I am not so easy to destroy. I don't believe someone can become a man if they are born a girl. And vice-versa. There is nothing anyone can say that will convince me they can. Because all the so-called "science" behind modern day transgenderism has been debunked so many times. It's not even real science! It's just a group of pseudo-scientists giving into the feelings of the leftists. The real scientists who say no, you cannot be born male and legitimately transition to female have been silenced by the leftists, and called "bigots" and "nazis". Search engines like Google have even removed their written reports about that from the internet so no one can search them. But I can even debate Vaush using my own feelings if that's the way he wants to go. But I would guarantee Vaush will be calling me a bigot or neo-nazi LONG before he's able to convince me transgenderism is legit. Maybe even a whole bunch of other names, just like ALL leftists always resort to when they know they can't win an argument on merit alone. LOL!

How about I offer Vaush a plate of rat poison, covered in chocolate, and tell him that's perfectly safe to eat because I said so? Would he agree it would be safe to eat just because I said it is and dressed it up in chocolate? I would hope not! That's what transgenderism is like to me. It's the same effect. The same goes for all this pronoun bullshit! How about if I FORCE Vaush to eat that plate of chocolate-covered rat poison because I say it's perfectly safe? And if he refuses, I call him names like "fatphobic" or "misogynist"? That is what this pronoun identity politics bullshit is like to me! If you talk like a girl, and you act like a girl, don't expect me to call you a "he" or a "they". Because I won't! I'll call you a she!

One may argue "It's not the same. You cannot die from calling a man who identifies as a woman a she." Well, you're WRONG!!! A lot of women have been hurt by men who see themselves as women. Look at what is happening in women's sports. How about that woman who was boxing with a man who identified as a woman, and got her face literally smashed in? You going to try and convince me she was not hurt by this? Like I said, I believe trans people should have basic human rights. The right to live, the right to love, the right to be happy. But when their rights begin to infringe upon my rights, then we've got a problem! I was very much in favor of gay people getting the right to marry. I'm fine with that. But now, they are demanding MORE rights! Now, they want to force everyone to represent queer people in every movie, TV show and children's book. That is going too far! That is infringing on MY rights!!! I don't want to put queers in my movies if I don't believe they will bring anything good to the movie. Same with TV shows. Same with my stories! And you can't make me do it! I'll refuse and fight you to the end with everything I've got!

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